Volcano La Palma, Last Hour Live | The lava thrown by a new mouth advances 600 meters / hour and 1,024ºC

After a few days when the Lava del Volcán de la Palma was projecting his energy towards the sea, this Thursday has returned to land as much as it meets. He ha

Volcano La Palma, Last Hour Live |
 The lava thrown by a new mouth advances 600 meters / hour and 1,024ºC

After a few days when the Lava del Volcán de la Palma was projecting his energy towards the sea, this Thursday has returned to land as much as it meets. He has not respected the cemetery of the stains, one of the symbols of resilience of the victims by the eruption. The new mouth open on the southern side of the cone expels a more fluid material that threatens urbanizations, farmhouses and farmland.

The cemetery of Our Lady of Los Angeles, in the neighborhood of the spots (Los Llanos de Aridane), that the lava of a new pouring of the Palma volcano has traversed by half housed the remains of 3,160 deceased and the only crematorium of the island.

Located on the south side of the mountain of Cogote, the cemetery had avoided the progress of successive casting closer. It had an area of more than a thousand square meters and contained more than 5,000 niches and the only crematorium of La Palma. The town hall of Los Llanos had offered families that thus desire the exhumation of the remains of their relatives, although the exact number is unknown out of respect for those affected.

The Geological and Mining Institute has ensured that the new lava language of the Palma Volcano, which moves to the south, has a temperature of 1,024 degrees Celsius. The material has begun to flow in parallel to La Colate 10, although emergency plan experts have affirmed at noon that still needed information before considering it a new laundry.

In a later message, the same organism adds that this material has made the connection of the 10-cast front with 11, south of Cogote Mountain.

The data update of the emergency plan collects that, from those evicted by the Palma Volcano, 513 people are still in hotel centers, eight more than Wednesday. Of these, 441 stay at the Fuencaliente hotel and 72 in the Plains of Aridane. In addition, another 43 dependent persons continue to be addressed in residences from the palm.

They have been taken at 80 meters deep. They are the new work of the winner of the World Press Photo Francis Pérez, who submerged him with a robot of two million euros to portray the Lavic Delta from the Palm Volcano. The submarine photos of the eruption center this report of Martin Mucha.

Radio Television Canaria has shown how the lava of the Palma volcano has already covered almost the entire cemetery of the stains. The images you have shared have been recorded by the Firemen of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura.

During the morning of this Thursday there has been an increase in the values of sulfur dioxide in the air expelled by the Old Summit Volcano. The level has been 'reasonably good' in El Paso y Tipagorda, 'regular' in the plains of Aridane and 'good' in the rest of the palm stations.

With respect to the particles under 10 microns (PM10), on the morning of this Thursday they have remained at 'good' or 'reasonably good levels in all seasons, except in the plains of Aridane, which has been found with a 'regular' level. As a precautionary measure, the Emergency Plan has advised that in the area of the Plains of Aridane, Tazacorte, El Paso, Tijarafe and Tipagorda, the Risk Groups and the population reduce the energy and / or prolonged outdoor activities.

The Lava Language that flows to Borbotons from a new emission center located in the south of the Volcano de la Palma cone has been recorded this afternoon by the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute advancing at a rate of 600 meters per hour. The images have been captured from the stains, the area that had also escaped the different castings and is at this moment at risk of destruction.

The seismicity associated with the Palma Volcano continues "at low levels" in the intermediate zone (at 10 and 15 kilometers deep), as collected in the report of the Emergency Plan Meeting on Thursday. In addition, the profound, more than 20 kilometers under the surface, "it has diminished". The highest-magnitude earthquake recorded in the last hours, with a magnitude of 3.9 MBLG and sense with intensity IV, has been located at 11 kilometers.

According to the spokespersons of the Emergency Plan, the tremor continues also at low levels and there are no significant signals regarding the deformation of the terrain. The emission of sulfur dioxide associated with the volcanic plume continues to be high, since Wednesday was around 30,000 tons. A figure much higher than that of previous days, although the trend is descending since September 23, when it exceeded 50,000 tonnes.

The Canary Islands Volcanological Institute has confirmed that a new lash emission center was opened south of the Old Summit Delvolcan cone. This was one of the hypotheses to explain the new contribution to the cast 10 that has spread to the cemetery of the spots and threatens the homes of that area of La Palma.

The lava expelled by the Volcano de la Palma covers up to Thursday 1,100 hectares, of which almost 50 correspond to the three farakans that the material has won to the sea. This calculation has spread this Thursday sooner of knowing the damages that is causing the reactivation of casting 10. Faced with the media, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, Technical Director of the Emergency Plan, has highlighted that the 1 "remains active" and 7 "also has contributions", as well as 5.

The Volcanological Institute of Canarias has shared on Twitter a video of the progress of the lava language that, in parallel to La Colada 10 by the south, has reached the cemetery of the stains, in the plains of Aridane.

The Government of the Canary Islands, through the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing, has delivered Thursday the keys to their provisional housing in the Municipality of Tazacorte to 12 families that lost their only home because of the eruption of the volcano in the Palm. It is the second batch of homes acquired by the public company visocan, after those of Fuencaliente, and that are now delivered to the families selected by the Technical Committee after a list of candidates developed by the team of social workers deployed in the valley of Aridane to serve those affected.

Homes are one, two and three bedroom floors, and one of them is accessible for people with disabilities. These are houses between 60 and 90 square meters, with installed kitchens and located in the helmet of the municipality of Tazacorte.

As planned, this Friday is registering persistent and locally strong precipitations in this one of the palm. By Friday, the Government of the Canary Islands, through the General Security and Emergency Management, has declared the alertness for rains. The reason is the forecast of intense rainfall that can be accompanied by storms, especially between 9 hours and 18 hours, with intensity forecasts that can reach 30mm in an hour in the east of La Palma, La Gomera, and the North and Metropolitan Area of Tenerife.

According to this alert, which is also spreading in English and German, on the island of La Palma, the rains can mobilize the ash accumulated in the areas affected by the eruption and cause mud flows through the natural slope of the terrain. The Emergency Plan adds that it is recommended not to transit in zones of caucco or at the foot of strong pending.

Well, just hours after the airport of La Palma has reopened, although it is not receiving operations, the Emergency Plan has reported at noon that "it is expected that the ash cloud and sulfur dioxide will continue towards the E - NE The eruptive focus, assuming an unfavorable scenario for aeronautical operation, mainly for the airport of La Palma ".

The trend can change on Saturday. For that day, the wind is expected to be component east from the surface to middle levels of the troposphere. "The expected change in the direction of the wind will mean a favorable scenario for the operability of the airport of La Palma," the emergency plan statement affirms.

The Lava del Volcán de la Palma that has destroyed the cemetery of the stains runs in parallel by the south to Pouring Number 10 and advances about 25 meters per hour, as explained by the Technical Director of the Volcanic Emergencies Plan, Miguel Ángel Morcuende . Scientists and technicians are monitoring their trajectory, which is going to be analyzed at a meeting early in the afternoon at the advanced command post.

On the map of cast shared at noon, this new lava language is identified with the red line below La Polate 10. Carmen López, of the National Geographic Institute, has said that "it may arise from one of the emission points that They were in the eastern zone "to argue that more information is needed before deciding whether it is a new differentiated casting.

The lava had been very close to the cemetery of the stains, in the plains of Aridane, and the survival of this cemetery had become a symbol of resistance for residents in the area, who have buried their relatives there. He had been covered with ashes until Thursday, when lava has arrived there.

"For me it is a tragedy that the place in which my dad is no longer exists, that I can never go again to honor him and love him ...", María Victoria Hernández, Official Chronicler of Los Llanos de Aridane, in this Report of Quico ASEDO, special envoy from the world.

"A hard blow." With these words the chain journalist being Javi Rodríguez has shared the image of the moment when the lava that has overflowed on Thursday the cast 10 begins to engulf the cemetery of the spots, in the plains of Aridane.

"Lava has surpassed the cemetery and is in an area where there is a lot of urbanization," just confirmed the spokesman for the emergency plan in his appearance, which he explained that he had circulated fluently this morning and is now slowing down as increased by increasing Your viscosity. "It's a bad area because there is a lot of urban scattering and because it begins to enter an area of a fort pending," Miguel Ángel Morcuende, aiming that he begins to affect the photovoltaic plant.

For his part, Carmen López, of the National Geographic Institute, has detailed that the new lava broadcast has occurred intermittently throughout the morning, although it has said that this behavior "is within the expected".

The Technical Director of the Emergency Plan, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, has highlighted "the high emission of gases that has been observed" in the area of the spots and the light bulb, in the southern zone of the castings generated by the volcano de la palma .

The Lava del Volcán de la Palma has overflowed on the morning of this Thursday in the area that is south of the Cogote Mountain, which until now had protected the cemetery of the spots and urbanizations of homes in the area. The information has advanced the Local ELTIME media.

Also Itahiza Domínguez, seismologist at the National Geographic Institute, has confirmed that impression, although it has said that its scope is still being evaluated and if any mouth that has already worked in its day.

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, makes a work visit on Friday to the Island of La Palma, when almost seventy days since the eruption of the volcano began.

At 09:30 p.m., the Minister visits the Social Security offices and at 11.30 am attends a meeting at the Cabildo de la Palma with representatives of the municipalities affected by the Eruption, Cabildo and Government of the Canary Islands. He will also go to the daily meeting of the Emergency Plan, participate in an appearance before the media and will visit the advanced command post.

The passage of a frontal system will leave abundant rainfall in the Canary Archipelago today Thursday and tomorrow Friday, when they could accumulate up to 60 liters per square meter in 12 hours in Tenerife and La Palma and could even snow at the summits of both islands, according to the agency State of Meteorology (AEMET).

During the day of today there is expected abundant rainfall in the eastern side of Tenerife and the palm, in the opposite part of the volcano, according to Rubén del Campo, a spokesman for the AEMET.

Tomorrow Friday the rains will extend to most of the Canarian archipelago and may be locally strong in the iron and the palm, where it is even possible that snow in high areas of the island, as will happen in Tenerife.

However, and according to Efe Fuentes de la AEMET, the snow will not fall on the old summit volcano, where it will only rain, but it will navigate in the tallest part of the island, called Roque de los Boys, above The 2,300 meters of altitude.

The Volcanological Institute of Canarias has reported that this morning there are strong and continued explosions in the Palma Volcano.

The meteorled meteorologist, José Miguel Viñas, has warned this Wednesday of the creation of Laharies in the west of La Palma for the intense rains that are expected for this Thursday and Friday on the island and the accumulation of ash from the volcano.

This episode of rain will remain until Saturday and will be accompanied by West Winds in high areas.

One of the problems caused by the ash, pyroclastic material whose dimension is less than 2 millimeters, is its accumulation, points in a note Lorenzo Pasqualini, Meteored Geologist.

When stunning, for example, in the roofs of the buildings, its weight can cause landslides, and therefore it is important to remove it to avoid collapse.

AENA reports this Thursday that the airport of La Palma returns to be operational six days later after completing the cleaning work of the volcanic ash from the old summit eruption if it requires that the volcanic ash cloud can affect air navigation .

In fact, there are six interinsular flights canceled from the Binter and Canaryfly companies.

The first, even, has announced that it maintains its operation with the island paralyzed until 13.00.

On the other hand, before the forecasting that the conditions to operate safely will improve this Sunday, the company has already reinforced with 8 new daily flights connections with the palm, specifically three more frequencies with North Tenerife and a frequency more with Gran Canaria.

The National Geographical Institute (IGN) has located during the first hours of this Thursday in La Palma 9 seismic movements, with a maximum magnitude 3,9, and that occurred at 7:53 pm to 11 kilometers deep in the municipality of Fuencaliente and with intensity IV on a scale of XII.

Of the 9 earthquakes of the first hours of this Thursday 5 have been located in Mazo, 2 in Fuencaliente and 2 in El Paso, and the depths have oscillated between 10 and 38 kilometers.

The first earthquake of the early dawn series was located at 00:54 hours in Mazo, with magnitude 2.6 and 10 kilometers deep, and the last at 7:57 hours in the same municipality, with magnitude 3.2 and 12 kilometers deep.

Binter has informed that due to the evolution of the ash cloud that comes from the volcano that on September 19 erupted in La Palma will continue to operate at the island airport until 1:00 p.m. on Thursday.

An operating stop that is maintained by sixth consecutive day and will remain until the conditions improve and allow flying with security guarantees, the airline has indicated in a statement.

The airline has indicated that, before the forecasting that the conditions for operating safely will improve on Sunday nearby, it has reinforced with 8 new daily flights connections with the palm.

The beginning of the high tourist season in La Palma, unlike the rest of the archipelago, is marked by the uncertainty derived from volcanic eruption because its completion is unknown, and by the fall of air connectivity that hinders tourists.

"We think at Holy Week," Assume resigned to Europe Press The Vice President of Ashotel in La Palma, Carlos García, who points out that "there is no perspective" as long as the volcano is not turned off and the season is already started and airlines and Turoperators Han Planned without counting on the island.

In that line, he points out that companies such as Condor or Easyjet have transferred his operation to the month of March and the Scandinavians have suspended it that makes it unfeasible to trust in the massive arrival of tourists in northern Europe.

The new Lavic Delta that is formed for two days in the north of the magma castings that emanate from the Volcano de la Palma has extended in 5 hectares on the sea the surface of the island, and reaches up to 350 meters away from the Coastline.

To this new insular area is added that of the other Lavic delta formed south of the castings, which occupies another 43.46 hectares over the ocean, according to the data provided by the spokesperson of the Technical Committee of the Canary Islands Emergencies Plan (pevolca) , Miguel Ángel Morcuende.

Faced with the relative stability of volcanic eruption of the last hours, the main concern of civil protection is now focused on the rains that are advertised for Friday throughout the island, where 60 liters per square meter are expected at twelve hours and up to 15 liters in one hour.

Water can drag ashes, but above all the danger comes by the runoff, so the pevolca asks the citizenship to move away from vague, unstable and outstanding slopes.

The Canarian pine and the lizards are the most affected species by the eruption of the volcano in La Palma, according to the study of the Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology of the Superior Council of Scientific Research (IPNA-CSIC), in collaboration with the Cabildo of La Palma .

Research on the involvement of the volcano in biodiversity highlights the serious impact on the Canarian pine and lizards, which lead the list of plant and animal species most damaged by the continuous emission of ash and lava that for two months several municipalities suffer From the island, you accurate this Wednesday the Cabildo in a statement.

For the study, which has the support of the Biodiversity Service of the Ecological Transition Ministry, the fight against climate change and territorial planning of the Government of the Canary Islands, various observation points have been established located within a radius of a kilometer of the crater of the crater. Volcano and in the area located a maximum of 200 meters from the castings.

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, has recognized the National Geographic Institute (IGN) for its work in the volcanic crisis of La Palma, which, as has said, "has revealed its commitment and technical quality Of its professionals. "

The Minister, which has closed the commemorative exhibition of the 150 years of IGN, has also valued the monitoring effort that has allowed anticipation and forecasting measures to mitigate personal and material damages in La Palma.

Sánchez has pointed out that, thanks to the seismic Network of IGN, about 150 completely digitized stations provide aid to the population to have access to earthquake information and is informed of the behavior that we must have before them.

Recommendations to the Notice of Locally Strong Showers in La Palma for the coming days and civil protection measures to be maintained in gas exclusion zones and for the population in general, before the concentration of PM10 suspension particles, were Some of the topics addressed at the meeting of the Director Committee of the Special Civil Protection Plan and Emergency Attention Plan for Volcanic Risk of Canarias (pevolca) of the Government of the Canary Islands, which directs the Director of Public Administrations, Justice and Security, July Pérez.

Faced with the high probability of intense rain, the AEMET has issued a yellow notice for today in the East, which will affect the entire island during Friday. In this regard, the Scientific Committee explained that the accumulation of ash can enable the formation of hyperconcented flows in areas of strong runoff. In case they occur, it is alert from the danger of transiting in areas of caucas or at the foot of strong pending and that the population must follow the recommendations provided by civil protection.

In this regard, the technical director of the pevolca, Miguel Ángel Morcandende, insisted that during the rainy period, the population should avoid exhibition abroad in vague areas, especially on Friday, and not placed on unstable slopes where landslides or detachments may occur .

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