Volcano in La Palma, last hour live | A new mouth is opened southeast of the volcanic cone that emits ash and pyroclasts

The Lava Languages that advance around the Laguna, in Llanos de Aridane, "can confer and reach the sea," Rubén Fernández, spokesperson for the Canary Islands

Volcano in La Palma, last hour live |
 A new mouth is opened southeast of the volcanic cone that emits ash and pyroclasts

The Lava Languages that advance around the Laguna, in Llanos de Aridane, "can confer and reach the sea," Rubén Fernández, spokesperson for the Canary Islands volcanic emergencies plan. More active of the Palm Volcano aiming that this would occur at a point different from the first Delta. According to the latest measurements, they advance at a pace of "between 20 and 30 meters" per hour.

A new eruptive mouth has been opened on the evening of this Friday southeast of the main cone of the volcano that is emitting at this time ash and piroclastos, according to the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute (Involcan).

The provisional technical director of the pevolca, Rubén Fernández, has indicated in statements to Canarian television that is a "normal process" within the "complex eruptive process", so he has sent a message of tranquility to the population.

According to the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute (Involcan), the new eruptive point is located southeast of the main cone and ejects ash and pyroclasts (fragments of volcanic material of different size).

The whole neighborhood of allow is flooded with lava and has disappeared from the map. Everything? No. A small island just a few square meters, which in Hawaii call "Kipuka" (a land that orography or chance have saved from the volcano), remains free of magma.

And in it, confined in a water pond from which they have not been able to leave, four puttles bark for three weeks, increasingly hungry and increasingly fenced by lava. (This is how this article begins by Quico Arsedo, one of the special envoys of the world to La Palma).

A wide group of neighbors of La Palma has been grouped in the so-called platform of affected by the volcano for, among other issues, claim to public institutions that understand "the real dimension" of this catastrophe. In a statement, this platform emphasizes that the eruption of the volcano and its consequences go beyond a normal catastrophe.

"It is a dimension similar to the great catastrophes we have seen due to earthquakes like those of Haiti. What happens is that thanks to our effective emergency system, fortunately, there are no victims," they value. "Spanish society has understood the dimension of tragedy and that is why it is turning into this emergency, with donations and help from everywhere. Now they are the public institutions that have to understand the real dimension of this catastrophe," they claim in his release.

They consider that the rules approved so far, "above all" Royal Decree-Law 20/2021, "has not understood this dimension at all. A regulation made for normal catastrophes can not be adapted" to one that supposes "the complete disappearance From a territory under the lava ", Eastern.

The CD Tenerife has raised 6,809 euros at the auction of the shirts that looked out of their players in the party before the UD Almería, in an initiative that launched the Club to raise funds for those affected by the Volcano de la Isla de la Palma.

The auctioned t-shirts were a special edition of the second equipment, with a message of support to the palmer town in the front space of the garment. The t-shirts that received a higher bid were those of Aitor Sanz (474 euros), Carlos Ruiz (320 euros), Álex Muñoz (314 euros) and alex sliding (314 euros). In addition, the captain's bracelet used in this game by Aitor Sanz was awarded by 366 euros in this auction.

The amount of what was collected in the bids joins at 78,400 euros that brought together the Tenerife CD with the entrances and the zero row in the past weekend party, before the amorebieta, who was also destined for the victims of the palm.

The coordinator of the Geological Response Unit before Emergencias at the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain ensures that they are learning day by day on the volcano, which follows with great activity: "In mid-November we could continue the same," says Quico Asso article , Special envoy from the world to La Palma.

As already previously made with other residents of the area threatened by the Palma Volcano, those responsible for the Emergency Plan have summoned for this Saturday at 7:00 pm, local time, a new disclogram talk in the Tazacorte Pavilion to inform the Neighbors about the evolution of the eruption.

A seven-meter lava wall that reaches some plataneras. It is the striking image that the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute has shared this afternoon and that has been recorded in the Laguna, the population core where the latest evacuations have occurred.

Xiaomi Foundation has made a donation of 100,000 euros to Red Cross, in order to support people affected by the eruption of the Old Summit volcano in Laisla de la Palma, as reported by the company in a statement.

According to data from the NGO, more than 450 people evacuated passed through the hostel enabled on the island, and their attention has reached 2,600 palm trees and palm trees. Xiaomi, which operates in Spain since 2017, has wanted to lay her hand to help at a time when everyone's collaboration is needed. In addition, he recalls that last month of July German Red Cross, the Dutch National Catastrophe Fund 777 and Belgian Red Cross also received a donation from Xiaomi to support those affected by floods in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The European Observation and Measurement System COPERNICUS has updated the data on the surface of the palm covered by the lava emanated from the volcano. Copernicus elevates 732,5 the affected hectares (of them, something more than 52 in the last 24 hours) and 1,817 destroyed buildings. Keep in mind that this system does not differentiate the uses of these constructions; The last figure of the cadastre spoke of 992 buildings, 809 of them of residential use.

The Cabildo de la Palma has enabled the Central Quesera of the Moradites, in El Paso, so that up to 18 farms on the island can continue to elaborate cheese. This has been pointed out by the Insular Counselor of Agriculture, José Adrián Hernández, in a video released by the Corporation in which it points out that about 1,000 liters of milk are being produced per day on the island and in November the 4,000 liters will be reached.

Hernández has grateful the work of the Cabildo technicians for updating the Quesera and leaving it in "perfect condition" from the sanitary point of view. On the island there are currently 1,500 goats evacuated from a dozen farms and have been distributed by others to guarantee animal welfare.

The Ministry of Public Administrations, Justice and Security of the Government of the Canary Islands, through the General Directorate of Safety and Emergencies, has acquired 24 portable gas detection equipment for police and intervention effectiveness deployed in the volcanic emergence of La Palma.

These teams have been purchased from the Sensotran company, which on October 7 performed a training in the advanced command post (LDC). At this meeting, it explained to users that the devices are configured with carbon monoxide sensors, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, carbon dioxide, oxygen, flammable gases and hydrogen sulfide.

In addition, they also include an accelerometer to detect users' falls, GPS for positioning and a SIM card transmission system.

The Scientific Council of the Canarian Foundation World Biosphere Reserve La Palma has recently met in an extraordinary way to analyze the "situation of exceptionality" produced by volcanic eruption and account for a grant of 15 million included in the last Royal Decree Law of the state.

The session began with the opening by the President of the Council, Antonio Fernández, who indicated the need to involve the Biosphere Reserve and its capabilities, in order to effectively support and efficiency the island of La Palma, "Our reason If, before the difficult situation and in anticipation of a very complicated socio-economically situation in the near future. "

As a starting point, the Biosphere Reserve "is and can be" an instrument in the advice, search, contribution and management of funds linked to projects, which, complying with the principles of the RMBLP, are used in reconstruction and the Future of the island, as a "home-territory" and, having as a priority, the people of the island of La Palma and in particular, those affected by the volcano, he said.

With this objective, among other possible draft shares with direct impact on the present and future of the affected area and its inhabitants, the Chairman of the Scientific Committee pointed to the Binomial Energy-Water as one of the fundamental axes on which materialize emergency projects and with vision of the future.

The Health Area of La Palma, assigned to the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, has been responsible for coordinating the distribution among the affected population and not affected by volcanic eruption on the island of protection material than various agencies, entities, Companies and individuals have sent La Palma.

To date, a total of 22,166 protective glasses and 280,080 FFP2 masks between the municipalities are directly affected by the eruption and the rest of the consistories, as well as all the health and non-health personnel of the Palma Health Area.

Thus, it has already been delivered all the protective goggles to the City Councils of El Paso, Tazacorte and Los Llanos de Aridane, consistor to which a total of 136,900 FFP2 masks have been sent.

134,000 FFP2 masks have also been distributed to the Mazo, Fuencaliente, Breña Low, Tipagorda, Tijarafe, Garafía, Breña, and Santa Cruz de la Palma. In addition, shipments will continue to distribute all the material that is necessary to guarantee the safety of citizenship.

The spirit of Severiano Ballesteros continues to reign in one of 'Fields, the Gaditano de Valderrama, where he captained the European squad that won the 1997 Ryder Cup and where an auction of his objects has raised 40,000 euros for the victims by the volcano of the palm.

This auction was made at Real Club Valderrama within the framework of the Damm N.a star. Andalusia Masters and, in it, among others the children of the Cantabrian Mito, Javier and Miguel, besides his companions Manuel Piñero and José María Cañizares.

The increase in the emission of magmatic material is being translated into the parallel increase of the surface by which it is deployed. The spokesman for the volcanic emergencies, Rubén Fernández, has detailed that the last measurement calculates that the castings already cover 696 hectares in La Palma, according to data taken until five on Thursday afternoon.

Other indicators have not been updated. The estimate of Copernicus of 1,548 buildings destroyed and 86 at risk is maintained. And depending on the cadastre, 992 ruined buildings, 809 of them would be of residential use.

The Cabildo de la Palma has remembered early in the afternoon that air quality in the area close to the volcano eruption is kept away from the risk thresholds, although Calima's arrival could worsen the data and recommend confinement. This has been ahead during the appearance at the end of the Meeting of the Volcanic Emergencies Plan.

Rubén Fernández, spokesperson this Friday, has affirmed that in the last hours the risk thresholds of sulfur dioxide or metal particles in the air have not been overcome. For its part, María José Blanco, after mentioning that the column of ash and gases rises up to 4,000 meters of altitude, has ensured that the atmospheric stability scenario of the next few days can be an "unfavorable scene" from the point of view of air quality. "It is not very clear that it can affect the operability of the airport," she added before the media.

The Government of the Canary Islands will include in its budgets of 2022 an extraordinary item of 100 million euros aimed at collaborating in the recovery of the Palma, through an expandable credit whose amount will increase "what is needed" if Insufficient, as announced this Friday His vice president and responsible for Hacienda, Román Rodríguez.

Complement the actions and funds allocated to assist the inhabitants of the island before the "catastrophe" approved by other administrations and, especially, the state government, to "give them more support, because they are going wrong", is the purpose of The initiative has exposed the vice president.

Rodríguez has highlighted that the final amount of extraordinary money assigning for the palm in the accounts of 2022, which will be added to other items that the different counseling will also spend to counteract the effects of eruption on account of their current budgets, will be established "Depending on the damage it accumulates" from now until the natural phenomenon concludes.

The lava has reached the "250 meters per hour" during the past night and now progresses to "between 20 and 30 meters per hour". This has been assured Rubén Fernández, spokesman this Friday of the volcanic emergency plan, referring to the castings located around the nucleus of the Laguna, in the municipality of Llanos de Aridane.

Of the different castings, the most concern right now are the two located south of the mountain of La Laguna, which "can come and reach the sea," Rubén Fernández advanced. Right now they are one kilometer and "the normal thing is that they arrive separated from the fajana" already existing, although that will depend on emissions and orography. Another "finger" disguised from the previous ones is also monitored and that, more to the north, has reached number 22 of the way of compliment.

In the last hours, residents of the Laguna, Jedey and the Maches have been allowed to collecting appliances. "We do not have new evacuations," has estimated the spokesman for the volcanic emergency plan. So far 7,000 people have been evacuated, and 321 of them are housed in Fuencaliente.

"The eruption continues with a predominance with the effusive phase", which originates more lava and less piroclasts and ashes, has assured María José Blanco, director of the National Geographic Institute in Canaria, at the beginning of the appearance of this noon. The abundance of magma broadcast is causing, she said, "ephemeral castings". One more day, she has pointed out that the orography of the main cone of the Palm volcano continues to change. The volcanic explosive rate continues at a value 2 on a scale of 8.

Seismicity is "almost non-existent" on surface, focuses on 10 to 15 kilometers levels and above all from 20 kilometers deep. As in previous days, "more senses may occur". Of those detected in the last hours, the greatest intensity has occurred on the morning of this Friday and it was 4.5.

The radio Television Canaria (RTVC) will honor next Monday, at 9:30 p.m., the Palma with a special program that will include musical performances, reports and other solidarity initiatives, when a month of the eruption of the Old Summit Volcano is met.

This Solidarity Initiative joins television chains that belong to the Federation of Autonomous Radio Organisms or Entities (Forte), such as Public Television of Asturias, Castilla-La Mancha Media, the 7 Television Region of Murcia, à Punt and Television de Galicia, to help those affected from this natural disaster.

The program 'All with La Palma!', Presented by Eloísa González from the set of 'wonderful people', will connect with different parts of the world, through the 200 virtual spectators that will be able to give your testimony from your computer or mobile phone.

The special can be followed through the RTVC channel, Internet and digital platforms, as well as from the autonomous public radiotelevisión channels, represented by Forte, which support this solidarity and tribute action.

The Valencian company of Masks of Nanofibra Provil has donated 5,000 masks to the Town Hall of Los Llanos de Aridane, one of the populations affected by the eruption of the Old Summit volcano on the island of La Palma.

Since the volcano was activated on September 19, hundreds of neighbors have been forced to move to houses of family members and pavilions where a large number of people coexist. In addition, the arrival of lava to the ocean has caused the mask to be something essential among the neighbors near that point, since the inhalation of these fumes can be harmful.

Faced with this emergency situation, Provil has responded with the shipment of 5,000 masks with viricide, which will be distributed by the City Hall of Los Llanos de Aridane among its neighbors to protect them both from possible contagions by Coronavirus, and the ash and gases that emanate of the volcano.

The Spanish Federation of Professional Associations of Tax Technicians and Tax Advisers (FETTAF) is added to the campaign initiated by the Association of Tax Advisors of Canarias of Support and Solidarity with the victims by volcanic eruption in La Palma.

Thus, the Association of Tax Advisors of Canarias, Member of Fettaf, has opened a bank account to raise funds that will become affected families, through local public institutions and have enabled a free counseling service to the victims in the Procedures or procedures necessary before the different administrations.

The Vulcanologist Juan Carlos Carracedo believes that the eruption of the Old Summit volcano, in La Palma, is "stabilized", because now the magma is coming out "easily" to the surface and "the foreseeable", it says, is that it continues to flow "With the same force and volume" until it runs out.

In statements to EFE, Carracedo admits the possibility that there may be new changes in the eruptive process, as there has been so far, if the cone is re-filled again and it is broken again and the pouring out scattered .

"The worst," he says, is that there would be "some kind of important obstruction that forced the system to break on another part or cause explosions of great magnitude", but "it seems that the emission conduit is sufficiently developed and clean so that lava Exit without difficulty ".

At the beginning of the eruption, he adds Carracedo, the output duct was "more or less established and there were falls, plugging of the cone. There were more ups and downs. Now it seems more continuous, the lava goes out easily."

The one that is considered one of the great references of the vulcanology in Spain believes that once the lava has reached the sea, "by much magma that produces" the volcano, "will be accumulated on the seabed."

Total calls at 112 for macho violence from La Palma has been 72, almost double that in the same month last year, which represents 84% growth.

The director of the ICI, Kika Fumero, says, "Unfortunately," it is a habitual fact, since "all social stress and all collective tragedy leads to with it an increase in gender violence, always and everywhere."

Thus, he says that both the pandemic and the confinement, to which the eruption of the volcano is now added on the island, "are dramatic situations, there are families who are living a tragedy by losing everything, and in this context, where there is a germ of Violence, it explodes, and where there is violence and ill-treatment, it intensifies. "

The Oceanic Platform of Canarias (PLOCAN) has launched an autonomous surface vehicle for the observation of the waters on the west coast of La Palma that has been affected by the arrival of the Lava of the Old Summit volcano.

In a statement, the entity has explained that this device is equipped with scientific instruments that allow the surface measuring meteorological variables on a continuous form and in water salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen and oceanic sound in real time.

Laliga will launch a beneficial auction, with the collaboration of the UD Las Palmas and the CD Tenerife, during the next day of Laliga Santander and Laliga SmartBank with the aim of raising funds for the damaged by the eruption of the palm, as confirmed This Friday the organism.

The benefits will be allocated to the Cabildo de la Palma to meet the needs of those affected in the medium and long term. The action will consist of a virtual beneficiary auction through the MatchWornshirt platform, which has worked with more than 160 soccer clubs throughout Europe, including 14 Laliga clubs. The objective of this solidarity campaign will be achieved as a possible economic collection through the auction of signed players t-shirts summoned in the next days of Santander Laliga and Laliga SmartBank.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Government of the Canary Islands has requested the General Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Union the maintenance of the historical reference for the banana farms affected by the lava and ash in the erupting process of The palm in order to maintain the volume of aid to the producers.

Given the crisis in the sector it is considered necessary to exempt the obligation to commercialize 70% of its reference amount, as it reflects the possession, which will allow 100% of the aid, informs the Government in a note.

Provivienda has advocated the temporary assignment of housing to help those affected by the old summit eruption that have lost their homes, since there are 7,000 people who at the moment have had to be evicted and that there are a thousand infrastructures lost by the wash.

In a statement, the non-profit organization has appealed to all those people who have a home or rooms and want to give them temporarily, and free of charge, people who have lost their home.

In return, the entity offers advice and legal certainty, mediation throughout the process of cession of temporary use of housing and accompaniment to the parties involved.

The General Secretary of Coalition Canaria (CC), Fernando Clavijo, has denounced this Friday that in the general budgets of the state 2022 there is no "nor a single game" for the island of La Palma, affected for almost a volcanic eruption .

Fernando Clavijo, at a press conference, has criticized that budgets do not contain resources for the reconstruction of the island, which demonstrates the lack "of commitment and sustainability" of the Government of Spain.

"We are concerned that the State understands that its commitment to the island of La Palma begins and ends with 200 million euros," he has assured, in reference to the items already approved by the Council of Ministers, the Canary Islands, who believes that " The misfortune "of the volcano will last" many years ".

Laempresa Aerocamaras prepares "A CareReloj" a rescue proposal of four dogs that are trapped in the surroundings of a palm house, in the neighborhood of El Paraíso, in El Paso, as a result of the lava lava castings of the Old Summit Volcano .

According to its proposal, which is waiting to receive relevant services, they would use a charging drone that would transport an own logistics system adapted to the characteristics of the animals.

Along with another support drone, the driver in charge of the operation could thus plan the rescue flight safely.

Helicopters can not be used due to materials (ash and pyroclasts) that releases the volcano and ground access is also complicated due to the seal of ash and lava that surrounds them.

The Cabildo of La Palma will prohibit access through the Tazacorte road to the core of La Laguna, in the municipality of Los Llanos de Ariadne - which was evacuated this Thursday with 300 people - by the proximity of the cast wash.

The Corporation allows the evacuated neighbors to access their homes to collect personal objects and objects as long as the properties are outside the exclusion zone.

Access will be controlled and will have the accompaniment of security personnel, prior coordination with the City Council.

Neighbors will also be able to water and cut fruit from their farm whenever they have been arranged hour and access with their community of irrigators.

The 24-hour Volcanic Volcanic Surveillance Network of the National Geographical Institute (IGN) has located over the night more than twenty of earthquakes on the island of La Palma associated with the eruption of the Old Summit Volcano, four of them of magnitude superior to three.

La Palma has returned to register this Friday, in the municipality of Mazo, a seamity of magnitude 4.5 degrees, the largest since the eruption of the volcano began.

This earthquake, located 36 kilometers deep, has been registered at 7.02 in the morning and has the same magnitude as another registered on Thursday in the same area and a similar depth, according to the data provided by the National Geographic Institute (IGN) .

Both have felt more or less intensity in practically the whole island.

Emergency services continue to be outstanding from the latest Old Summit Volcano Effusions, in La Palma, which geologists describe at times as an authentic tsunami of lava.

This describes the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute (Involcan) in its Twitter account one of the overflows of the Lavic Canal occurred on Thursday afternoon, which qualify as "impressive" by the speed of the magma that handle the volcano at that time.

The only situation report of the Department of National Security (DSN), dated 6GMT, points out that eruption continues to behave as a rambolane mechanism: with phases of explosiveness and effusive.

The land affected by the eruption of 1949 were worked by their parents to become the most fertile area of the island. They fear that politicians transform the laundry and fajana into a protected natural space.

Read the full information of Quico Arsedo, with photos of Carlos García Well, in the world.

On the Internet you can find practically everything. And, on second-hand selling platforms, such as Milanuncios or Ebay, there are already users who are selling souvenirs from the Old Summit volcano, in La Palma. Among the most common 'souvenirs are the boats of ash or piroclast that supposedly come from the area and whose price ranges between seven and 20 euros.

Read the full information in the world.

The Volcano de la Palma continues to roaring and has forced the preventive evacuation of the 400 people who still remained in the neighborhood of La Laguna, in the Plains of Aridane, although the two arms of the most active pouring have slowed down their progress after taking by In front of a supermarket and cross the soccer field.

And underground, at depths of more than ten kilometers, seismicity is maintained, which has increased in intensity until the maximum recorded in this volcanic crisis, 4.5 of magnitude, an earthquake felt throughout the island even though it was Located 37 kilometers from the surface.

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