Villarreal narcotizes Madrid

The ball is a narcotic if it is administered appropriately. He did the Villarreal to leave Madrid practically blank at Bernabéu. He lacked the shot of grace

Villarreal narcotizes Madrid

The ball is a narcotic if it is administered appropriately. He did the Villarreal to leave Madrid practically blank at Bernabéu. He lacked the shot of grace, a risk always at this stadium, where piety is not virtue, it is sin. Courtois avoided the first, the only one with the antidote against Lexatín, and Rulli a lot as many times seen. This time it was not that way, in a game that does not change anything for the leader, after the defeat of Atlético and the crisis in Barcelona.

Long possessions are a good shelter if it enjoys a good foot. Villarreal has it. It was enough to dry an erratic Madrid. The Ancelotti team lost his vertigo, born vinicius, without the possibility of running as he likes. High pressure either either fruits for the good transitions at the risk of Emery. Pau Torres likes to do it, even, with a cut. He is cold and the euro has given him a range that he has internalized. To the side of him, Albiol puts over force. A good couple.

Vinicius despairs when the food is lacking. He has cost him to arrive at this status and he does not want to lose it. A yellow punished his impatience, for protesting Gil Manzano. The dangers were not on the side of him, but in the opposite area, where Courtois emerged, twice before rest, to re-sustain Madrid. He has spent more times this season, which means that there are things to be improved, and Ancelotti knows it, but the goalkeeper's integrity in the duels is best positive news than the imbalances in negative. As a large team, a goalkeeper who decides actions is as much as a scorer, keys of titles.

The Belgian goalkeeper unfolded as a low flight condor to stop the intentional launch of Danjuma, which had found on the left the Achilles heel of Madrid. On that side, the white right, decided ancelotti to place Valverde as a side. A mistake. Uruguayan can be an option for that position in a defense of five, as it occasionally did Zidane, but in a line of four he does not have the necessary dynamics, neither the reaction in the cut.

Nacho, on the other hand, appeared on the left, which is perhaps his most uncomfortable position of all he can occupy in defense. For that lane he faced Yeremi pine, a devil, very quickly and loaded with bad intentions for whom he faces him. For his own, they are blessed. A slip frustrated the cut of it in the goal waiting room. In that band, in addition, Foyth was unfolded, a side that grows in Villarreal, deep and aggressive. In front of the push of the two soccer players, the lack of Vinicius aid was a Calvary for Nacho.

The danger, therefore, was from Villarreal in front of a Madrid who returned to align Asensio next to Rodrygo, Vinicius and Benzema, but without finding the dynamics they need, without spaces or speed in the ball transitions. A possible penalty, of Albiol over Nacho, was the most dangerous than he was able to cling in the first half. Gil Manzano did not interpreted it in the same way. The var, either.

Something had to do ancelotti and little I had to do Emery, unless he marked, for what he had opted for Alcácer, after his good reappearance as a starter before the Elche. The tactical game, until then, had won the Basque. The Italian called Camavinga, already converted into a stirrer for Madrid. The entrance of the French, after the break, was not like the other times, imprecise in the passes. The exit of him caused effervescence, but the ball returned the game where he was before going to the dressing room. Also the danger, in the Courtois area, again in its place in front of Danjuma. Pau Torres did not reach the auction and butterflies became flies in Emery's stomach, who will hardly have similar occasions to win at Madrid, who Hazard, who left the Bank, did not give the expected dordant on a gray day of Benzema French has earned the right to have them. The Belgian has the obligation to offer them.

Date Of Update: 25 September 2021, 17:28