Two dead, 15 intoxicated and fried eggs in dishwasher: Alert in cáceres by adulterated cocaine

Two dead and a lot of intoxicated have raised all the alarms in the province of Cáceres. A departure of adulterated cocaine is the main suspect of having move

Two dead, 15 intoxicated and fried eggs in dishwasher: Alert in cáceres by adulterated cocaine

Two dead and a lot of intoxicated have raised all the alarms in the province of Cáceres. A departure of adulterated cocaine is the main suspect of having moved the life of two men in the towns of Coria and Plasencia in less than a week. Fortunately, the rapid actuation of the Civil Guard and justice have already led one of the traffickers who sold it to prison.

The drug was surely cut with some toxic substance that has caused deaths, as well as a retahine of side effects and surprising hallucinations in its victims. Among the hallucinations the most rare cases of mixing reality with the nightmare were given. For example: frying eggs in the dishwasher, spray the arms with insecticide by believing that they were full of cockroaches, seeing that they were pursued by dwarves who asked for money or believe that their house was "full of blacks" were some of the side effects reported by The victims of the authorities.

The case began at dawn on Saturday, August 21, when the Civil Guard of Coria raised the corpse of a 37-year-old man, Alejandro, who had died at home. A bag with remains of cocaine in the kitchen aroused the suspicions that the man had consumed that night and maybe he had suffered a bad reaction.

Soon after, people came intoxicated to the Hospital City of Coria: first three, then four ...

The Civil Guard established a protocol with the doctors so that they will be informed of any similar case that arrived at the following hours, but with a dead already on the table, the paramount was to capture the camel and that there were no more victims.

During the weekend, up to nine people were admitted to the hospital, plus five others who passed by emergencies but did not require hospitalization. The statements of some victims, despite the original reluctance to speak that they had consumed drugs, ended up preparing: the trafficker was José Antonio L., a camel that as soon as he learned that what was happening was escaped to Plasencia. Sources close to the case have highlighted that without the collaboration of the victims and the Hospital of Coria, it would have been very difficult to resolve the case.

Despite the fact that the court of instruction number 1 of Coria immediately authorized the registration of his house, when the agents went to look for the drug and the camel no longer found none. However, it was a matter of waiting a bit, and on Sunday he was already detained and passed to court. José Antonio refused to declare and decided not to collect confessing who had sold the drug (or who had bought it), despite the warnings that more people could die. The judge sent it to provisional prison without bail on Monday.

Meanwhile, testimonies of intoxicates were still coming: people who could not urinate all day, who suffered paranoias, who was left without sight for having the pupils dilated to the fullest for several days, and the mentioned hallucinations. Many decided to help in research and even delivered remains of cocaine without consuming, which will be analyzed by the Civil Guard Criminal Laboratory in Madrid. At the same time, the autopsy of Alejandro gave positive in cocaine, and the viscera of him has been sent to analyze the Institute of Legal Medicine of Seville.

It seemed that the case was closing thanks to the rapid coordination between the Civil Guard of Coria, the prosecution and the court, but then in the middle of this past week another man died in plasencia, apparently for the same reason. Plasencia was precisely where he fled the camel that is in prison.

In addition, another person went through the Hospital de Plasencia with symptoms similar to those of Coria. In this case, it is a national police territory, which stopped hours later to the camel who had sold the drug to the deceased. However, when this Friday he spent judicial arrangement, the Placentino court decided to release it.

The case of Plasencia points out that it is related to that of Coria and suggests that maybe some distributor sold the bad drug for the two camels. The authorities are very concerned: the government's delegate in Extremadura, Yolanda García Dry, alerted Friday on the danger of consuming this drug that is not yet known to how many points of the region it has been possible.

It is suspected that in addition to known intoxicates, it has probably been many more than they have not needed to go to emergencies or have avoided as shame to tell what had happened to them. Among the victims of this adulterated drug there are some that belong to the Coria football team, as well as a man of almost 65 years.

Date Of Update: 03 September 2021, 12:37

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