Valverde exhausted the credit which she had

Defeat and shame in GranadaPreocupación in Barcelona for the worst start to league in 25 añosValverde: "Today we deserved to win," The complicated situation

Valverde exhausted the credit which she had
Defeat and shame in GranadaPreocupación in Barcelona for the worst start to league in 25 añosValverde: "Today we deserved to win,"

The complicated situation that suffers from Barcelona in this start of season, where even has not been able to win away from home , and has shown signs of a worrying weakness, has more of a culprit. As well attested by the different surveys that have been conducted after the latest setback in Granada, but all of them coincide in pointing out as most responsible for Ernesto Valverde, who has lost the little credit he had left. Only the intervention of the wardrobe saved him against the public opinion after the debacle of Liverpool , accompanied with the defeat in the Cup final. Two successive titles are a poor deal for a club and a hobby that will claim the Champions league and, above all, an image and a style of play that is conspicuous by its absence despite the multi-million dollar investment.

Poor leadership

Valverde will discuss their approaches and their void capacity of reaction during matches . Although he showed signs of courage sitting down to the "sacred cows" and betting on the quarry (Ansu Fati and Carles Pérez), he blamed the apathy of the computer, and the collapse that suffers in matches outside of the home. San Mamés, The Sadar, Dortmund or Granada are the example. More that a warning has become a routine. "I'm concerned, we have not deserved to win," acknowledged the coach while all the darts were aimed at his person by the poor leadership shown at critical moments as that now grip the team. "I feel responsible," she says, knowing that the alarms have already been lit in the Camp Nou.

Team more goleado

A sobering, and that it portrays the fragility defensive of Barcelona is the high afnity of goals conceded at this stage of the competition. The computer amount, next to Betis and Espanyol, is the most goleado of the League, with 9 goals in the five games played . In Dortmund, the best was Ter Stegen, saving to the computer when you stop a penalty and disrupt the dangerous and clear chances of the German team. It's good to have one of the best goalkeepers in the world but it is significant that this is the most prominent of a group full of international stars.

Dependency on Messi

The argentine has been capped on more than one occasion, the shortcomings of the team but his injury in the soleus has left the air the shame of a template that depends in excess of their performances. This situation creates some uneasiness when you look at the horizon and check who has already 32 years old and there is a relay of course. Since the environment is required to act as captain and tighten the nuts to their peers.

The lace Griezmann

Cost of 120 million euros and Valverde still has not been able to put you on the right place for him.

Has played all the minutes and has only been shown to eyedropper (Betis). Absent and isolated, the team suffers. Doesn't work when you play glued to the wing and complicated that it can do it behind the striker, which is where acts to Messi.

Low productivity offensive

Significant that a team managed to score goals and only scored two away from home in four matches. Course outstanding Luis Suárez to its maximum exponent. The uruguayan collects four years without seeing door away from the Camp Nou in the Champions league.

Dubious investment

The injury of Jordi Alba has been an opportunity for Junior Firpo, signed change of 18 million fixed-and 12-in variables to replace the Catalan. The first goal in Granada came after a glaring error of his (min. 1). The social networks were filled with messages questioning the motives of this investment and the discarding of Cucurella , much more economic and connoisseur of the house.

Bad planning

disclaimer of Valverde are that recognize the numerous injuries that have plagued the team (Luis Suarez, Messi, Dembélé, Umtiti, Alba...), although all have been muscle and is attributed to the poor planning of the pre-season in which they have primacy on the economic aspects, with two tours in Asia and the united States , to the sports.

Date Of Update: 23 September 2019, 11:03

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