Uniform or street clothes: what is better?

One more hour of class: that is what would gain the students if it is prohibited to the mobile in the aulasCómo put at home the counter to zero when your child

Uniform or street clothes: what is better?
One more hour of class: that is what would gain the students if it is prohibited to the mobile in the aulasCómo put at home the counter to zero when your child repeats cursoLo you should never do if you take your child to daycare for the first time

school uniform has always been an object of debate. And, a year more, with the back-to-school 2019, there are many who wonder if it is better for children to go in street clothes or not at the school.

families will spend an average of 1.993 euros per child, according to the OCU, in the return to the classroom this year. But in this figure has a lot to do the type of school to attend children (public, private or concluded) as well as the educational stage in which they are enrolled.

The school uniform is a decision that belongs to the schools public in an optional way. That is to say, it is the center which, in a democratic way, decide whether or not to implement the uniform. However, in public and private schools, it is mandatory. In fact, this kind of centers are those that use mainly the uniform.


All the educational centers of the Community of Madrid, for example, have the autonomy to implement the school uniform, provided that the measure responds to a request from the parents of students, and has been approved by the School Board. Approximately, 20% of the 800 centres in madrid of public ownership have a uniform.

According to the regional Government, in its last report regarding the use of this garment, " means a considerable economic saving for the families, avoids inequalities and allows the student to identify with the centre in which they study ". In this same line is a report prepared in 2008 by the Foundation for the Quality of Education, dependent of the ministry of Education of the Generalitat Valencian, in which it was claimed that the implementation of the school uniform represents "a savings of approximately 40% in spending for school clothing".

In particular, the study reveals that the uniformity involves an expenditure of about 300 euros per student , while the street clothes poses a minimum spend of 550 euros per child.

In Andalusia , however, the vast majority of state schools does not require the uniform as a mandatory requirement, according to the "Report on school uniforms in Andalusia", which highlights the "complexity" of this issue.

exclusive Distribution

The fundamental problem of the school uniform lies in its distribution and sales . There have been complaints in the different autonomous communities against private schools which had the shield schoolboy as a brand and agree to the exclusive sale in certain. There have also been cases in which clothing is sold exclusively in the middle school. All this price increase .

In Spain, the Consello Galego da Competition, started in 2011 a report to determine the market situation in Galicia, which was published in 2015. In it, shows the concern of that agency by the lack of competition in the distribution of school uniforms in Galicia. And is that the results showed that does not favor families , which are those that buy and can not enjoy the benefits of having a more competitive market.

The report concludes that one out of every three schools with uniform imposes exclusivity to manufacture and sell , which can lead to "cost overruns". In fact, the "II Study on the back-to-school" prepared by iAhorro.com ensures that buy the uniform in the centre itself costs 16,87 € more than average this year. Although it is more comfortable, it is also more expensive. In this way, buy the uniform in the college costs of a half 214,57 euros compared to the 193,71 euros on average that it costs to buy in a neighborhood store or a shopping mall.

In general, this 2019 the price of uniforms has increased by 1,03% to 204,14 euros on average. This upload focuses on those uniforms that are sold at the centre itself (214,57 euros and a rise of 1,94%), while the sale in the shop practically repeated prices (193,71 euros on average and a rise of 0.05%).

The autonomous community with the uniforms cheaper is Extremadura, with an average of 182,32 euros, followed by Basque Country with 192,77 euros and Asturias with 193,87 euros. On the opposite side, the most expensive are Navarra with 228,21 euros, Madrid with 226,77 euros and Catalonia with 224,82 euros.

cost overruns

The Consello Galego da Competition considered that currently "there is not enough competition in the market of school uniforms in Galicia". So, the schools end up imposing on the family where to make the purchase. is If the distribution is exclusive, it is more expensive . So, schools tend to get a compensation from the dealer.

In the Uk , the "Competition and Markets Authority estimates that the lack of competition in the market of school uniforms represents a surcharge of more than 60 million pounds a year to british households. This agency concludes that the uniforms of the schools that have a contract of exclusive distribution with a single provider are 23% more expensive than when there is freedom for the distribution of the same.

In similar terms, the Competition Commission of Ireland also warns that the lack of competition means that many families pay for uniforms for their children a higher prices that would result in a market with effective competition.

The study galician also puts in evidence that there is a great disparity between the educational centers at the time of deciding what items of uniform are basic or official. While a few colleges require that all or almost all of the clothing are official, others allow the use of basic garments.

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Date Of Update: 12 September 2019, 01:01

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