Trips Trips for Business Companies

If you have a commerce or restaurant with less than 10 employees, invoice below 2 million euros and is based in Catalonia, your business is more likely to enter

Trips Trips for Business Companies

If you have a commerce or restaurant with less than 10 employees, invoice below 2 million euros and is based in Catalonia, your business is more likely to enter into a contest than any other sector, size and located in another community Autonomous This is the robot portrait of companies that have entered into a contest in the first eight months of 2021, according to the information of the consultancy informs D & B. It is a simplification, but a sample also of the structure of the Spanish business model: very small companies in the service sector. In Catalonia, almost one out of every three contests -1,117 of 3,941 have been registered in the national total-; If the 802 of the Community of Madrid are added, these two regions concentrate half of the school situations in Spain.

Trade, hotels and restaurants continue to be the great losers of the crisis caused by the Covid in Spain in the last two years. And in particular in the hospitality and the restoration 2021 is being much worse than 2020, according to D & B, the business competitions in this sector have grown 225% in the first eight months of the year regarding the same time from last year.

It is logical that the sector more harmed by the restrictive measures caused by the pandemic - careers, capacity limitations, displacement prohibitions ...-, is assuming a large part of the destruction of the business tissue, but it is significant the great increase in cases in This exercise on 2020 because despite the different waves, measures decreed by the government and the autonomous communities were tougher last year than this one.

However, August has meant a certain turning point in the evolution of the so-called business mortality, even though the so-called Fourth Wave of the Covid. Thus, if the accumulated increase in the first eight months of the year is 225%, in August the competitions has barely grown by 4.35%

This inflection in the evolution of competitions in last month occurs in most activities. In the accumulated 2021 the total bankrupt situations have grown 57%, up to 3,941, while at last month they fell by 37.6% compared to August 2020. August has been the month of the year in which less have occurred Contests: Just 139, compared to March 630 or July 619.

Although the hospitality is the sector in which the competitions grow most, it is surpassed by construction and real estate activities and trade if we stick at the number of companies involved: 726 and 794, respectively, compared to 657 of the hostelry.

Regarding the size of the company that enters a contest situation, the study notes that three out of four are micro-enterprises, which have less than ten employees and bill less than 2 million euros. 22% are produced in companies with less than 50 employees and a turnover of less than 10 million euros.

The territorial distribution of the bankruptcy activity places Catalonia first among the Autonomous Communities, with 1,117 cases, followed by Madrid and the Valencian Community, in correspondence with the weight of each region in national GDP, although business weakness is naked more In Catalonia, where this year has presented 0.17% of its 630,000 companies, compared to 0.14% of the 552,000 companies located in the Community. The evolution of bankrupt situations accelerates in all autonomies in 2021, with special incidence in the Canary Islands, which registers an annual growth of 95%, and Castilla y León, with 92.7%. In Madrid, growth is 70% and in Catalonia, 74%.

The solutions of companies are increased by 29% in the year, from 14,512 to 18,720. As in the contests, in August there is also an important frenazo, with a fall of 37% over the same month of 2020.

The photograph of this business mortality reveals that, although economic recovery is underway, a braking or an increase in uncertainty will significantly increase the problems of Spanish companies. The smallest companies and those of the sectors that require less qualification are the first suffered by crises and those are precisely the worst that is already happening. As reported this newspaper last week, the increase in energy bill for a trade, or an excessive rise in the international minimum wage (SMI) for a small entrepreneur who has to do many numbers before raising a new contracting, supposed new sticks in The wheels of your business.

"The increase in light is having a bestial impact for SMEs. There are businesses that are even closing from noon to avoid upside down. If an increase in the SMI is added, with the parallel increase in social contributions that entails, small businesses remain in a very committed situation, "said Antonio Pedraza, president of the Financial Commission of the General Council of Economists.

Date Of Update: 03 September 2021, 20:34

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