Vladimir Putin accuses wear

The Russians are tired of the government of Vladimir Putin. The United Russia Government Party was once again joined by Russian legislative elections, but the o

Vladimir Putin accuses wear

The Russians are tired of the government of Vladimir Putin. The United Russia Government Party was once again joined by Russian legislative elections, but the official results indicate that its absolute majority was more fragile than it was believed. The Communists, who lead the opposition 'tolerated' by the Russian authorities, advanced with respect to past calls. With 99% scrutinized, the United Russia Party leads the results of Russian legislative elections with almost 50 of the votes%, which It would mean a sensitive descent from 54% in 2016. The Communist Party would rise seven points up to 19%. The ultranationalists of the Liberal Democratic Party would lower four points up to 8%. The New People Party, which has been accused of being the latest creation of the Kremlin to divide the discontent vote, would be able to enter Parliament with 6%. Russia Justa would also enter, with 7%. In these elections a list of parties is voted and in another one by a deputy for each circumscription, which can help Russia united to cushion the descent and not lose as much force in Parliament. The Putin Party led in 131 unique mandate electoral districts; The Communist Party, in 10 districts. And Russia just in five. Voting occurs after one year of unprecedented repression against opponents and media. Despite all the tricks, the 'Brand Putin' has been very touched. Participation exceeded 45%. Independent Entities such as Golos reported numerous violations of the procedures: In many cases the ballots were stored overnight in unstanded containers or in rooms without video surveillance. The "Violation Map" of Golos enumerated almost 4,000 cases of possible electoral fraud in everything The country hours before the closure of the polls. In the town of Chipyshevo, near Chelyabinsk, in the Urals, some strangers voted for a family of six, including a deceased man. And in Pyatigorsk a camera captured a woman trying to cover another person who introduced handlebars. During the three days that the vote lasted circulated videos that showed abuse of this type or even arrests or fights within the electoral schools. The Ministry of the Interior informed that he did not find violations that could affect the results of the elections. In total, more than 8,500 votes were invalidated in 17 Russian regions. Ella Pamfilova, Head of the Central Electoral Commission, said that she had received 137 "coercion" reports in the voting, confirming 12 cases of boiled filling. Three presidents of voting tables were expelled as a result of these abuse. Moscow police stopped three people who tried to manifest themselves in solitary-the only form of protest that is allowed without the permission of the authorities - in Pushkin Square, in the city center. Two of the protesters carried posters asking for fair choices, while the third held a poster asking for the liberation of political prisoners. In the Red Square, the police stopped a man who wore a unbuttoned jacket, simply because under which a shirt was seen with a portrait of the dissident Alexei Navalny and the inscription "Freedom for Navalny". Russia United had almost all three Fourth parts of the 450 seats of the state Duma. That domain was key last year to approve constitutional reforms that will allow Putin to postulate for two more mandates as President after 2024, and potentially remain in power until 2036. But now his 'electoral brand' has accused the wear Crisis, the rise in prices and decrease in the income of Russians. The campaign has been charged with controversy. Many opposition candidates have not been authorized to attend these elections. The Kremlin denies that it is a politically driven offensive and says that people are only processed by violating the law. Google decided to eliminate the Application of Navalny from the Google Play store after the threats of criminal prosecution to employees of the company. The same did Apple, who was also accused of giving the pressures of the Kremlin. "For me it is a very important day, I always vote that there are elections, but there is little chance of what nothing will change," said the world Anastasia, a young Muscove. , who confessed his vote null. "I wanted to vote for Alexei Navalny's game, but they have not let them show up, and the people of Navalny had proposed that we vote on the communists, but I do not get something like that, so I have written 'Russia will be free' on the ballot And I have put it in the urn ".nail, a tartar man residing in Moscow, voted above all thinking about the problems with pensions. "I voted by following the recommendations of the 'tactical vote' of Navalny, and against the rich Russia united that have ruled against the people," he explained before revealing that he voted in favor.

Of the Yabloko centrists. To encourage participation, the authorities have resorted to raffles of different types. Yesterday morning it was known that the spokesman of the Kremlin, Dimitri Peskov, was awarded in one of the raffles. The most critical with the Kremlin assured that the vote was a farce, given the pre-election repression, which banned the movement of Navalny, banned the Participation of its allies and pointed at the 'blacklist' to critical media and non-governmental organizations that the authorities considered hostile.

Updated Date: 21 September 2021, 01:04

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