US threatens Putin: If Russia intervenes in Ukraine, there will be an answer

Europe is still looking for prominence in the solution of the crisis caused by the mass presence of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine with the alleged i

US threatens Putin: If Russia intervenes in Ukraine, there will be an answer

Europe is still looking for prominence in the solution of the crisis caused by the mass presence of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine with the alleged intention to invade the country. Excluded from the talks that Moscow formally maintains with the United States and NATO, the German Minister for Foreign Affairs, Annalena Baerbock, has taken advantage of the scale this Thursday in Berlin of the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to invite his colleagues from France and United Kingdom.

"The subject on the table is nothing more and nothing less than maintaining the European peace order. For Europe it is an existential issue," Baerbock said.

The Ministerial Meeting of the so-called Transatlantic Quartet -Transatlantic Quad-on Eve from Blinken will keep in Geneva with its Russian counterpart, Serguei Lavrov, visibilizes Europe's aspiration to participate in the solution of a conflict that affects the first-term Security of the European continent, although the "Quad" is a format that has its origin in G-7 and not in the European Union.

Nothing has transcended in detail of the deliberations of a quartet except that its positions are divergent regarding the defense of Ukraine and the sanctions that would apply to Russia in case of aggression. While the United States and United Kingdom promise military aid, France and Germany reject the supply of weapons to Kiev. Facing a United States that puts on the table the exclusion of Russia from the international payment system, Europeans resist from the consequences that they would have in their economies. Only Germany, it depends by 47% of the imports of Russian gas, a supply that could not be paid if Moscow is disconnected from the SWIFT.

"The sanctions make sense when they are effective and touch to those who are directed," Baerbock declared at a press conference with Blinken at the end of the meeting. And for the moment, there is no agreement in Europe about what sanctions would be adopted and in what area. The only novelty in this issue is the apparent provision of the German Government to speak of the controversial Nord Stream II, to which the United States has been systematically opposed for geopolitical reasons. Summary by Blinken, "We are in very close consultations with European countries and institutions and I hope that if the time comes that no one wishes, we will act energetically and in a coordinated manner in the imposition of consequences to Russia."

Precisely, in terms of punishments, the United States today imposed sanctions on four Ukrainians, including two deputies, who accuses of working with Russian secret services (FSB) and "destabilizing activities" in Ukraine, AFP reported. These measures aim to "reveal and counteract the destabilization efforts that Russia carries out in Ukraine," said the head of US diplomacy, Antony Blinken, who stressed that they have nothing to do with the battery of sanctions that. West imprisoned Russia if it invades Ukraine.

While President Vladimir Putin continues to score the agenda, the Narrative of the US and Europe remains in the field of warning. "We are at a crucial point, we can not decide for Moscow, but it does make clear the serious consequences of any incursion in Ukraine," Blinken reiterated and added that Russia chooses "you will find the United States and its allies." Russia You can not match the alliance that builds the United States with its partners. If it intervenes, there will be an answer, "he warned.

Baerbock pronounced in the same direction, but without specifying the answer. He stressed that the departure of the crisis is political, although Russian behavior speaks another language, in Belarus and in the border area with Ukraine. "We urge Russia to take measures to reduce tension", because "greater aggressiveness would have serious consequences," he said.

But if the meeting itself of the quartet was a way of claiming a role for Europe, or to make a visibility and support of the West before the Blinken Appointment with Lavrov, the dissuasive strategy has not worked. In full deliberations of the "quad", the Russian Ministry of Defense announced naval maneuvers in the Atlantic, the Arctic, the Pacific and the Mediterranean. More than 140 wars and support vessels will be mobilized, about 60 aircraft, 1,000 elements of military equipment and around 10,000 military. Russia also maintains military pressure on the Ukrainian border when deploying new troops in Belarus. Actions that constitute the response of Kremlin to Joe Biden's warnings that a possible invasion of Ukraine would be a "disaster" for Russia.

With the announcement of these Urbi et Orbi exercises, Moscow makes a demonstration of strength in strategic areas for Washington as the Pacific or close to countries with Enquistados conflicts and in which Russia, as Lavrov already said after his recent meeting with Baerbock has played And you can play an important role. He cited among other Syrian, Libyan and Iran cases, another of the matters addressed by the "quad" in a week of negotiations in Vienna rated by Baerbock and Blinklen "Determinant".

Blinken goes to his appointment with Lavrov with the speech used on previous occasions and determined to defend the interest of the United States and Europe. "If Russia chooses the path of greater aggression against Ukraine, the United States, together with its partners, it will impose devastating costs for the Russian economy, it will reinforce the presence of NATO in the allied countries on the front line and will increase the aid of defense to Ukraine, "he says. The meeting with his Russian counterpart, Serguei Lavrov, has highlighted that he will not present any document in the face of the meeting and who have not made" propositions to Russia "in the context of talks:" We have that See where we are and see if there are opportunities to exercise diplomacy and continue with dialogue, "he said.

By European Party, the only forum for dialogue with Russia and Ukraine, regardless of direct bilateral contacts or their participation in the NATO and OSCE Council, is the so-called Normandy format. Created by Germany and France to mediate between Moscow and Kiev, the Minsk agreements were born from that format. Denounced by non-compliance by both Russia and Ukraine, all the efforts of Germany and France for returning to the negotiating table have resulted.

There will be a new attempt in the coming days. Baerbock has announced his intention to travel to Kiev with his French colleague, Jean-Yves Le Drian, to try to reactivate that forum. From Moscow, Lavrov claims to be ready for dialogue and Blinken from Berlin has been offered to support the Normandy Framework and even reinforce him becoming part of the group. The offering of the United States, at the moment, has no response.

Before traveling to Geneva, Blinken met with the chancellor Olaf Scholz, but that meeting was not followed by press statements.

Date Of Update: 20 January 2022, 14:44

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