Ukraine organizes resistance and prepares for a long war

The war vampire claims punctual his dose of young blood. Yesterday, in the center of Leopolis, three soldiers, just adolescents who should be at the universit

Ukraine organizes resistance and prepares for a long war

The war vampire claims punctual his dose of young blood. Yesterday, in the center of Leopolis, three soldiers, just adolescents who should be at the university, they returned home in a pine box. His mothers, shocked, carried yellow flowers in his honor, the color of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian State, from its president to the last of its members, begins to understand that the survival of the country that they want, with their imperfect although tangible democratic advances, their independence from the Moscow yoke and its approach to the European Union, will demand enormous sacrifices. Young recruits are heroes until they become martyrs.

The neighbors of villages and cities are armed and learned to shoot, the roads have been filled with military controls with metal barricades and the monuments of the cities are covered with terrestrial sacks, such as the cybeles in the Spanish Civil War. In leisz, the distant Paris of the East, whose distance from the Polish border is only 80 kilometers, have already protected the windows of the churches with metal plates, assuming that sooner or later the bombings will arrive here. If Kiev falls, this will be the new capital of the so-called "Ukraine Free". Maybe the rest of the world believes that Russians "are going to gain safe". They are sure otherwise and the moral remains high. Ukraine will not sell its skin for receiving weapons from the West, as they defend from certain matches in Europe contrary to provide that aid. These weapons are only an effective instrument. Yesterday Poland pleaded ready to deploy all its Soviet MIG-29 aircraft "immediately and free at the Ramstein Air Base (Germany) and make them available to the US", in exchange for Washington to provide "aircraft used with the Corresponding operational capabilities, "reports Carmen Valero. "The Polish Government also requests other NATO allies -propiertaries of MIG-29 aircraft-acting in it," held the Warsaw Government.

But beyond foreign aid Ukraine is defended by its own and majority conviction of its citizens at the price it is, such is the fear of returning to the domain of Moscow.

Nobody talks about political parties because they are no longer needed. Councilors and deputies lead civil resistance. Everyone remains in the same direction. The works that are not essential are no longer exercised, but everyone works more than ever in the common goal: resistance. The web designer prepares applications to receive donations in cryptomoneds. The real estate advisor offers its free homes to the displaced, although there is no longer a pin throughout the west region. The Restorer mounts a kitchen in collaboration with the competition. The war effort is coming to all the layers of society.

ATMs give money, although limited and gas stations have fuel. It costs to find some food but the basics is still available. That is, the Ukrainian state continues to work and have not sunk or its currency or its logistic capacity.

It is already day 14 of invasion, although it seems 14 months old: Kiev resists and that is an unthinkable news two weeks ago. The great column of armored shields that was on the way to the capital seems to have launched in the last hours and approaches a stone's throw from the center of the city. It will not be easy for you to take it. The urban combat, if the Russians decide to go to the crash, can be very bloody and leave many victims.

The Ukrainians recovered yesterday, in captured trucks, hundreds of Russian parade uniforms with destination Kiev. They are the ones who thought to use to celebrate in the Ukrainian capital if the frustrated Blitzkrieg of Vladimir Putin had gone well. Now it's time to beat them in a rated war from home, a kind of confrontation in which the manufacturers of coffins always earn. "We'll fight until the end," Zelenski said yesterday, Boris Johnson.

That type of urban combat is already practiced in the port city of Mariupol, where thousands of civilians are still resisting without water or electricity or food, cold ice cream and surviving basements. In the third attempt to start by the humanitarian corridor, a new bombing of Russia arrived, which only allows its exit formula to its territory, not to Ukraine. Yes, Irpin and Sumi runners were respected, at least for a few hours, which do lead to Ukrainian territory. Thousands of civilians left Russian sieges on yellow buses such as the identification bands of their soldiers. These days come to lift hundreds of thousands of refugees from Kharkov, the second city of the country, Russophone and proud of his mestizo character. Igoy and Katia have found accommodation at Roman's house, a businessman who now carries and brings journalists in search of stories. "We have taken five days from Kharkov. The roads have been bombed and you have to overcome the craters of the bombs. There is no place to stop to sleep either, we had to do it in the pools of an abandoned sauna," says Katia. The videos that they themselves have recorded the bombing with cruise missiles from their office at the center are shuddering. "They have attacked markets, hospitals, even an orphanage," says Igor. "We can not surrender to them because we have already seen what they are capable," he concludes.

While the tide of refugees reaches the two million, in an unprecedented crisis since 1945, the Ukrainians continue to repair war material captured to the enemy, especially T80 tanks. They erase the Z of the sides, paint a yellow band in the canyon and to give war again.

Date Of Update: 08 March 2022, 23:05

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