Volcano La Palma, Last Hour Live | Lava, about 50 meters from the water after reaching the beach of Los Guirres

La Lava delvolcán de la Palmaha returned to advance in the last hours and is situated on Tuesday about 50 meters from the sea on the beach of Los Guirres. The

Volcano La Palma, Last Hour Live |
 Lava, about 50 meters from the water after reaching the beach of Los Guirres

La Lava delvolcán de la Palmaha returned to advance in the last hours and is situated on Tuesday about 50 meters from the sea on the beach of Los Guirres. The contact may not be immediate because you still have to fill spaces up to the water. The new contributions are located on the side of the fajana that enters the Atlantic.

The technicians of the emeregencies plan have specified this Tuesday that 471 evacuated people are housed in Fuencaliente hotels and Los Llanos de Aridane, and 47 dependent people are in Sociosanitary centers on the island.

About the poor air quality in the plains of Aridane, the Emergency Plan technician Francisce Prieto has made a new call to self-protection. "There is still observing people who are moving ash without mask" he has insisted on Tuesday, and he has asked them to at least "use minimal FFP2 mask protection".

The volcano continues to make it difficult for daily life in La Palma. Francisce Prieto, Emergency plan technician, has reported this noon that in Tijarafe, the plains, El Paso, Tazacorte and Tipagorda The population should reduce the energetic and / or prolonged activities abroad and perform them inside, or when I improve air quality. He has also recommended consult updates on the Government's website of the Canary Islands. In a message on Twitter, the Cabildo adds that the notice is especially incumbently for those who have "the weak immune system".

The reason will be the particles below 10 microns, the PM10 calls. At the station of Los Llanos, close to these locations, the same trend is observed as on previous days, although it has not been so negative levels. Ascend the values throughout the day and during the night and dawn, when the wind speed descends, the values fall significantly. In the morning they return again. In the rest stations the air quality levels by PM10 particles are 'good' or 'reasonably good'.

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has assured that on Wednesday, Ala Palma will reach the ship of the Spanish Navy that will help farmers on this island to access crops that can not be entered by the usual roads having remained communications Terrestrial interrupted by the castings of the old summit volcano.

Robles has indicated that from that moment it will approach farmers to plantations "with special boats". "It comes tomorrow to La Palma and from tomorrow they are already with special boats and you can already do the transfers" towards the fields, it has exposed. He has explained that the shipment of this ship responds to the request that the Cabildo de la Palma made to the Ministry of Defense to facilitate farmers access their crops from the coast.

The seismicity of the Volcano de la Palma has been in the last hours "lower than in the previous weeks", with tremors in the same areas: between 10 and 15 kilometers underground, and below 20. Although, as it has Sayed María José Blanco, director in the Canary Islands of the National Geographic Institute, remains "possible" that are recorded in the next few hours "more seizures with intensity of up to V".

The tremor, detailed, is also "at low levels" and also descends the daily emission of sulfur dioxide. The station closest to the Volcano cone (LP03) continues to show deformations that reflect the dynamics of the eruptive process but without having important values. In the rest of the stations there is a tendency to regional deflation.

One more day, María José Blanco has been asked if this anticipates the end of the eruption. And as other spokespersons had pointed out before, one more day has opted for the elvolcan of Old Summit, he said, remains "in a phase that is more stable, but he has to stay in all his slopes for a certain time stable and decreasing Until it reaches minor values than current ones. " Only then, when that descent is consolidated, you can talk about a new stage.

In the appearance after the emergency plan meeting, experts have confirmed the arrival of lava to the beach of Los Guirres, in the municipality of Tazacorte. "The laundry has exceeded the pre-existing forehead," María José Blanco, director in the Canary Islands of the National Geographic Institute. "There has been new contribution to Las Coladas 1 and 2, La Colado has gone through the interior of the primigenies and is fueling to the area of the coast," said Francisco Prieto, Technician of the Emergency Plan. The latter has added that those castings "carried out more than one month without contribution," although the new material still has to fill out too much ground before touching the water, from which it is about 50 meters away. The other castings of the Volcano de la Palma, according to Prieto, remain stable, "especially 3 and 11, which are the last ones that had been moved."

The quality of the air has improved this Tuesday regarding the previous days in the southwest of La Palma, so as far as the particle concentrations PM10, PM2,5 and sulfur dioxide (SO2) have not arrived at no time to the situation of declaring it "extremely unfavorable".

The highest rating in terms of poor air quality has been "very unfavorable" at the Mobile Station of Los Llanos, in which between 10 and 11 hours, 138 micrograms of particles of less than 10 microns have been detected cubic air meter. Regarding the presence of PM2,5 particles, the maximum has also occurred at the station of the plains in the same period, from 10 to 11 hours, when 34 micrograms per cubic meter, with which the quality of the Air was at that "regular" hour.

The presence of sulfur dioxide has had its maximum point at that station between 11 and 12 hours, when it has reached 193, and the quality of the air was "reasonably good". Something worse has been the situation at the Station of Puntagorda, where between 3 and 4 hours, 230, "regular" has been reached, and at the period of 11 to 12 hours a concentration of 208 micrograms was reached per cubic meter of air , with "regular" rating.

As had been announced, this Tuesday have begun emergency works for the enabling a fast track between Naos port and the stains below. They have an investment of 1.7 million and will last approximately one month. The goal is that terrestrial connections are not interrupted with this area located very close to lava castings.

The counselor of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Government of the Canary Islands, Yaiza Castilla, has announced on Tuesday in the Plenary of the Parliament of the Canary Islands the call for a line of air incentives for 2.6 million in order to increase connectivity by 120% In 2022. The control session has indicated that airlines are going to be primate, once the eruption ends, with six and three euros respectively by international and national seat.

In addition, they are also preparing a national tourism campaign with the emission of 25,000 tourist bonds worth 6.6 million euros and another international tourism.

The Chairman of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has appealed on Tuesday to continue maintaining the "unit of action" between administrations to face the volcanic emergency in the palm and the subsequent economic reconstruction.

"We should not get away," he has indicated in statements to journalists after visiting a promotion of 13 homes in Tazacorte who will be delivered to families affected by eruption.

Torres has insisted that the unit of action "is fundamental".

The National Geographical Institute (IGN) submits importance to the occurrence in the last hours of several earthquakes in La Palma at a lower depth than the usual days ago, below 10 kilometers

Itahiza Domínguez, Sismologist of IGN, says that "a single earthquake does not mean anything" and that to think about a new magmatic intrusion "there should be much more seismicity" in those more superficial layers.

The automatic registration service of Earthquakes of the IGN has reported an earthquake of three kilometers and another to five that has been corrected after being submitted to revision. The most superficial, once said revision has been carried out, have been tremors in fuence with epicenter of eight and nine.

The Canary Islands Volcanological Institute (Involcan) has captured images of the lava fall of the palm volcano over the beach of the guirres, on a side of the farakana previously created by the main cast.

The Minister of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, has stated this Tuesday that, "on the line that we adopt that decision to establish as a mandatory that public service maritime transport to non-capital islands, we are obviously open to study Any other formula ", as can be the airway.

In statements to journalists in La Palma, the Minister was asked about whether it would be possible to establish the public service obligation in air transport between the Palm and the Peninsula, once it has been decided for the route by sea.

The Secretary General of Vox and spokesman at the Madrid City Council, Javier Ortega Smith, has denounced that the neighbors of La Palma who have become homeless for the eruption of the Old Summit Volcano "have not received a Euro" and they are "in Sportsports "While" illegal immigrants are in hotels. "

"We have been with families who have lost their home, their parents 'house, their plantations, no one is remembering them, yes, they tell us:' Here are a lot of ministers, all are made the photo, but nobody He is guaranteeing that we can build our house again, recover our plantations. "Yes, illegal immigrants in hotels, they tucked in sports", he criticized.

The Cabildo de la Palma has reiterated this Tuesday that it is advisable to use FFP2 masks at all times, as well as avoid exterior activity, in the municipalities of Los Llanos de Aridane, El Paso, Tazacorte, Tipagorda and Tijarafe.

The Cabildo of La Palma has reported that a small overflow has been detected between the two casts that went down to the coast, south of the mountain of the lagoon, although the lava continues to flow, mainly, by ancient castings so it does not It is generating additional damage.

In addition, the recommendation is maintained for not going out to the street or doing activities outside the house in the municipalities of Los Llanos de Aridane, El Paso, Tazacorte, Puntagorda and Tijarafe for the poor air quality, and in case of being abroad , You have to use FPP2 masks.

The Corporation also reports that the neighbors of La Jurona, San Nicolás, Jedey and Bajo spots will be able to access their homes on Tuesday to collect their household goods and personal items.

The National Geographic Institute (IGN) has located during the first hours of this Tuesday 36 seismic movements in La Palma, of which the highest magnitude has reached 3.8, and one of them has occurred three kilometers deep.

Of the 36 earthquakes located on Tuesday, 29 have been in Fuencaliente and seven in Mazo, and the depth has oscillated between three and 38 kilometers.

The highest magnitude, 3.8, has occurred at 6.55 hours in mallet, with intensity II.

The Department of National Security, in its daily recapage of the State of the Old Summit volcano, remembers that lava castings continue stable "without invading new surface". Thus, a surface affected by the lava is estimated that is already 984 hectares and, according to the latest data from the cadastre, there would be 1,452 buildings damaged by eruption.

In terms of air quality, DSN ensures that the emission of sulfur dioxide continues to be high, although temporary evolution reflects a downward trend since September 23, according to this organism.

This Tuesday, November 9, the face-to-face classes remain suspended in the educational centers of El Paso, Los Llanos de Aridane, Tazacorte, Tijarafe and Tipagorda. Thus, these educational centers continue one more day imparting their classes 'online' due to eruption and poor air quality.

Yesterday, the first five homes were given to families affected by volcanic eruption, located in Fuencaliente, and on Tuesday, other 13 homes will be delivered, in this case in Tazacorte. To these homes and add another 46 properties that will be purchased in 10 days and 29 more in the Plains of Aridane.

Emergency works for the enabling a fast track between Puerto Naos and the stains below with LP-213, which have an investment of 1.7 million euros, will begin on Tuesday and will last approximately one month. This was announced this Monday, the president of the Canaries, Ángel Víctor Torres, and the Cabildo de la Palma, Mariano Hernández Zapata.

In his speech, Torres said that it will be attempted that the works of this fast track will be done "in the shortest possible time" and added that it is going to work "every day" to maintain connectivity in this area of the island, which is Very close to the castings, in the exclusion zone.

The Malaspine hydrographic vessel has already received the necessary material to carry out bathymetry work within the port of Santa Cruz de la Palma. The seismometers will be anchored this Tuesday and it is expected to remain about four months.

After volcanic eruption, the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) requested the Navy, through the Royal Institute and Observatory of the Navy (ROA), a platform for deployment on the coast of Poniente of the island of two seismometers of Broadband marine background. The 'Malaspina' was made available for transport from Cádiz and the later border.

The vessel came to the sea on October 11 from the Naval Base of Rota, docking on October 20 at Santa Cruz de la Palma to carry out bathymetry work within the port.

The Cabildo de la Palma has remembered on his Twitter account that volcanic ash can cause skid and traffic accidents. Therefore, they recommend not circulating on the road if it is not "strictly necessary", if it is conducted at a moderate speed and take special care in case of driving a motorcycle, since "the ash and picon produce displacements in the road" .

An endless caravan of cars, vans and pick ups await early outside of Fuencaliente, at the southern tip of La Palma. The passengers hurry coffee and homemade thermos while waiting for authorities to loosen for a few hours the controls of the exclusion zone.

Sunday's plan has mutated since he burst the old summit mountain: the copious family barbecues with sea views have become exprése visits the houses to pick up appliances and protect them how they can from the rage of eruption.

Read the full information of Gonzalo Suárez in the world.

The temporal evolution of the chemical composition of the volcanic tuna of the Old Summit Volcano, on the island of La Palma, reflects a downward trend of the relationship between carbon and sulfur, which indicates that the magmatic contribution has a more superficial origin.

The National Director of Volcanic Surveillance of the National Geographical Institute (IGN) and spokesman for the Scientific Committee of Pevolca, Carmen López, explained this Monday that all observables indicate that the deepest part of the volcano feedback system is being "less active" and It has "less ability to nourish magma, that is, to feed the eruption for longer."

Updated Date: 09 November 2021, 11:22

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