Trump places Venezuela in the center of the agenda of the UN: there Will be change

U.S. sanctions the network of money laundering that Mature enriqueceLa White House deals with the venezuelan opposition elections without Nicolas Maduro Given

Trump places Venezuela in the center of the agenda of the UN: there Will be change
U.S. sanctions the network of money laundering that Mature enriqueceLa White House deals with the venezuelan opposition elections without Nicolas Maduro

Given that the United Nations invited the regime of Nicolas Maduro as the sole representative of Venezuela in the General Assembly, Donald Trump organized this Wednesday, his own summit with opponents that you already recognize as legitimate rulers of the country in south america more than 50 countries. At that conference, attended by Ivan Duke , president of Colombia; Sebastián Piñera , Chile, Lenin Moreno , Ecuador, the president of the united States gave assurances of continued support for a regime change in the country, and complained that chavez has caused "a crisis of historic proportions in Latin America."

"Maduro has sold their nation to a dictatorship, foreign, something that comes through a long time ago," said Trump in reference to financial and military help that Cuba provides to the regime of chavez. "There have been horrors such as no one could believe in Venezuela. And we have made the decision that the future of the american continent can not be decided by the socialists or tyrants, but by those patriots who love freedom, that's why there must be change. Socialism has destroyed one of the most prosperous countries in the world." At the meeting, the u.s. president came out with the announcement that triple aid the development of democracy in Venezuela in the amount of $ 52 million (47 million euros).

By the venezuelan side to this meeting, held in a hotel, went to the chancellor [Foreign minister] Julio Borges , appointed by the National Assembly, controlled by opponents of Maduro. Borges said that "the diplomatic pressure of the democratic voices has been effective, the dictatorship is fractured and weak and only supported by the cuban regime".

This is the first meeting of the General Assembly of the UN since John Guaidó was to ever swear by the office of the president commissioned and received the recognition of countries of the Group of Lima, of the Organization of American States and the bulk of the international community, with the exceptions we talked about Cuba, Russia, China, Iran and Mexico. The secretary-general of the UN, Antonio Guterres , and invited to give the keynote speech at the General Assembly to Mature, instead announced that he would send his vice-president, Delcy Rodríguez, and his foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza, and he traveled to Moscow to meet the Russian president, Vladimir Putin .

The summit on Venezuela, supported by Brazil and Argentina, was the first public act of Trump on the day after the democrats announced that they had opened the investigation prior to the process of "impeachment" or objection. In this meeting with american leaders, Trump received abundant praise for its efforts with regard to Venezuela. The chancellor Borges said that thanks to Trump, "Venezuela is not alone." "Our humble request to America is very simple: that our brothers continue to impose sanctions on Cuba, because Cuba is the mind behind the atrocities that are being committed in Venezuela", he added.

What is certain is that have been Trump and its allies, which have backed the opposition in this first General Assembly of bicefalia in Venezuela. The brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro , he resigned to lead his team to two diplomats from their country so that they could accompany you two to venezuelan ambassador to the U.S. Carlos Vecchio and the ambassador in France Isadora Guevara, who has dual Spanish nationality. Within the UN building, they were able to hold meetings with envoys from around the world to respond to the criticisms of the regime, which has reported being the victim of a coup engineered in Washington.

"We went out with the strength of this meeting because it reflected the commitment that you have all of the region to seek a way out as soon as possible to the crisis in Venezuela," he said yesterday Vecchio after the meeting with Trump. "The leaders present agreed that Maduro is a threat to the entire region and that it is necessary to find a way out of the crisis as soon as possible", he added.

The us government made a great effort to reaffirm its commitment to the opposition venezuelans, who worried about the layoff, two weeks ago, the former National Security adviser of the White House, John Bolton . This had been a strong advocate of change in Venezuela and the resort to military intervention if necessary. Trump, however, is wary of any mobilization of troops, and preferred to intensify the sanctions and, as announced yesterday, to allocate more funds to aid.

on Tuesday, during the speech of Trump before the General Assembly, where he also denounced the abuses of the regime of Maduro, a representative of the regime at the UN, Daniela Rodríguez, read a book called "Bolivar-hero, genius and universal thought". As he said this sent out on Twitter, he did so in protest against the address "racist and imperialist" of Trump.

Date Of Update: 26 September 2019, 11:01

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