Verstappen Machaca to Hamilton and gives an accelerator towards the title

It was such the supremacy of Max Verstappen that well deserves a round of tequilas in Mexico City. The Ninth Victoria of the Dutch, with which he increases up

Verstappen Machaca to Hamilton and gives an accelerator towards the title

It was such the supremacy of Max Verstappen that well deserves a round of tequilas in Mexico City. The Ninth Victoria of the Dutch, with which he increases up to 19 points his advantage in front of the World Cup, left Lewis Hamilton without response and sowed the desolation in Mercedes, who had lost the Bath of Valtteri Bottas in the first curve. The author of the pole could only console himself with the bonus of the fast lap (1: 17,774), while the current champion sweated ink to contain the attacks of Sergio Pérez, the first Mexican in the history of F1 that climbs the podium in his House race. The delirium of the autodrome Brothers Rodríguez, delivered to Red Bull pilots, craves only the advance of what is coming for Christian Horner, only four runs to end the dynasty of silver arrows.

More pending the jokes by radio than from his rear views, as relaxed as in the living room of his house, Verstappen did and undo at his whim in the autodrome Rodríguez brothers. Hamilton, against, can still be consoled with his booty, since in the last nine laps he contained a Perez that stalked him with the knife between his teeth. The whole task pending the solved with note Mad Max in the endless arrival at the first curve. It was the alpha and omega triumphant of a great prize where Carlos Sainz, after an exchange of positions with his partner Charles Leclerc, finished sixth and Fernando Alonso, ninth.

At startup, under a sun of justice, everything was completed. Bottas wrong the calculation of him, more slope of Hamilton, to the right of him, who of closing who should never have allowed the passage. Obviar the presence of Verstappen, stuck to its rear spoiler, optimizing the RebuFo, was a calamitoso error. And upon arrival at the first curve, the leader of the World Cup revealed the category of it with a plethored braking. Hardly he sides he put the car in waist, while Bottas received a stranger from Daniel Ricciardo who relegated the well to both. To remove the junk, the input of the Safety-Car was ordered.

The departure, of course, had fulfilled the expectations, for delirium of the Mexican hobby, who encouraged Sergio Pérez, in the third position. Neither in dreams they would have fantasized with a similar scenario Red Bull, because Verstappen soon consolidated between six and eight seconds on Hamilton, emphasized in the boring litany of him on the subject of the tires.

From behind, Sainz and Alonso minimized the damage, going on tiptoe for the remains of ailerons. The Madrid was removed from Enmedio to Antonio Giovinazzi to be placed on the wake of his partner Charles Leclerc, while the Bicampeon liked a beautiful overtaking over George Russell. It would not take much Fernando to be stalked by the two McLaren, which plugged the hypothetical progression of Bottas.

Little more was mentioned during the first third of a career where the forecasts pointed to a single step by Boxes. On lap 30, Hamilton was the first to change the wheels, since Perez had narrowed the fence less than two seconds. When they freed him, he left behind Leclerc, which increased the risk of undercut by the Mexican. Fortunately for the British, Ferrari called his pilot. He immediately operated his Hamilton hard wheels, avoiding greater setbacks.

That same footwear mounted Verstappen on lap 33, helped by the speed of its mechanics, which established the Sunday record in the garages (2.2 seconds). In the Forum Sol, the most populous harrow of the autodrome, thousands of gorges celebrated the provisional lead of Pérez, which endured another eight turns before renovating its tires. If Verstappen's victory, at that time, was already discounted, there was also reasons to believe that Czech supposed a real threat to Hamilton.

Before solving that issue, there was time to observe the little rhythm of Alonso against Sebastian Vettel or Kimi Raikkonen, before being pressed by Lando Norris. With this alpine between the hands, with which Esteban Ocon was sailing in anyone's area, not much more should be demanded from the Ovetense. More interesting was Sainz's progression, especially with hard wheels, which Ferrari had used to divide his strategy. Leclerc, who came in 12 turns before, he watched at once what was coming over. He could in no way he could sustain his fifth place and on lap 58 the inevitable exchange of positions occurred. Carlos could not reach Pierre Gasly, so he finally had to return the kindness to the Monegasque.

Updated Date: 07 November 2021, 20:05

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