Toyota Camry: new sedan elegant and efficient

The Toyota RAV4 celebrates its 25th anniversary more than in full formaToyota Safety Sense, do you already know what that is? Elegant, but with a certain air o

Toyota Camry: new sedan elegant and efficient
The Toyota RAV4 celebrates its 25th anniversary more than in full formaToyota Safety Sense, do you already know what that is?

Elegant, but with a certain air of sports. Powerful but without sacrificing the efficiency and low consumption. This is a new Toyota Camry , the new sedan of the japanese firm with which to confront models such as the Renault Talisman or the Volkswagen Passat. It is not precisely the segment that most sales today, but in the forecasts of Toyota have to sell around 2,500 units per year, especially in the market of fleets.

The Camry is new in Spain, but it is a vehicle established in all over the world, with about 19 million units sold in its eight generations, since the first Camry was marketed from 1982, to be the sedan's more sold around the planet.

now Arrives in Spain with a new platform and a new hybrid system, with a design of sedan is elegant, with a touch of dynamic and strokes coupe, although it still retains the format most classic of the four doors. In the interior the first impression is that of a vehicle is spacious and finished with a "premium" . Much work has been done on the visibility, as we have seen in the national presentation of the model held in Toledo. Thanks to a drag coefficient CX of 0.27, the low center of gravity, and a new chassis of high rigidity, the Camry is a car very dynamic and easy to lead. The platform TNGA-K assumes that the new Camry hybrid has a large wheelbase, which contributes not only to increase the interior space but also to your response on the highway is excellent, with great poise and maximum comfort for their occupants.

Uses a hybrid system of gas/electric fourth generation, the one that gets 218 HP thanks to the engine of 2.5 liters. This hybrid engine is coupled to a transmission sequential Shiftmatic allows the driver to "change gear" using the lever mounted between the front seats, in the same way that an automatic gearbox six-speed conventional. The evolution of this change of gears, he practically has disappeared the "chewing-gum effect" of previous sequential changes.

In this case approved with note .

The average consumption approved does not exceed the 5.3 l/100 km, but the most outstanding feature is the significant savings of fuel is achieved through hybridization. According to the data of the manufacturer, during the dynamic testing that we did during the presentation, some 200 km between Madrid and Toledo, the vehicle can arrive to go in normal conditions approximately 43 km with zero emissions, that is to say, a figure very similar to the electrical autonomy of many competitors with systems plug-in hybrids.

The Camry is already the ninth hybrid model in the range of Toyota , with what the brand already offers hybrid-electric in all segments of the greater importance of the market, from the of the urban and utilitarian, with Yaris hybrid, to the compact, with Corolla hybrid, Corolla hybrid Touring Sports Corolla Sedan, passing by the SUV, with Toyota C-HR hybrid and RAV4 hybrid, the mpvs, with Prius+ hybrid, and the hatchback, of different sizes, with Prius hybrid and the new Camry hybrid .

The Camry gives a sense of space inside for both the passengers as well as by the available volume in his trunk, which runs up to 524 litres.

Another priority of the designers has focused on the inner silence. It has worked on the aerodynamics, in the insulating the engine, underside of the car and roof . To improve the indoor comfort has innovated even in the air-conditioning system, an air conditioner that maintains the humidity levels of the interior of the vehicle, without causing a feeling of dryness, eliminating bacteria and bad smells.

On the dashboard are three digital displays, a seven-inch for the dashboard, and an eight-inch central position, where you have access to the different configurations of the vehicle, a multimedia system and GPS navigator (this last perhaps most disappointing of the car), and a third one for the "head-up display".

the range of The new Toyota Camry is composed of three different finishes: Business, Advance and Luxury . The first of them is focused on fleets of vehicles with very specific needs, while the second is the more balanced of the range in terms of price-equipment and will be the finishing best-selling. The third is the one that makes Camry hybrid in a sedan of representation.

From the finishing Business are series the rear view camera, climate control bi-zone, the instrument cluster with 7-inch TFT, LED headlamps, light sensors, rain and parking front and rear, alloy wheels 17’, multimedia system Toyota Touch 2 with 7’ touch screen and Toyota's Safety Sense, the set of security systems and driving assistance Toyota.

The version Advance sum of all this elements such as the LED fog lights, the steps of the door in aluminum, some alloy wheels of a different design and 18’ or the multimedia system Toyota Touch 2 & GO with 8-inch touch screen and browser.

For their part, those customers that opt for the finish Luxury will have at its disposal, in addition to all that include the Business versions and Advance, from heated front seats, Head-Up Display to color or reclining rear seats electrically with a central armrest that allows you to handle different elements thanks to the control panel multifunction that features up to a wireless charger for smartphones, climate control tri-zone, leather upholstery in black or beige, and two systems of safety added to Toyota's Safety Sense: Traffic Alert Rear with Assistant of Braking and Detector Dead Angle.

The new Camry hybrid, whose first units are already in the dealerships of Toyota Spain , sold by 32.500 € or 285 €/month with Toyota Complet. new program funding and added services.

Updated Date: 24 September 2019, 00:01

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