Unemployment communists and 'puppet' matches in Russian elections that do not promise changes

Russia begins to vote for the deputies who will accompany Vladimir Putin in the process of happening to himself in 2024. A victory of the Government Party Russi

Unemployment communists and 'puppet' matches in Russian elections that do not promise changes

Russia begins to vote for the deputies who will accompany Vladimir Putin in the process of happening to himself in 2024. A victory of the Government Party Russia united in these legislative elections is scheduled, despite the discontent by the rise in prices and some reforms unpopular as the retirement age or response to the coronavirus.The president called Russians on Wednesday to go to the polls to elect new members of the State Duma, the parliament's low house, in voting that will be extended to the Sunday. Meanwhile, the Government has accused large US technological companies, such as Google or Apple, to "interfere" in the electoral process for not withdrawing from their catalog of applications the APP driven by the dissident Alexei Navalny to redirect the vote towards candidates who More seats can snatch Russia united. The surveys of the company VTSIOM suggest that the ruling party will receive 35.3% of the votes. 20% of the voters will opt for the Communist Party, who live a sweet moment by discontent with the economy and for having opposed the reform of pensions. 8.5% prefers the ultranationalists of the Russian Democratic Liberal Party (LDPR). 6.9% will vote for the Russia Fair Party. "We are all equally interested in the Parliament, active, prestigious people, capable of fulfilling their word and their promises, of corresponding to the hopes and trust of citizens of Russia, "said Putin in a televised message. These elections will also bear the 'eternalization' of Putin in power after the constitutional reform of last year to be able to present itself in 2024. Russian president aspires to spend more than a quarter of a century in power, and in The elections that culminate this Sunday Los Russians must assume that there is no possible alternative.

The 450 deputies that will be renewed in the Duma are elected for five years according to a mixed system: one half, by lists of parties; and the other, by majority circumstances. Putin has barely campaigned, although he has taken advantage of the previous weeks to offer extra payments to pensioners, soldiers, policemen and other faithful groups.

The minimum to enter Parliament is 5% of the votes. And then the New People Party comes into play, which was created last year and has been accused of being a project sponsored by the Kremlin destined to attract sympathizers of the imprisoned dissident Alexei Navalny, whose allies have been vetoed at the elections. The surveyor VTSIOM predicts that the five parties would enter the Duma, as the New People Party would achieve just 5%. It is not the first time that it is about dividing the so-called 'vote opening', which does not ask for communism or a new Russian imperialism. In the last presidential elections of 2018, Ksenia Sobchak, a habitual of the heart press famous for being the goddaughter of Putin, played the role of a liberal candidate in a call in which Navalny was forbidden to postulate. Alleyi Nechayev, main driver From new people, he denies having consulted with the Kremlin before forming the match, which now has 72 regional offices. New people differ from the Navalny Party in three crucial aspects for their medium-term survival: they avoid criticizing Putin, they do not receive any support that may be considered foreign funding and are maintained outside of unauthorized street protests. Surveys have been seen Very limited during the current electoral campaign, in part because the respected team of surveys Levada Center has been labeled as an organization of "foreign agents" during the 'purgas' of the last year. But Putin's popularity resists by 56% despite the wear of these years, the prices and uncertainty of Coronavirus in a country where most remains unstifted and that today he prefers to prepare more hospital beds to return to a Confinement as in 2020. Some 20 million Russians, a seventh part of the population, live below the threshold of poverty. But a majority perceives that their country is stronger in the world now than ten or 20 years ago. More than 5,800 14-party candidates, including 10 independent applicants are registered. The chief of the Kremlin asked the Russians to attend the electoral schools either of the three days of voting or make use of electronic remoteness ", since" the current technologies guarantee their safety. "This new way of voting works in Moscow and six more regions. The Government has even drawn floors and cars so that participation does not decide before the general perception that change, at the moment, is impossible.

Date Of Update: 21 September 2021, 04:53