Valencia Digital Summit 2021: The International Technological Reference for Startups and Corporations

Last Friday, the Valencia Digital Summit 2021 ended with great success of participation thanks to the aroused interest in more than 4,000 people who attended fa

Valencia Digital Summit 2021: The International Technological Reference for Startups and Corporations

Last Friday, the Valencia Digital Summit 2021 ended with great success of participation thanks to the aroused interest in more than 4,000 people who attended face-to-face and more than 5,000 in streaming.

With this fourth edition of the technological event held during December 15 and 16 in the oceanographic of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, the meeting is consolidated as an international technological reference for startups and corporations.

The four thematic scenarios located in L'Oceanogràfic welcomed an extensive program with more than 60 hours of content, composed of papers and tables formed by more than 300 speakers of international prestige, workshops and networking spaces.

During these two days, Valencia was the meeting point of entrepreneurs, corporations, investors and institutions that support entrepreneurship. The Gold Brooch took place with the closing ceremony that featured the vicealcalde de Valencia Sandra Gómez, who assured that the Entrepreneur Ecosystem of Valencia "has talent, capacity and strength, but with the celebration in the city for two days of Valencia Digital Summit, we have shown that it has maturity and potential, "highlighting that this event will" mark a before and after the city and the sector ".

For his part, the president of Startup Valencia, Juan Luis Horttelano, thanked all the people who followed the technological event and highlighted him as "turning point for the Entrepreneur Ecosystem of the Valencian Community". Below took place the awards ceremony of different calls and programs in collaboration with companies or entities of great relevance.

The Juro of Capital4startups Pitch Competition appointed Startup to Streamion, the Valencian platform that connects Streamers with brands, and better startup Growth to NECT, a smart digital identity solution located in Hamburg (Germany). On the other hand, the University Startup Program Mentoring by Glovo chose to mentor their projects to the Prockett Portable Billing Software and the Agricultural Marketplace.

Among the participants of the Workshops, Geekshubs delivered several prizes. The Phyton Mercadona Tech Workshop was for Daniel Rodríguez; Phyton Cecotec Workshop got him Luigi Minardi, and Phyton Dekalabs Workshop, Pepe Fabra. And, the award-winning Workshop by Amazon Web Services & L1DR, was diversitool. Also, after the formation of equipment and the development of the projects, the Jury of The Challenge UPV finally chose Fersus (Andrés Planells, Victoria Olcina, Aliaa Sayed and Almudena Molina). In addition, Startup Valencia delivered the honor prize to Jesús Casanova, in recognition of the long professional career of him as director of the CEEI Valencia.

Another strengths of the second day of Valencia Digital Summit 2021 was the presentation of the Startup Observatory Report of the Valencian Community, which yielded data on the growth of startups in 2021, increasing 15% and reaching a figure of 1,012 in the Valencian Community. As the main sectors in the region, the startups of software development, electronic commerce and mobile applications stand out, which account for 27% of the total. In addition, 18% of the startups are from the health, food technology and clean technologies sectors.

From the scope of social impact, these Startups have increased by 60% in the last year. More than 50% of Startups develop artificial intelligence, Big Data, IoT and Cloud Computing. Regarding employment data, more than 30% of Startups employ more than 10 skilled people in the team and 57% of startups have increased their templates by 2021. About female entrepreneurship, 39% of startups have At least one Founder on the team. And another data, 76% of startups pursue triple impact (social, environmental and financial).

The fourth edition of Valencia Digital Summit had the outstanding presence of Carmen Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, and Francisco Polo, High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation. Of autonomous scope, the ConsellerSrafael Climent, sustainable economy, productive sectors, trade and work; and Carolina Pascual, innovation, universities, science and digital society. Local and provincial, Carlos F. Bielsa, vice president of the Diputación de Valencia and deputy of the area of municipal cooperation, territorial cohesion and European projects; Sandra Gómez, Vicealcaldea de Valencia; and Pilar Bernabé, lieutenant mayor of economic model of the town hall of Valencia.

The event also had the unconditional support of institutions such as the Universitat Politècnica de València, the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE), the City Council of Valencia through València Active and VLC Tech City, Diputación de Valencia and Digital District. At the corporate level, international leaders such as Pablo Medina, Technology Investor of EQT Growth; Robin Wauters, Founding Editor of; Magdalena Szuszkiewicz, General Manager of Gorillas or Daniela Raffel Torrebiarte, VC Investor of Dawn Capital, among many others, participated in the first day.

In the second, he highlighted the interventions of Alberto Gutiérrez, President of Lab Foundation; Elias Veris, Global Strategy & Operations Lead of Google for Startups; IKER brand, Founder de Zubi Labs or Franco Segarra, Innovation Director of Valencia CF, among many others. Undoubtedly, the participation of such a high number of entrepreneurs and entities have made the international networking possible between Startups and Corporations and Investors that will allow an acceleration of the ecosystem of innovative and technological companies of the Valencian Community.

Around the slogan 'NSPIRING The Good Future developed the different themes of the presentations, affecting the importance of technology and innovation can inspire and build a better world. All this, framed in the city of Valencia, chosen as the healthiest to live and positioned as an attraction pole for innovation, entrepreneurship and an ideal place for digital nomads.

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 13:16

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