Victoria Martín, the resistance scriptwriter that puts him with the podcast stretching the chewing gum

Victoria Martín (Madrid, 1989), was viral a couple of weeks ago imitating Georgina Rodríguez in her unusual reality of Netflix. But this young comic has alrea

Victoria Martín, the resistance scriptwriter that puts him with the podcast stretching the chewing gum

Victoria Martín (Madrid, 1989), was viral a couple of weeks ago imitating Georgina Rodríguez in her unusual reality of Netflix. But this young comic has already wearing the cordless time with his podcast stretching the chewing gum, which she presents next to the also humorist Carolina Iglesias and heads the list of the most heard in Spain.

Martín is announcer, editor, actress, journalist, scriptwriter, comic. A millennial left over, although she keeps seeing herself "tontísima", she says of Coman.

What he likes is to write, is more, he has worked as a screenwriter in programs such as Broncan's resistance, but now he prefers to be in front of the camera. "You have to take advantage of being face, because then you can choose".

The comedy is something that comes natural: "I've always been very payasa, I'm freaky of the American comedians since I was a girl, it's easy for me .... My father put a lot of little comedy. My favorite comic World is Joan Rivers. I also liked Woody Allen. Rivers flew my head, a 60-year-old lady making super heavies on the stage ... now I act, but when people get tired of me, I will always have the tool to write " , says Victoria.

He does not come from a family to laugh. "My parents encouraged us a lot at home reading and writing, liked the cinema and such but they dedicated themselves to a small stationery distribution company ... My sister, in fact, is a psychologist, an antagonistic person to me. I am egocentric and tontísima and she reflective. When people saw the sirenite I saw things unapproached for my age. I loved Steve Martin and Martin Short. " .

At home they saw little Spanish humor, "but hey, I recognize that it marked all the comedice of Paramount Comedy comedos. Especially the chankers. Ernesto Sevilla, Joaquín Reyes ... with whom I have worked after. Of women, before there was Funny actresses, more than comic themselves, that there were few: Ana Morgade, Eva Hache ... Ana has replaced her in Vodafone Yu ... ".

The tone of stretching the chewing gum is feminist, pure common sense. "Actually we do not intend to do anything feminist, our speech is transversal and our intention is to make a laughing program. Obviously the content is for and for them, but we talk about everything. We want women to feel appeased, but we do not try to give any Masterclass about nothing. We talk about things we do well, we do wrong ... We invite women who interest us, who seem funny ... ".

In this haul space there is prepared and improvisation. "Let's go with a very closed escalate, with questions we want to make, but then many times about the conversation change, at home each one, Carol and I, we prepare each program in our own way, but then we are surprised at each other In recording. "

Together they are filling up on their tour with the podcast. "When we filled the Wizink Center, it was amazing, our audience goes to death with us, people support us a lot and that makes it very much. That was empirical, that women do not fill it is not real."

His partner, Nacho Pérez Pardo, is his producer. The only hetero male of the team. At the moment they are not going to take men to the program "because the list of interesting women is endless and the men who interest us, who are also many, already have their own spaces," he clarifies Victoria. "The atmosphere that is created is great, women who come to our podcast like to be among women, are more comfortable, we have been talking for a long time, we see that older women like Manuela Carmena or Cute Elvira, have been silent so many years..."

With regard to curing as a couple, Victoria and Nacho produce other podcasts, but each one makes its own work plot. "At first I got into everything, but now I have focused on the creative part and Him in getting things, the same with Carolina, she also has the remaining of her, the rest of the equal team."

With regard to the podcast that she listens: "I like deformed weekly, ruin, a book, an hour, nobody knows anything ... the new one of his collaborator and friend Henar Álvarez and modern town ..." The podcast are the key listening to the letter format. Even Carrie Bradshaw has a podcast on and just like that. "It's a painting, it's horrible, all the characters are horrible, I have not hated any other more character in my life than Che Díaz, try to be modern ... The women of 50 can flip when they are represented like this by Carrie and her friends, who look like lobothomized ... and that is that I am very a fan. "

The glorious imitation of Georgina in her reality had a feedback that Victoria Martín was not expected. Gio would never go to her program. "Well, it's never known," she rebate. "It comes out in the credits as Director of Contents of Reality, but I do not understand how many things have been escalated ... I am addicted to that kind of personalities, they are magic and salt of life, a georgina, a tamara Falcó ... ", laughs.

Given the question, would you like to lower the tone to reach more people? Martin responds with a resounding no. "Our message is always positive, for many borrowers that we say, I can not stand good, I'm sick, I think humor if you do it with creativity to people usually like it. It has to be freedom to laugh. If I laugh myself, I expose myself the first ... it's a challenge that we have evolved in comedy. Humor can not stop offending, if not no advice, there is no critical thinking. "

A pity that do not get into politics. "BUF, it gives me a lot of lazy, I am obviously up to date, I am a person who is in the world and it is important to be informed. But we do not want to take active policies to the podcast. You would be surprised at the amount that have been offered to come. But not It compensates. There is no longer the debate in politics and that and very important, it seems that you have to be positioned in everything. I can have friends who think different from me. "

They would love to take Mercedes Mila. "Although my dream is to interview Pepa Flores, I would also like to interview Carmen Lomana." Among the fellow men of him, Le "flip Pantomima Full, Pablo Ibarburu, the Chantens, Buenafuente and Berto ..., the latter were generous with us from the beginning" ..

Inspiring influencers? So many ... "Tamara I love it, but the one who does not stop surprising me is Marta López Álamo. It's pure fantasy, Kiko Matamoros's girlfriend. I think her stories do them for me. It is a superior, I am passionate about how interacting with His audience. I also adore Paris Hilton, who invented the concept of influencer. His life is a wonderful disproportion "

What to ask for panties to his guests came up with his companion Carolina Iglesias. "It was a great idea. I am super left in general with the clothes. I buy mine in H & M, not from Primark because they last a wash, they disintegrate the same day. I buy several packs and last all year. "

Victoria Martín is today a happy woman who can live from her own project and is waiting for many many very interesting ones to rain. "I still do not tell you anything because I have not signed anything. What stretching the chewing gum has been an immense height that we did not expect ourselves."

Date Of Update: 16 February 2022, 01:38

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