Ukraine | Last hour of the conflict: USA and Canada prepare massive consequences for Russia if it invades the country

Russia challenges international diplomacy with its troops at the borders of Ukraine, with the aim of pressing the US and NATO so that they do not include Kiev a

Ukraine |
 Last hour of the conflict: USA and Canada prepare massive consequences for Russia if it invades the country

Russia challenges international diplomacy with its troops at the borders of Ukraine, with the aim of pressing the US and NATO so that they do not include Kiev at the Atlantic Club, an old Soviet territory on which Russia has lost control as well as He lost it before about the Baltic countries.

NATO has responded that it will not allow a third country to coaken a potential a sovereign partner about their intentions to enter the Alliance. The US warns: Any incursion will have "serious consequences" and the European Union is willing to punish Russia quickly in case it reaches an attack against Ukraine, as already did in 2014 with "substantial" economic restrictive measures.

For its part, US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, and the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly, have spoken this Saturday to coordinate the action of both countries when imposing "massive consequences and economic costs Severe "to Russia if it invades Ukraine.

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, and the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly, have spoken this Saturday to coordinate the action of both countries when imposing "massive consequences and severe economic costs" to Russia If you invade Ukraine.

Blinken and Joly maintained a telephone conversation in which they coincided in pointing out their concern about the threat that Russia presents for Ukraine and valued ways to convince the government of Vladimir Putin to choose diplomacy, the State Department said in a statement.

ERC has expressed its "Rotunda" on Saturday opposition to the Government's announcement that it will send fragate to the Black Sea, so it has exhorted the Spanish Executive to "not participate in the Belica Climbing" by the tensions between Russia and the US on purpose of Ukraine and its eventual entry in NATO.

In a statement, Republican training has urged the Spanish Government to agree on any response in this conflict with the European Union.

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, said beforeyer that frigates and other Spanish operations will be sent to the area, an initiative that has generated discrepancies between the two government partners, we can and the PSOE.

The first item of additional military aid promised by the US to Ukraine before the tensions on the border with Russia arrived at Kiev, according to the US Embassy in the Slavic country.

"The first of several shipments for a total of 200 million in security assistance for the Ukrainian FFAA, authorized by the President (Joe) biden in December, arrived at the Boríspol, Kiev airport," the diplomatic legation reported through a Message in your social networks.

The shipping "demonstrates the firm commitment" of Washington with the right of Ukraine to self-defense, points out the note.

The Deputy of Citizens in the European Parliament Soraya Rodríguez has described the Russian-Ukrainian conflict of "political cap", because the "democratic project" of the European Union that defends Ukraine is a "political threat" for the neighboring nation.

This has been referred to the eurodiputate to the current geopolitical situation in a campaign act held by the 'orange' formation in the recreation circle of Valladolid, which have also attended other MEPs such as Luis Garicano and Susana Solís Pérez.

The MEPs of citizens Luis Garicano and Soraya Rodríguez have sought this Saturday the "Non-war" of United Can we and have warned him that Putin is "an aggressor who wants to do the war" and it is necessary to help "those who want to defend ".

GariCano has criticized the members of the Government of Spain who "are in the non-war" and wished that that does not mean that "the intimidator goes out with his", while he has defended the Europe of the "center, the Moderate left and the moderate right, "he said at an act of pre-complain from CS's candidacy in Castilla y León held in Valladolid.

In this sense, he has criticized the part of the "Government of Extreme Left Putinesca" after the document presented contrary to the mobilization of Spanish troops.

Rodríguez has referred to the "threat of dictatorships like that Putin wants to raise to democratic Europe" and has rejected the document signed by we can and "the men of peace of Otegui".

"Ukraine is not a military threat to Russia, it is a political threat," has defended the MEP, who believes that for Russia it is "a threat its dictatorial project", referring to "four out of five young people in Russia" reject the project. of Putin.

He has argued that peace is gained with democracies and rights and freedoms and has insisted united. We can make this conflict "does not go from NATO, bases outside". Informa Efe.

The Russian defense minister Sergei Shoud has agreed to meet with his British counterpart, Ben Wallace, in Moscow to discuss the Russian-Western crisis in Ukraine, which still threatens climbing, has confirmed a source from the British Ministry of Defense.

"The Secretary of Defense is glad that Russia has accepted the invitation to meet with its counterpart," said the source. "Since the last bilateral meeting between our two countries took place in London in 2013, Russian defense minister Sergei Shoni, offered to meet in Moscow," he added. Informa AFP.

The former Vice President of the Government and former Secretary-General of We Can, Pablo Iglesias, has criticized the "military Fulgor" of the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, and has called "Tashing of Hair" that defends a confrontation of NATO against Russia In Ukraine it would be a "humanitarian war".

This has indicated it during its intervention in the "Bulls: Lye as a strategy of the rights', organized by we can in Valladolid together with the candidate of this training in the autonomous elections of Castilla y León, Pablo Fernández.

Churches has begun his turn of a word, pointing out that, now that he no longer holds any charge, "I have to say some things that the colleagues who are still in politics can not say in such a clear way." Thus, after reviewing the controversy about the statements of the consumer minister, Alberto Garzón, on meat and livestock, the former Vice President has become referring to the conflict that NATO and Russia maintained in Ukraine, which considered "a situation Very serious in geopolitical terms "due to the" greatly dangerous military tension between the United States and Russia ".

"I am no longer a politician, I can say the truth," has affirmed churches, for immediately aim that "geopolitics do not go ideologies, going interest, interests of states and, eventually, of companies linked to those states", For what "it is very difficult in geopolitics say that there are good and bad." Reports Servimedia.

In eastern Ukraine, residents and military personnel trust that, although the threat of conflict is "terrible and terrifying", the country is prepared to defend itself from any possible attack by neighboring Russia.

A guard assures the British station Sky News that the area surrounding the border fence is "equipped with surveillance chambers" and that "the first signs of an attack" would be detected.

"We have special reserves prepared for this," said Lieutenant Colonel of the State Border Guard Yurii Trubachov.

If danger, borderline "is perceived, it can notify the armed forces that will send defensive support," he adds.

In the city of Kharkiv, the residents were fearful but determined to fight for their "freedom". "We are a peaceful nation, but in case someone tried to take away the freedom again, we will fight," says the young Kharkivita Yulia Napolska. Informa AP.

The BLAS FRAGATE of Lezo has sailed this Saturday of the Ferrol Military Arsenal to start a tour that will take you next week to the Black Sea, previous scale in Rota (Cádiz), coinciding with the stress climb between Russia and Ukraine.

The ship has abandoned military facilities on 08:30 on Saturday and has passed shortly after the Loca de la Ría Ferrolana, among the castles of San Felipe and Palma.

The unit plans to be integrated into the SNMG-2, one of NATO's naval groupings, in usual maneuvers that were already planned for this year and that the Spanish authorities have decided to overtake.

The exit of the ship has been possible after completion of the prior health protocol before the COVID-19. Along with the 190s of the endowment, she incorporates for this deployment to a special team of the northern third of Marine Infantry, also based on Ferrol. Informa Efe.

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The future is a safe place but the past is unpredictable, said a joke during the Soviet Union. Russia has been saying that it does not plan any attack but at the same time warning that there will be a military response if NATO does not return to the past, until 1997 at least. For Vladimir Putin that is the year 'damn' because then the first "expansion towards the east" was raised to surround Russia from the other side of its borders.

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The Russian Ministry of Defense has published images of sending Sukhoi combat aircraft to Belarus to participate in joint military exercises.

In addition to the 100,000 troops deployed near Ukraine, Russia has also moved more troops from Siberia and the Far East for the joint simulations with its ally Belarus, which also limits with Ukraine.

In these exercises, Russian military units have moved to areas close to the southern border of Belarus, which is about 75 kilometers (47 miles) from Kiev.

The simulations will take place in February. Informa AP.

The matter goes seriously and Spain this has been taken with the shipment to the Black Sea area of some of the best units of our Navy: the BAM (Maritime Action Ship) "Meteor" and the frigate "Blas de Lezo" , the third (F-103) of the five F-100 in service.

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The European Union will be willing to punish Russia quickly in case it reaches an attack on Ukraine, as already done in 2014 with "substantial" economic restrictive measures.

"We did it in 2014, there is no reason why we could not do that now," has indicated a senior community official on the possibility of launching new sanctions for Russian behavior.

The current situation, with thousands of Russian troops prepared next to the Ukrainian border, is "the most serious challenge for the European Security Order from the beginning of the 1990s (of the last century), from the end of the Cold War," Ha Remember Informa Efe.

Germany will deliver a "campaign hospital" to Ukraine in February, announced the German defense minister, Christine Lambrecht.

"I can understand that we want to support Ukraine, that's exactly what we are already doing," said the minister in an interview published in the Sunday version of Die Welt newspaper. "Thus, a complete campaign hospital will be delivered in February, with the necessary training (of the staff)," she announced, and she has specified that the cost for Germany would amount to 5.3 million euros.

"We have also provided respirators," said Lambrecht, and has added that Germany "is already dealing with seriously injured Ukrainian soldiers in (the) hospitals of the Bundeswehr", the German army. "Therefore, we are on the side of Kiev. Now we must do everything within our reach to deactivate the crisis," he summarizes him.

On the other hand, Germany has rejected the idea of delivering weapons to Ukraine, with the argument that that would only aggravate tensions. Informa AFP.

Discussion will not be the red line. Despite the powerful response of United can the idea of mobilizing troops east of Europe by the crisis in Ukraine, the minority member of the Council of Ministers will comply with the decisions adopted by the Government but will seek to unmarked from the PSOE, who warns that stability From the coalition runs serious risk of fracture if Spain finally participates actively in any type of armed conflict.

Since Thursday afternoon, the nervousness is in the purple circles. A progressive government, believe, "can not afford the same mistakes" that those committed by José María Aznar two decades ago. «You can not repeat the photo of the Azores," repeat from the entrails of the party in the same way that the NO to the war resonates already in the Council of Ministers as a warning to the PSOE, to which the purple ones ask for reflection and "that think well »Their decisions in the next dates, which seem decisive in the future of possible conflict in Ukraine. Read the full information of Vicente Coll

Russians and Americans have an appointment "next week", after lowering tension with "free" conversations this Friday about the crisis around Ukraine, which still threatens to degenerate, with tens of thousands of Russian soldiers camping in the Ukrainian border.

The meeting in Geneva between the heads of Russian and American diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov and Antony Blinken occurs after two telephone conversations between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in December. With a "frank and substantial" tone, Blinken has recognized that conversations have denoted a certain relaxation, after weeks of verbal climbing.

For its part, Lavrov has pointed out that he and his American counterpart "have agreed that a reasonable dialogue" so that "tension decreases", after a little less than two hours of conversation. Informa AFP.

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