Volcano La Palma, Last Hour Live | Flights to the island are already active after airport cleaning

The airport of La Palmavuelve to be operational in the afternoon of this Saturday after the cleaning work to remove the accumulation of ash on the track and on

Volcano La Palma, Last Hour Live |
 Flights to the island are already active after airport cleaning

The airport of La Palmavuelve to be operational in the afternoon of this Saturday after the cleaning work to remove the accumulation of ash on the track and on the platform. The Binter company has announced that it has already resumed its flights, although travelers are recommended to confirm the state of each.

The plume disposition of the Palm Volcano favorable to air connections harms, however, to the southern area of the emergency. No one has been able to access it throughout the day due to the presence of harmful gases for health.

"We operate normally the flights provided with the palm in today's afternoon, after the improvement of the conditions". With this message, the Binter airline has announced that the aerodrome returns to be used.

At noon of this Saturday, both from Aena and the Emergency Plan had been confirmed that the tracks were already clean of the ash expelled by the Volcano de la Palma, but not that they had begun to take off or land the planes. Although operations are now starting, travelers are recommended to consult the status of their flight.

The arrangement of the Palmac volcano plume favors air operability, is nevertheless causing many problems in the southern area of the emergency. The high concentration of sulfur dioxide in the air has prevented the entry of people into the evacuated areas and also the cleaning of covers. In addition, the works of the access road to Puerto Naos have been suspended again due to the concentration of gases.

In parallel, as a consequence of the entrance of the ALISIO, in the El Paso Zone there has been an increase in the wind that has caused a removal of ashes, which results in a rise in the concentration of PM10 particles. Apart from the problems in the cited areas, the air quality data in the rest of the island stations in non-evacuated areas are 'good' or 'reasonably good', both by PM10 particles and sulfur dioxide.

The airport of La Palma is again operative after the cleaning work that have been carried out throughout the morning to remove the accumulation of volcanic ash that had been deposited on the track and on the platform. As Aena informed, the rain that had fallen in the last hours had complicated these tasks. However, advises passengers to consult with their airline if they plan to fly, since there are companies that have paralyzed the flights they had scheduled for today.

"The track is open," Miguel Ángel Morcuende, technical director of the Emergency Plan, in the appearance of this noon. According to him, he has explained, the arrangement of the ash plume of the Palm volcano "favors operability".

The City Council of the Llanos de Aridane has begun to pay the aid received through donations to the families of La Palma affected by the Old Summit Volcano, "highly anticipated" contributions that will allow these families to cover their basic needs. The first transfers have been carried out and on Monday they will be in the accounts of the victims.

To facilitate the processing of citizens and who did not have to present documentation, it was decided to use the data from the single registry, which have been provided by the Government of the Canary Islands on Wednesday and the first aids have already been decreed and paid, continuing the week Next the following remittances.

Since the City Council is informed that even if they are donations, the administration has the obligation to distribute the aid with a transparent procedure. Since the consistory, they explain that the 1,786,445,80¤ were distributed. The aid goes from 1,000 to 4,000 euros.

The host center of animals affected by the Volcano de la Palma, located at the IES Eusebio Barreto of the Plains of Aridane, has been affected by the fall of water fall on Friday that, mixed with the ash, clogged the drainage and made That the enclosure was flooded in which the tent is found in which veterinary attention is paid to the rescued animals. César Bravo, Vocal of the Santa Cruz College of Tenerife and coordinator of Volunteer Veterinarians, has requested the General Security and Emergency Management to the search for a new location or facilities where the houses housed do not run any danger.

At this time, along with the six volunteer veterinarians of La Palma who are taking care of animals, rescuing them or avitualandol them, there is a veterinarian of Gran Canaria and five from Tenerife. From both colleges go and come veterinarians who voluntarily help in this crisis and that are the time possible. Since the volcanic crisis began, attention has been paid to almost 3,500 animals of all kinds; From livestock to pets, small animals, reptiles, exotic birds, among others, but the activity is not limited only to rescue animals, since in fact this is an activity that has been decreasing with the passage of time.

The Canary Islands Volcanological Institute has spread a recording of 11 in the morning, Insular Time (12 noon in Peninsula and Balearic Islands), where you can see how you expel gases to the atmosphere the volcano de la palma. "The images have not been accelerated," he warns to underline the force with which they are expelled.

The writer and journalist Canaria Andrea Abreu announced that the money of the XVI Sweet Prize of Spanish narrative, which has picked up this Saturday at Zafra (Badajoz), will allocate people victimized by the eruption of the Volcano 'Old Summit' of La Palmay to migrants who reside on macrocampases in the Canary Islands.

Thus, Abreu has collected this Saturday, day 27, in Zafra (Badajoz), the prize for his work 'Panza de Burro', endowed with 9,000 euros and the sculpture of Mallorcan Iñaki Martínez 'El Embrace'. 'Panza de Burro' is the first novel by the young writer, born in Tenerife in 1995. He tells the story of two friends who live north of a Canary Island. They are 11 years old and are in full sexual awakening and their own lives. Two offspring with deep wounds that grow surrounded by dogs and are taking care of their grandmothers.

The last report of the IGN requires that the signal of the volcanic tremor continues at low levels, although with fluctuations.

In the last 24 hours, 74 earthquakes have been recorded, of which 15 have been located at depths between 10 and 15 kilometers, and the rest beyond 30 kilometers.

The measurement carried out this Saturday of the smoke and ash column places it at 1,700 meters of altitude, with southwest direction.

As for the height of the cone, the last measurement is fixed at 1,127 meters above sea level.

The Generalitat has donated a lot of 500,000 FPP2 masks, 300,000 children's masks and 300,000 healthcare goggles to collaborate with the Cabildo de la Palma in the protection of health affected by the eruption of the Old Summit Volcano.

The emissions of gases that occur both in the rash and in the entrance in the sea of lava castings, as well as the large amount of ash that continues to expel the volcano have led the caboled of the palm to recommend the use of masks for Avoid respiratory problems.

In addition, those ash in suspension are also causing eye discomfort.

The National Geographic Institute (IGN) reports a land elevation of 6 centimeters in the station closest to the Volcano cone on the Old Summit, La Palma, between 24 and 26.

In the rest of the stations, the slight observed deflation has stabilized and that is possibly related to deep seismicism, except in one of them, which continues to register.

The last report of the IGN requires that the signal of the volcanic tremor continues at low levels, although with fluctuations.

In the last 24 hours, 74 earthquakes have been recorded, of which 15 have been located at depths between 10 and 15 kilometers, and the rest beyond 30 kilometers.

The Cabildo of La Palma, through its economic promotion counselor, Rachel Díaz, has transferred the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, during his visit to the island a battery of measures to help the SMEs and autonomous affected from a or another way through the volcano.

In a statement, the Palmera Corporation details that in addition to expanding beyond five months, specific ERTEs and autonomous aid by Activity Stop, something that guaranteed yesterday wrote, another series of measures have been raised.

Among them, the forced retirement of the autonomous affected by the volcano and who have lost their businesses at 62, in the same terms as a worker of the general regime, or aid linked to the loss of activity and not at billing.

The Cabildo de la Palma informs that unfavorable air quality prevents access to the area of exclusion by the south or sealed or terrestrial.

On the other hand, access by the northern area for both neighbors and farmers is open, points to the insular corporation through social networks.

In any case, it qualifies that these measures may vary according to the weather conditions and the evolution of the eruptive process.

The airport of La Palma continues inoperative today Saturday due to the accumulation of volcanic ash that has been deposited on the track and on the platform, according to Aena sources.

At this time, cleaning work is being carried out that have been complicated as a result of the rain that has fallen into the last hours, but it is worked to recover the operability as soon as possible.

The airport is limited to emergency flights, upon request. Today Saturday had scheduled twenty operations in total: Twelve with Tenerife North, four with Gran Canaria, two with Madrid and two others with Barcelona.

The Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) emphasizes that the exclusion zone around the perimeter of the Old Summit Volcano and the castings "is not a whim", and warns of the risk of entering it by harmful gases exposure .

In a recorded video in the plain area of Jable by Manuel Nogales, with texts by Joaquín Quirós, the CSIC tries to explain the dangerousness of not respecting the rules and justifying that only one can enter the exclusion zone with an "authorization explicit prior ".

In the images, a portable gase detector - hydrochloric acid (HCl), SurfiDric acid (H2S), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) - emitting visual and acoustic warning signals per high values.

Each of these gases has a reference value, an environmental limit value of daily exposure of up to eight hours and a short exposure environmental limit value of 15 minutes.

The 24-hour Follow-up Volcanic Surveillance Network of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) has located at night 31 earthquakes in the area affected by volcanic reactivation on the island of La Palma, none of them felt by the population.

Sismicity continues under the central area of Old Summit, in the same areas of previous days. Most earthquakes are located at depths exceeding 20 km and only seven of them at intermediate depths, between 10 and 15 km.

The maximum registered magnitude has been 3.2 (MBLG) corresponding to an earthquake located at 00.26 hours, with depth of 39 km. On yesterday, 60 earthquakes were located, thirteen of magnitudes greater than 3.0 (MBLG). None was felt.

The Binter airline has reported that the situation of the ash cloud from volcanic eruption requires maintaining the temporary paralysis of flights with the palm until today at 1:00 p.m.

The airline has been forced to make this decision for causes of force majeure and will inform of any novelty or change that could be given, due to the exceptional and unpublished situation that is being lived, the company has reported in a statement.

The BINTER airline has reported this Friday that the last evolution of the ash cloud, from volcanic eruption, has forced the paralysis of the company's operations for seventh consecutive day with the palm throughout the day.

The Minister of Social Security, Inclusion and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, has guaranteed that the specific ERTs and the help to the autonomous affected by the eruption of the Palma volcano will be extended "the time it is necessary".

"This will be like that, clearly, I want to clear uncertainty and that nobody has a doubt," he said at a press conference he has been accompanied by the Ministry of Economics and Employment of the Government of Canarias, Elena Máñz, and the counselor of economic promotion, commerce and employment, Rachel Díaz.

Escrivá has offered the "maximum solidarity" of the Government with those affected by the eruption and indicated that we work in coordination with all the institutions to adjust the measures and see how it is faster and more efficient.

The reopening on yesterday afternoon of an eruptive focus on the eastern flank of the main cone of the palm volcano has given rise to the advance of casting 10 on the cemetery of the spots and the field of solar plates, also destroying enough buildings, Above all single-family homes, and finally reaching laundry 11.

The technical director of the pevolca, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, reported at a press conference that the rest of the lava advances on previous castings, bifurcated in two zones: one towards the cast 4, 5 and 7, located between the mountains of allow and lagoon , and the other to La Colada 9, which could overflow south and affect other locations, although at this time it is "a lot of stop".

The Director of the National Geographical Institute (IGN) in Canarias and spokesperson of the Scientific Committee, María José Blanco, added that this new fissure that was opened on yesterday afternoon, with several points of emission of lava, today has no visible activity, if Well a surveillance will be made from ground and through the use of drones to see if a reactivation occurs.

Copernicus has updated the monitoring of the area of the Palma Volcano, whose lava has covered since the eruption began on September 19 a total of 1,094.7 hectares, affecting or destroying 2,695 buildings / constructions.

This is as follows from the satellite data of the European Union-dependent program according to the last mapping - the number 55- corresponding to the situation on Wednesday, November 24, and that reflects that in 55 hours the castings of the eruption had been Grown by 20.1 ha and destroyed 19 more buildings.

The Cabildo de la Palma, Camino Engineers, the Geological Institute of Spain and the National Geographic Institute study the hydrological works to be carried out in La Palma before the warning of heavy rainfall and the risk that supposes with the eruption.

As regards the coastal areas of the spots, Jedey and the bulb, it has admitted that "it is evident that there is a risk", because it has changed the evacuation of the waters throughout the Aridane Valley.

Hence, he has insisted, the importance of the study that takes place to re-channel the waters and correct the channels and rainfall evacuation areas, in order to minimize the vulnerability of these neighborhoods.

Morcende has asked the population to avoid treadmill and evacuation areas when heavy rains occur and the areas of slopes that may be unstable to avoid personal injury are elutant.

The rain puts at risk several coastal zones in La Palma, having diverted the volcanic eruption the channels of water, so experts study what hydrological works do in the plains of Aridane to avoid problems in the area of the lagoon.

As indicated today, the Technical Director of the Special Protection Plan for the Canary Islands Volcanic Risk (PEVOLCA), Miguel Ángel Morcuende, the Old Summit Eruption has diverted the channels of the waters, so it is necessary to improve the rainy evacuation.

In this regard, it has alerted the serious damage that rain and ash could cause, which can occur if strong or very strong rainfall exceed 15 millimeters at the time or 60 per day.

The State Meteorology Agency (AEMET) has elevated Orange East Friday the announcement at the East Comarca de la Palma for strong rainfall accompanied by storm, which is expected to refer during the next dawn, and on Saturday it is expected to rain Moderately.

Updated Date: 27 November 2021, 12:04

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