Villarreal falls with honor in the penalty lottery

From Windsor Park you can see the great yellow crane of the shipyards Harland and Wolff, the same ones in which the Titanic was built. Villarreal was intended

Villarreal falls with honor in the penalty lottery

From Windsor Park you can see the great yellow crane of the shipyards Harland and Wolff, the same ones in which the Titanic was built. Villarreal was intended to be the iceberg that sank the trasatlantic that is Chelsea, a club capable of spending 115 million in a footballer, somewhat less than the budget that handled Club Castellonse is spent season, but after surprising Manchester United in Gdansk This time with another of the Giants of the Premier. Planted face the team of Uni Emery, who crashed up to two occasions with the sticks before Gerard equals Ziyech's goal, but after taking the English to the limit, this time he left cross in the penalty shootout and was the Set English who raised his second supercopa, leaving the yellows without the one who would have been the first.

Chelsea entered the match willing to dominate, enclosing Villarreal in his area and imposing his physique. The rudder of the final began grabbing it Kanté, an omnipresent footballer through which almost all the plays passed, which the English team tried to take the bands. The depth of Hudson-Odoi and Marcos Alonso brought heads from Emery, who had to defend with a line of five to cover the amplitude of 'Blue' attack. Yeremy suffered in his lateral work to try to contain Alonso, whose boots was born the goal he opened the score. The Madrileño sought in depth the career of HAVERTZ, whose sent the area hit Ziyech to beat with subtlety to Asenjo.

The goal rewarded the insistence of a Chelsea who had already had a couple of options at Werner and Kanté's feet. From Villarreal, on the contrary, there was barely news until then, although the blow spoiled the Castellonses, which little by little were being detachated from the intense English domain and began to be around Mendy's goal. The Senegalese goalkeeper had to go into action just surpassed half an hour to cover the auction of day, after a good foyth shipping looking for the unmarked yellow striker.

Chelsea did not give up to open distance and had a good option with Marcos Alonso, whose auction, a pass from Ziyech, asenjo cleared. Only one minute later, Zouma was almost escaped an acrobatic shot, although who closer was to score was Alberto Moreno, who could have tied up in the addition of the first time. After one of the few occasions he could combine Gerard in attack, Catalan focused on the second stick, where Moreno appeared to finish volley to the crossbar.

The stick retreated again the equalous to Villarreal soon to resume the match. The injured in this case was Gerard, whose crossed hit repelled the pole after Mendy diverted him with the tips of his fingers, thus amending the error that had caused the yellow occasion after an untimely slip when drawing.

The occasion confirmed that the trend of the party had changed. The Chelsea had been recanging little by little and now it was the whole of Emery who was beginning to take the handle of a meeting in which he had not yet said the last word of him. At last, the yellow attack began to carbrate, where Gerard seems to have found a good partner in Bouaye day. The two fronts are well understood, as they showed in the action that put the Villarreal in the final again. Mario intercepted the exit of the English team and the ball fell to Gerard, who leaned on a day and received a great high-heeled pass from the Franco-Senegalese that left him alone before Mendy. This time he did not forgive the yellow scorer, who took the encounter to the extension.

Emery replied the drawing of Chelsea to play with three power plants in the extra time, where Tuchal recovered his good tone from the first time and had the best options to avoid the penalty shoot, in a shot of Pulisic who left out by little and another of Mount that took assenjo after becoming a mess with the ball in the area. The entrance of Kepa for the penalty shootout was decisive and the two stops who made the Basque goalkeeper to Mandi and Albiol ended up giving the title to his team.

Date Of Update: 11 August 2021, 18:18

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