Valencia Digital Summit 2021: The Great Appointment of the Startup ecosystem arrives in December

Startup Valencia, the Association of the Entrepreneur Ecosystem of the Valencian Community, presented this Wednesday the Valencia Digital Summit 2021. The Valen

Valencia Digital Summit 2021: The Great Appointment of the Startup ecosystem arrives in December

Startup Valencia, the Association of the Entrepreneur Ecosystem of the Valencian Community, presented this Wednesday the Valencia Digital Summit 2021. The Valencian reference technological event returns with its fourth edition and with a more international commitment than ever, with much of the content in English and A large number of speakers of recognized world prestige.

The oceanographic of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia has welcomed this presentation, which on December 15 and 16 will be the epicenter of all the programming of Valencia Digital Summit 2021. Representatives of media, public institutions, business associations, Partners of Startup Valencia and references of the Entrepreneur Ecosystem and Investor have attended to learn more about the extensive programming and the innovative formats of the International Meeting Point for Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Investors, Corporations and Institutions .

In total, more than 300 speakers of 20 nationalities will participate in this meeting, located on 4 thematic scenarios with more than 60 hours of content. More than 400 startups of 15 nationalities participate in the competition that will select the 10 best startups that will present their projects against national and international investment funds with a portfolio of more than five billion euros to invest in startups next year. In addition, the Expo Village area will be the showcase of more than 40 Startups that will expose their projects with the latest technologies in robotics, virtual reality, robotics and drones.

The main technological event of the Valencian Community will welcome more than 4,000 people in face-to-face format and more than 5,000 in online format. A month after the appointment, people have already been registered with more than 25 nationalities, since thanks to their hybrid format, attendees can enjoy the event from anywhere in the world, in fact, 2 out of 10 of the registered are outside of Spain. In addition, 60% of the registered ones have the position of founders or CEOs.

The president of Startup Valencia, Juan Luis Horttelano, said: "I am happy to see how all institutions are supporting us in Valencia Digital Summit 2021, which must become a national and international reference. With the support of the whole world and with the necessary resources , from here we can live up and not envy anywhere. " Horterano has pointed out that, within a few years, "I hope we see that 2021 was the turning point to make this great event so international."

Horterano also highlighted the importance of networking, "since, at events like this, it is the key and helps us to attract and retain talent and investment, promote alliances between ecosystems and position the Valencian Community as an international reference technological hub."

In the presentation, the situation of the Valencian Startup ecosystem and its consolidation was analyzed. For this, he had the conseller of sustainable economy, productive sectors, trade and work, Rafael Climent, who affirmed: "Digital Summit consolidates València as a technological reference, it supposes an extraordinary international projection while strengthening the Valencian ecosystem of digital entrepreneurship and technological". In addition, Climent reaffirmed the commitment of it with this sector with concrete measures that favor its scalability and that help maintain and grow its potential for the creation of jobs. "For the next year, the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) plans to allocate 23.8 million euros to promote R & D & I projects and digital transformation," said the Conseller.

For his part, the Vice President of the Diputación de Valencia, Carlos Fernández Bielsa, also showed his support for the ecosystem: "The startups are a fundamental thrust for the private initiative to accompany us in public management projects that seek a better future for our peoples and cities, and above all, to improve the services and life of the people who live in them ". Fernández Bielsa bet of "Following promoting the development of new startups, so that you can continue to be a motor and brain of business and labor innovation, deepening in new successful models concerning this digital and business transformation".

In addition, the vicealcaldese of Valencia, Sandra Gómez, also defended how "the city of Valencia wants to contribute to making a better future, supporting us in our great ecosystem to be a national and international benchmark. Valencia has the opportunity to achieve it, since we are a Talent city and here the new raw materials are knowledge and research. " Gómez stressed that Valencia "is a polo of technological development and together of the hand we can position Valencia as a worldwide reference point."

Of everything that is to come and to advance some contributions they will offer at the event, Yolanda Pérez, Bostartup Banco Sabadell, also participated in this presentation; Alberto Gutiérrez, President of Lab and Co-Foundation of Plug & Play Spain; Patricia Pastor, Director of Gohub Global Omnium; David Pistoni, CEO of Zeleros, and Alejandra Menéndez, Director of Valencia Digital Summit, who coincided in a single message: the utmost importance of collaboration within the Startup ecosystem.

During the presentation, new details of the Valencia Digital Summit 2021 program was announced, an event that encourages innovation generating business opportunities, promoting the entrepreneurial culture and promoting the European and innovative technological ecosystem.

All content will revolve around the chosen main theme, under the LEMA Inspiring the Good Future. The goal is to show how technology, innovation and digitization impact on society, playing a crucial role when building a better future. All this, in relation to the recent Valencia Statement as the most desirable region to live and the healthiest in the world, in which the balance between quality of life, cost and talent stands out.

As for confirmed speakers, most are founders of startups and referents of the ecosystem of innovative and technological companies at an international level. The list continues to increase and after the recent list of leaders such as Google for Strategy & Operations Lead for Startups or Christian Lindener, Global Head of Innovation, Startup Valencia recently announced to Jaime Rodríguez de Santiago, Regional General Manager France , Spain & Portugal at Free Now and Sebastian Gunningham, Chairman of Santander Consumer Finance and Vice Chairman of OpenBank as other 300 Top Speakers of the event that will offer their experiences and advice to attendees.

In the official presentation of Valencia Digital Summit 2021, the presence that, on December 15 and 16 was also highlighted, will have investors who represent more than five billion euros in a portfolio and their testimony on how the funds support the Founders during these vertiginous times. They have confirmed their presence in Valencia funds such as Dawn Capital, Elaia, All Iron Ventures, JME, Angels Capital, The Venture City, among others.

One of the added values of this new edition is its commitment to the experiential areas with exhibitions of the latest technological developments, as well as presentations of new trends and disruptive products. This meeting is intended and organized to enjoy several spaces simultaneously, making the networking possible between Startups, Corporate and Investors through conversations, workshops and debates.

As every year, Startup Valencia elaborates a report with the data extracted from its Startup observatory of the Valencian Community, which shows the important evolution and the increase that the Valencian Entrepreneur Ecosystem is living. For this reason, in the presentation of today a small advance has been offered with some details of the report that the light will see in its entirety during the celebration of the technological event.

Regarding the data handled in the report of the STARTUP Observatory of the Valencian Community of 2020, the number of ecosystem entities and the number of Startups have grown 15% respectively, reaching a figure of 1,012 startups in the Valencian Community before finalizing the anus.

As for the sectors that have a greater number of startups, they are dedicated to Legaltech, which have doubled with respect to 2020. In addition, social impact startups have increased more than 60%, 52% of the Foodtech sector and a 43% of the Cleantech sector. According to data collected, more than 30% of startups employ more than 10 skilled people in the team and 57% of startups have increased their templates in the last year.

Date Of Update: 27 November 2021, 08:15

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