Twelve years for a mental health strategy criticized by experts

Carolina Darias, Minister of Health, announced yesterday that the Extraordinary Ministers Council on Friday gave green light to the new mental health strategy 2

Twelve years for a mental health strategy criticized by experts

Carolina Darias, Minister of Health, announced yesterday that the Extraordinary Ministers Council on Friday gave green light to the new mental health strategy 2022-2026. The document was already approved by the Ministry of Health and the CCAAs in the Interiorritorial Council of the National Health System this Thursday, which was twelve years without updating. One of the novelties was that in the last draft it was already included a section dedicated to the prevention of mental health problems in the work environment, as a great novelty regarding previous work documents.

"This document is a road map with different goals for people with mental health problems, such as improving autonomy, reducing stigma and maximum involuntary interventions," described the Minister of Health during the Press Conference after the Council.

The holder of the health portfolio specified that, for the elaboration of the strategy, a multidisciplinary committee has been contained "that has allowed to incorporate the looks from psychiatry, clinical psychology, nursing, social work, patients and their families . We have also had an institutional committee, represented by all the CCAA, and with the participation of 25 entities, including associations, federations, groupings, scientific and consulting societies ". Independent. "The Minister stressed that the strategy already has a departure from general budgets for 2022, which amounts to about 30 million euros.

On the new mental health strategy 2022-2026, Celso Arango, president of the Spanish Society of Psychiatry has recognized that "it is not the mental health strategy that we would have written, of course". However, the president of the Society of Psychiatry recognizes that the text has improved in recent months and that a consensus effort has been made from the Ministry of Health. "It's an improved and improved strategy," Arango has said about it.

In his opinion, the document remains "away from the international standards of what should be a strategy based on current knowledge, but it is necessary to understand that it is a consensus strategy in which, as it usually happens with these documents, there are many sources of Pressure and attempts to listen to all parties. It is a strategy that follows euphemisms and vagueness and many aspects that are obvious. But it is also true that it has been improving in the latest versions. "

Among its main problems ARANGO cites "the absence of standards" to which to aspire, as ratios of mental health professionals per inhabitants, number of infanty-youth hospital seats, of waiting lists ... Indicators have finally been included , but not standards to get, "he explains. It also regrets" that finally have not included points such as the psychogereatr who is pressing. "However, it values positively that has been endowed with financing and a consensus effort has been made in the last months.

With PEROS, the Spanish Society of Dual Pathology, Néstor Szerman, President of the Dual Pathology Foundation of the EDPD, clarifies the world that the strategy has not collected any of the proposals exposed in the consultation, such as considering the problem of dual pathology - which is not mentioned - or how to address suicide without considering them - taking into account that more than 40% of people with dual pathology have suicidal ideas - and instead, entities that are not validated or collected in classifications appear International clinics, such as compulsive purchases, which are alterations of behavior, but not that are assimilated to a mental disorder, at least not yet the scientific community.

The plan puts the focus on prevention, early detection and attention to persons with suicidal behaviors, improving healthcare capabilities in the detection of suicide risk and coordination between resources and healthcare levels.

For this, a 24-hour information telephone, free and confidential, professional care and suicidal behavior support, is also made available to citizenship, with the corresponding emergency services to a crisis situation.

It is also intended to fight myths to end the wrong beliefs around suicide, have first-person testimonies, sensitize the media for the treatment of the news related to suicide, promotion of a collaboration network between the ministry of health and other institutions or the implementation of prevention protocols in schools, workplaces, among others.

It also collects a specific line of support and family intervention, as well as an analysis of the consequences of the pandemic in mental health. In fact, the mental health action plan and Covid-19 are collected, which will have a budget of 100 million euros for the next 3 years.

Updated Date: 07 December 2021, 07:26

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