Travel to Turkey and to regain the hair you had when you were 17 (II): this is the operation of a hair transplant

Travel to Turkey and to regain the hair you had when you were 17 With all ready and with more nerves that hairs I was on deck searching the row of the plane, s

Travel to Turkey and to regain the hair you had when you were 17 (II): this is the operation of a hair transplant
Travel to Turkey and to regain the hair you had when you were 17

With all ready and with more nerves that hairs I was on deck searching the row of the plane, seeing if anyone was going to Turkey the same as I, to become a hair transplant . This could... this is not... this or joke, as I want your hair... this fixed. And if it should not. If one day you see yourself in the same situation I am, thou wilt remember this, for thou shalt do something like that, more reassured than anything else.

(Perhaps you don't understand anything of what I'm telling you... click here and read the first chapter of this story capillary, and you'll know what I'm talking about. If you don't want, you are still reading, that is not so complex)

I Landed in Istanbul at 23 hours, after four hours of flight and two movies of those Sunday afternoon to take a nap. is the output I had expected a lord with a sign with my name and the clinic. This led me to another and that other to a third party, which in turn got me into the car of a fourth person... things of Turkey. It was not the first time that I was there, so that did not surprise me too much. Yes, it took me four hours from Madrid to Istanbul and two and a half hours from the plane to the hotel. But I was already there.

Dr. Serkan Aygin during the query

The next day I took the morning to do some sightseeing, since I had no appointment until the afternoon, with Dr. Serkan Aygin. I picked up a car at the hotel to take me to the clinic and there I knew I was in for a translator, even though all of a sudden everyone spoke Spanish . And those who do not know what they were trying, so that made you feel comfortable. Soon the doctor came.

What first thought? Hair. But hair... hair. Looks good... what gave you hope. We talked for a while in a perfect dialogue Turkish-English in which neither of the two understand anything of what he said to the other, but thanks to the translator arrived to good port. I asked my age while I manoseaba the hair and then he picked up an eye pencil to draw me what would be my new line . "I think that would be natural and according to your age," he said. By me well. And then he turned to his computer to tell you which would be necessary to 3,500 follicles and that I would draw only the nape of the neck, without touching my beard (if there is not enough in the rear, sometimes resort to the beard and even the chest hair).

The new line drawn by the doctor

After we continue talking to resolve the doubts that I had. Will be the same questions you would ask you if you were, because more or less is what is of concern to all even if you have informed on a thousand sites before you travel.

does The operation have a risk?

a Minimum, of any intervention. The only thing that could happen would be not tolerases the anesthesia, but we do tests before to make sure. The type of wound is very superficial, so then neither should there be complications.

what My hair will look normal?

Completely. Each follicle is placed is placed on studying the position well, the inclination and the distribution so that it is the best possible.

how Long does it take to grow?

The final result will not be seen until 12 months of age, 18 in the event that you put hair on the crown of the head.

And the more I was intrigued by all...

why is it so cheap to get a graft in Turkey and so expensive in Spain?

Here we have been doing this for many years, we have a lot of experience and in recent years the State has taken a policy to fund the Health tourism, not only the capillary but also to treat tumors or other things. Thus, the Government subsidizes between 20% and 40% of the interventions as long as the clinics comply with all of the controls required. At any time you can come the inspector to make a review, but we are calm because everything is in rule and that does not happen in all clinics.

D-day: operation

At 7.45 I was picked up at the hotel to go to the hospital. Had breakfast and everything. A light breakfast, no caffeine, as I was asked the previous day. Upon arrival I was expecting a new translator that I would accompany her throughout the intervention. It took Me to sign some papers and gave me a pill sedative . He was not nervous, but just in case. After I left my things in a locker, I have kept the key and direct it to the barber. Zero... without remorse... goodbye hair, see you soon.

On the way to the operating room I passed a mirror. Perhaps you do, but I had never shaved to zero, so the view was completely new. On top of that you'll see fat. And it may be that what you are, but that already we will fix it at another time... we're going to the hair.

Graph of what happens during the operation

I was introduced to the team that's going to do the intervention and I brought down on the stretcher.

"we're Going to make a test of the anesthesia and if it does not give you the reaction, you put" . OK. It was the only prick that I felt in the five and a half hours that lasted the operation. The rest... no pain.

they Talked among themselves about the surgery, which would be done in three parts: first I removed the follicles from the donor area, then I would make the incisions in the receiving part and, finally, introduce the follicles. After wine the doctor to draw the line short that was going to have my hair and began the intervention.

Five and a half hours after do not know what to do to be still, but you mentalizas... the more you rest, the better it will come off. And what you get. At the end, the translator took me to eat something at the cafeteria and explained to me the medications I needed to take: anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and a painkiller for the night... just in case. She also gave me a pad of those used in aircraft for the neck, with which it is necessary to sleep for a week. At first you think that's funny... on the third day is the son of the devil.

Back to home

the next morning they pick you up again at the hotel and take you to the clinic to get some cures.

she Had been bleeding during the night (it is normal, apparently), so I removed all the bandages that I had and I sprayed the head with betadine. After they performed a laser treatment for that had to be 15 minutes sitting on a table without moving while saw lights psychedelic despite having the eyes covered.

And once finished, all sit down with you to explain the process that lies ahead. Because it does not end in Turkey, but that it is a treatment that lasts for a year (a year and a half in that case you put hair also in the crown of the head). They know that you're far away and you will have doubts, so I give you the telephone number of the person that will continue with your case from Spain and will be with who you talk to from that time. And now you just have to take care of the hair, so from there to the airport, where you will recognize a man that has done the same as you and back in your same plane.

Os I will continue telling what is happening to this...

Date Of Update: 17 September 2019, 22:00

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