Volcano in La Palma, last hour live | The Delta de lava could collapse and generate gases, explosions and waves

When almost three weeks of the eruption of the old summit volcano are met, the ash cloud has overflowed for the first time this Friday the island of La Palma an

Volcano in La Palma, last hour live |
 The Delta de lava could collapse and generate gases, explosions and waves

When almost three weeks of the eruption of the old summit volcano are met, the ash cloud has overflowed for the first time this Friday the island of La Palma and has interrupted operations at the surrounding airport (North Tenerife), thus affecting traffic Aerial of all the Canary Islands.

On land, from Lava's main laundry, a fork that runs through agricultural farms towards the sea was broken on Wednesday, from which it is still about 150 meters away.

And in the ocean, the lava of the main casting continues to enter. The newly formed delta advances to the limit of the insular platform. From that point, by increasing the depth, a collapse could occur on its forehead that, in turn, could cause sudden release of gases, hydromagamatic explosions and waves.

The technical director of the pevolca (Volcanic Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands), Miguel Ángel Morcuende, has said this Friday that the Volcanic Eruption of Old Summit is still in a stable phase or "valley situation" and the lava wash is still gaining ground, with 40, 6 hectares plus in the last 24 hours.

At a press conference in which he has been accompanied by the Director of IGN in Canarias, María José Blanco, has said that the affected area reaches 471.8 hectares, of which 120 correspond to agricultural holdings --59.3 Hectares of Plannera, 33.4 of Viña and 7.36 of Avocado - and 26.4 kilometers of roads --5.6 in step, 17.1 on the plains and 3.7 in Tazacorte--.

Also, the width of the main casting remains the same, at about 1,250 meters, and the appendix that took off on the afternoon of this Thursday approaches the sea, to the area of the Chark, because it is about 150 meters away.

The Technical Director of the Volcanic Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, has made this Friday an appeal to consume fish from the palm since it is safe "and the quality is the same as before the eruption."

At a press conference after the daily meeting of the Monitoring Committee has indicated that in recent days it is seen that "few people approach" the brotherhood of Santa Cruz de la Palma to buy fish when "perfectly indicated" by the health authorities . Thus, it has launched a message "tranquility" for citizens so that they continue to consume local fish and thus help the fishermen "continue to exercise their profession."

They are images recorded by the Counseling of Public Administrations, Justice and Security of the Government of the Canary Islands with a thermal chamber. They were captured on Thursday night on a recognition flight and have been disseminated this Friday by 112 Canary Islands.

The European copernicus observation system has raised on the afternoon of this Friday to 480.5 hectares the surface of the palm covered by the volcano lava. In the early afternoon, the pevolca had facilitated a figure of 471 hectares, of about 120 correspond to cultivation ground.

In its last estimate, Copernicus also cites 1,149 destroyed buildings, although this system does not specify whether it is homes or are dedicated to a different use to the residential.

The surface affected by the Lava del Volcán de la Palma has increased since Thursday in more than 40 hectares by the bifurcation that is near the coast and has already exceeded 471, maintaining the maximum width of the casting at 1,250 meters.

In this sense, the technical director of the pevolca, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, has pointed out that the overflow of the lower part of the laundry that occurred on Thursday has continued its progress to the south and is already on the Chark, the fajana of the Eruption of the San Juan volcano in 1949, about 150 meters from the sea. According to him, he indicated, this main casting is filling holes and looking for small watershed headers, taking advantage of the pending changes and also growing in height, which suggests that it can be attached to the main cast.

The journey of the new Ramal de la Planza has mainly damaged the agricultural area that already reaches 120 hectares of crops, half of them from plataneras (59.39 ha), followed by vineyards (33 ha) and avocado (7.39 ha ), among others.

The Company Vueling has announced the cancellation of their flights with the airport of La Palma and with eight with the destination and origin with Tenerife North - with journeys with Seville, Málaga, Valencia and Barcelona - due to the presence of the volcanic ash cloud.

A communiqué of Vueling reports that it has canceled four flights from La Palma and in particular those that join the island with Barcelona and Bilbao on October 9 and 10. Flights to and from Tenerife North are also affected: the company has confirmed the cancellation of eight flights while other eleven could be diverted to the Southern Tenerife Airport.

The statement indicates that the company has contacted passengers affected to offer a change of flights within the next 60 days or a reimbursement of the ticket.

The Office of Attention to those affected by the Volcano of the Island of La Palma, open on Saturday, has already attended some 200 people, while the services provided to the neighbors who have lost houses, properties or have suffered Damage to them, they increase.

This has been indicated this Friday the Vice-Dejerjero of the Presidency, Antonio Olivera, during the press conference after the Governing Council, where he exposed that Monday, October 11, the Mixed Commission for Reconstruction, Recovery and Support for La Palma will meet for the second time.

"All administrations are still working out of hand by analyzing how the eruptive process evolves, the consequences that are being held and the solutions that are being implemented or putting on the table to address these problems," he said.

On the other hand, Olivera explained that the Government of the Canary Islands is especially concerned with the quality of the air, which has decreased to the category 'Regular' by the weather conditions that were on the island during the last hours.

Time has assumed in the same way that the ash cloud provoces a problem at the North Tenerife, Iron and La Gomera airports although the Vice-Dejerora qualified that it is expected that from this Saturday wind conditions change and recovers a certain normality.

The closure of the airport of the Spanish island of La Palma was prolonged this Friday and for an indefinite period, because of the ash cloud caused by the eruption of the Old Summit volcano, the Manager of the Spanish Airports Aena announced.

The airport of the island in the Atlantic Archipelago of the Canary Islands "is still inoperative by accumulation of ash, the cleaning tasks continue," he tuned the manager.

Asked about the AFP, a spokesman for Aena said to ignore when you can reopen the airport, since the ashes continue to fall.

The ash cloud also forced airlines to divert flights that were heading to the North Tenerife airport to another remaining in the south of that island of the Canarian archipelago, according to Aena. In the afternoon, and "after confirming an improvement in meteorological conditions," the Bunter company announced that it resumed its operation at this airport "with all available aircraft."

The connections of their flights with La Palma are, however, suspended until Saturday at 1:00 pm (12h00 GMT) when they will try to resume, this airline operated in the Atlantic archipelago.

The ashes issued by the Old Summit forced the authorities to close the airport of La Palma on Thursday morning to cleanse their tracks.

The airport of this small island of 85,000 inhabitants remained without receiving flights from September 25 to 29 due also to the ashes.

The elevated peaks of air presence of sulfur dioxide in El Paso and the Plains of Aridane occurred during this last dawn, while the rest of the day their values have been normal, has indicated to Efe David Suárez, delegate of the AEMET in the Canary Islands.

According to the data of air quality technicians from the Government of the Canary Islands, during the dawn, there has been a specific peak of sulfur dioxide, and the delegate of the State Meteorology Agency in Canarias (AEMET) has reiterated that from those Hours The values have been the usual ones.

Has explained David Suárez that meteorological conditions have been and are unfavorable from the point of view of air quality, because there is an accused thermal investment on the palm, and in the passage and the plains there is very little wind, with which it is It produces a concentration effect between 4 and 8 in the morning.

The forecast is that from Sunday or Monday there is an increase in the stable layer and the dispersion of the pollutants that come out of the volcano that on September 19 was erupted in the palm.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Government of the Canary Islands will promote a first package of economic measures valued at approximately 10.5 million euros with the aim of mitigating the consequences of volcanic eruption in the palm sector.

The autonomous department will enable 'minimum' aid for farmers whose farms are in the direct area of the condition, in the Aridane Valley or in the municipalities of Tijarafe and Fuencaliente, with the purpose of injecting liquidity as soon as possible.

The announced aid will compensate for the loss of production in the platform sector, which currently only 20% collected in the affected area is optimal for marketing.

In this sense, the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Alicia Vanoostende, has indicated in a note that "the technical management of the pevolca is responsible for authorizing cooperatives access to the affected areas to carry out the maintenance tasks guaranteeing The next harvest ".

In relation to livestock, counseling will mobilize 'minimum' funds valued at 200,000 euros for evacuated farms and to adapt farms that welcome animals that have been transferred.

For the fishing sector, the file has already been initiated to grant a mandatory stop aid of the fishing fleet of the Tazacorte port. The volcano has affected much of the fishing grounds of that fishing core, making economic viability by fishing activity impossible.

For this reason, counseling, in coordination with the ministry, will give an initial aid of 500,000 euros to compensate for the economic damage generated by the activity of the volcano.

In parallel, the studies and evaluations necessary to estimate the future impact on fishery resources and, if necessary, a biological stop may be articulated, similar to that occurred in iron, for a period of 6 or 12 months For the recovery of marine ecosystems.

Counseling has requested the General Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Union the maintenance of the historical reference of bananas farms affected by the Lava of the Palma volcano as well as the loss of production, so that it Do not decrease your reference amount.

Salt holdings are also being affected by the ashes of the Palm volcano, according to the Reuters agency.

The ash of the volcano are hanging on the salinas of the island, which have seen it ruined part of its production since the salt is mixing with volcanic sediments.

This is the case of the farms of the Hernández family, which for more than three generations have been dedicating this business and who have seen 200 tons of salt ruined.

"When the ashes fell, we were able to collect the salt, but it was completely covered by a black crust and we are not able to separate the salt from the ash," he has assured a family spokesman in Reuters' declarations.

Scientists have warned that, if the advance continues at higher depths in the sea of the Lavic Delta, the farade generated by volcanic eruption in the palm, a collapse could be produced from its forehead that would be accompanied by the abrupt release of gases, with hydromagma explosions and waves.

The spokesman for the Scientific Committee of the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergencies Plan (pevolca), María José Blanco, has indicated at a press conference this Friday that this situation could occur because the fajana has reached the limit of the insular platform and, so So much, it is foreseeable that its progress continues.

White has added that meteorological conditions are unfavorable for air quality, although the forecast is that it improves from tomorrow; In fact the plume of ash and sulfur dioxide that extends from the volcano is affecting the operability of the airports of La Palma and Tenerife North and can extend this afternoon to the Aerodrome of Tenerife South and, at night, Al de la Gomera .

The League Party IBERDROLA that had to dispute the Villarreal Female and the Grenadilla Tenerife on Saturday at 12:00 hours has been suspended for the impossibility to get out of the island of the Canarian team due to the problems generated by the ash of the old summit volcano De La Palma, as confirmed by Club Castellonense.

From Villarreal it was explained that flights provided for this Friday are not coming out of the island normally from the Tinerfeño airport, which has affected the Granadilla Tenerife team, which has confirmed the shock postponement in its social networks.

In addition, Villarreal also reported that both clubs had reached an agreement to postpone said party at the problems of their rival to travel to the peninsula and that this situation had been transferred to the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

The Lottery Administration number 5 of Alzira (Valencia) has exhausted the 740 tenths for the Christmas raffle that were consigned on 27,921, a number in which many buyers have seen an ephemeride related to the eruption of the Old Summit volcano, in the Island of La Palma.

As explained this Friday, EFE owner of the administration, Antonio Rodríguez, the number 27,921 corresponds to September 27, the date on which the volcano was reactivated after initial eruption and began to eject washed continuously.

"We usually ask for any number that ended in 21, as we do every year with the corresponding termination. This year was called a boy from La Palma who wanted this number specifically, for corresponding to the second eruption. From there we began to publish In social networks that we had the number and everything has been precipitated, "explains Rodríguez.

"We had 740 tenths, which will end up today. In recent days we have sold up to 250 per day," he adds.

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has taken advantage of the celebration of the Day of the National Festival on October 12 to remember the "Generous and Solidarity" work demonstrated by the military in situations such as the pandemic of Covid-19, the evacuation of Afghanistan or the recent eruption of the Old Summit Volcano in La Palma.

"These are our armed forces," he celebrates in a recorded video on the occasion of the festival to move the citizens the guarantee that "where there is a need or a danger", there will be a man or a woman of the armies or the army to help.

The Ministry of Justice will also adopt "the appropriate measures" to analyze the legal regime of the ownership and burden of real estate goods and rights that have been covered by lava.

Among the measures in notarial matters, it is contemplated that the Dean of the Notarial College of the Canary Islands enabled notaries of this territory that it deems necessary and voluntarily request it to provide its service on the island of La Palma, to attend to the Affected by the eruption of the Old Summit Volcano.

Its competence will reach unique and exclusively to facts, acts or legal businesses related to the damage caused by the volcano. In addition, the General Council of the Notariad will also facilitate the College of the Canary Islands and the notaries authorized technological and economic means.

Finally, it is established that once the situation caused by the eruption of the justice volcano has completed, it can approve "within the shortest period as possible", an action plan. It would contemplate organizational measures to streamline judicial activity, with the aim of contributing to the objective of restoring the ordinary functioning of the judicial organs affected after overcoming this natural crisis.

The Ministry of Justice will create reinforced legal, notarial and consultation assistance systems in the property registration to help those who have lost their homes after the eruption of the Old Summit Volcano in La Palma, also executing organizational measures to streamline judicial activity .

All this, as reported from the department that directs Pilar Llop, as part of the measures included in the Royal Decree Law approved on Tuesday in the Council of Ministers with the aim of helping those affected by the natural disaster and whose objective is " Support and promote the economic, labor and social reconstruction of the island ".

In this line, the Official School of Property Registrars of Spain will adopt the technological and economic measures necessary to support the Santa Cruz registry of La Palma in order to enable a daily pre-care or telematics appointment system, so that Those affected can consult the status of their properties.

Likewise, it will publish in GEOPORTAL recorders specific graphic information on the territorial scope affected successively by volcanic lava and identification of farms included in the affected area.

The closure of the airport of the Spanish island of La Palma was prolonged this Friday and for an indefinite period, because of the ash cloud caused by the eruption of the Old Summit volcano, the Manager of the Spanish Airports Aena announced.

The airport on the island in the Atlantic Archipelago of the Canary Islands "is still inoperative by ash accumulation, the cleaning tasks continue," Guided Aena.

Questioned by the AFP, a spokesman for Aena said unaware when you can reopen the airport, since the ashes continue to fall.

The ash cloud also forced airlines to divert their flights to the airport in the north of Tenerife to another remaining in the south of that Island of the Canarian archipelago, according to Aena.

The ashes issued by the Old Summit forced the authorities to close the airport of La Palma on Thursday morning to cleanse their tracks.

"It's worse than a bug, worse than a plague, because this spider" the bananas, curses Pedro Antonio Sánchez, 60, owner of a small plantation, referring to this gravel that rains from the sky from the beginning of the summit eruption Old, on September 19, on this island of the Canary Islands archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean.

A statements collected by Europe Press that evidence the "nightmare" facing farmers since the eruption began. Once the sand has been perched on the fruit, the nightmare begins, because it is almost impossible to remove it and it is damaged with manipulation, transport and packaging: the great bunches of bananas, which here call "pineapples" and can weigh up to 70 Kilos, they are loaded on shoulders.

"You have to blow it, or with water, I do not know how to do it. When Rocío falls at night the sand sticks with the water from the dew, and then it does not come out in the morning, it does not come out," Sánchez insists.

The skin of the banana is blacked in the form of a scratch -Not to see with the black specks that point to a ripe banana-, and although the banana remains good, it is rejected.

"European quality regulations prevent marketing bananas with ripped upper than four square centimeters in each, although inside are perfect and can be consumed without risk," he explained to AFP Esther Domínguez, responsible for the Technical Department of the Association of organizations of banana producers of Canarias-

The almost 10 centimeters of volcanic dust who have covered the 83 cabins of the sheep ravine, in the Palmerian municipality of El Paso, endanger the conservation of this archaeological and ethnographic set, which was inhabited since Aboriginal era until the beginning of the 20th century .

For this reason, the cabins of the sheep ravine are being documented digitally preventively, as explained by the autonomous area of culture in a statement.

The specialized company "Tibicena Archeology and Heritage" has been offered, altruistically, a photogrammetic and 3D modeling of the entire archaeological and ethnographic set with this goal.

The Cabildo de la Palma allows people this Friday to evacuated in the municipalities of the Llanos de Aridane, El Paso and Tazacorte by volcanic eruption Back to their homes - if they are outside the exclusion perimeter - to collect personal objects and objects.

The access will be controlled and the accompaniment of safety personnel will be applied with the corresponding City Council.

The accurate corporation, however, may be subject to changes according to the weather conditions and evolution of the eruptive process.

Users of social networks urge to consume bananas of the palm, keys in the economy of the Spanish island, despite the stains "effect of ashes" of the old summit volcano, in eruption since September, but experts explained that the damage suffered By the fruit they have a scratch shape.

Although the ash can affect the skin of this fruit, responsible for 50% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the palm, the damage occurs in the form of scratches by manipulating the fruit with ash and not spots, which are a reflection of the state of ripening of the banana.

The pints in the skin are "caused by an enzyme called tyrosinase" and naturally indicate "the ripening point of the fruit," the adam and food adamant journalist adamed to AFP.

Another enzyme, activated by the cold, can also cause that coloration. "The membranes of the skin cells break and an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase, which produces that dark color," he added.

The arrival of ashes of the Palma Volcano to the island of Tenerife in the last hours has led airlines to stop using the North Tenerife Airport and diverting its operations to Tenerife South, have informed sources of Aena.

The airport of La Palma remains inoperative, according to Aena, while that of Tenerife North, is operative in theory, but airlines are not using it.

The BINTER airline, the main one on interinsular flights, has reported that the first operations of the day with North Tenerife have been deviated with Tenerife South, or delayed or canceled, depending on the case.

The company is evaluating the North Tenerife conditions to decide the use of the airport for the rest of the day.

Herry is crazy? No, Henry is optimistic. And he is also an architect and neighbor - or former neighbor, as he looked at everything, one of the towns that have been buried by the lava of the old summit volcano.

He lost two houses and his architecture studio, but it is not resigned that the eruption destroys everything and moves people forever. The idea of it is simple: "Colonize" lava. "Everybody will not accept relocation, they will not want to separate them," he says.

That's why it poses a new beginning, yes, but at home. "It may sound strange, but in Canary Islands there are many examples of this," she holds. "The hamlet of Masca, in Tenerife, was built on a laundry in the seventeenth century. After the San Juan volcano, here in La Palma, a capita of only 40 centimeters of earth and planted plataneras. Now They give the best fruits on the island. " [Read here the complete information]

The airport of La Palma continues inoperative due to the accumulation of ash, while maintaining the cleaning tasks, according to Aena that he explains that he follows the indications of ENAIRE, which is the airspace manager, underlining that the priority is security .

For its part, the rest of the airports of the Canary Islands are operational. Anyway, it advises to consult flights with the airline with which you travel especially in the case of North Tenerife, as it stresses that some flights will be operated from Tenerife South.

The ash cloud of the Palm volcano has begun to move to the east, according to information from the Toulouse Meteorology Agency. According to the Air Controller Account, the two Airports in Tenerife are at this time, but, by precaution, some airlines delay or deviate Tenerife South Tenerife North operations.

Sismicity on the island of La Palma has been increasing in the last 24 hours, both in the number of earthquakes and in its magnitude, after the descent observed in past days, according to updated information from the Department of National Security (DSN).

This morning the National Geographic Institute (IGN) has located 40 seismic movements on the island, one of them of magnitude 3.8, 36 kilometers deep, under the municipality of Fuencaliente, in which 33 of these 40 earthquakes have been located , And the rest in Villa de Mazo.

Representatives of the pebolca will meet with neighbors of both municipalities to explain what to be done in case of evacuation, but above all to reassure them, since nothing makes it think that a new separate emitting center from the volcanic cone will emerge.

The National Geographic Institute (IGN) has located at dawn on Friday, 40 seismic movements on the Canary Island of La Palma, one of them of magnitude 3.8.

This earthquake occurred at 04.31 hours at 36 kilometers deep under the municipality of Fuencaliente, which has been located 33 of the 40 earthquakes located during the first hours of this Friday, and the rest in Mazo.

The last earthquake located so far at the morning of Friday occurred at 07.49 hours, in the municipality of Fuencaliente 12 kilometers of depth and of magnitude 3.5.

The technical director of the pevolca has updated the data on the surface affected by the lava of the Palma Volcano, which reaches 431.2 hectares, 9.27 hectares rather than the eve.

As a step, in addition to housing and crops, Magma has also buried 26.47 kilometers of carts, of which 17,13 in the municipality of Los Llanos de Aridane, 5.63 kilometers in El Paso and 3.71 kilometers in the Tazacorte.

As for the volcano, the level of explosiveness is maintained in two, on a scale of eight, and three emitting centers are still active in the crater and one on the northern lateral of the cone.

The height of the column of gases and ash reaches 3,200 meters and the emission of sulfur dioxide continues in high values, with 13,100 tons per day, while the diffuse emission of carbon dioxide in the area is 1,596 tonnes per day.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fishing and Food, Luis Plane, has sent a message of tranquility to the agricultural and livestock sector of the island of La Palma by emphasizing that "all damaged product or can not be marketed will be compensated" and that the government works for the recovery of the area affected by the eruption of the volcano ..

This has been defended this Thursday during a videoconferencing meeting with representatives from the sector affected by the volcano, to whom it has reminded the possibility of financing the restoration of construction constructions destroyed through rural development aid, the Ministry of Agriculture has disseminated , Fishing and Food (map) on a press release.

Flat has ensured that the Government is "firmly committed" with the recovery and reactivation of the agrogue activities of the island, as can be seen in the "speed" of the first measures approved by the executive to repair the damage caused by the volcano, He has emphasized.

A travel agency has begun to arrange round-trip excursions on the day to La Palma with European tourists who spend these days their holidays in Tenerife, in which one the main attractions, if not the most important, is to see the volcano that It takes nineteen days into eruption.

"It's the first time I see a volcano ... and it will possibly be the last one, it is not easy if you live like me in Belgium. It is a unique opportunity," has reported Efe one tourists on the excursion, abroad from the Tajuya church, just over three kilometers from volcano, in the area considered safe.

The trip is coordinated by the Getholiday company, whose manager and professional guide, Basso Lanzone, says it aims to help the neighbors of the island who are suffering from the consequences of the eruption. All the benefits of the initiative, he adds him, will be donated to the victims of the palm.

The cloud of ashes and gases caused by the volcano de la Palma has led to the cancellation of operations at the airport and a deterioration in the quality of the air, which is now not good, but regular. The Lava del Volcán de la Palma was bifurcated this Thursday afternoon direction to the sea devastating with more bananas crops, buildings and water tanks.

In addition, earthquakes have increased in intensity and frequency, up to a maximum magnitude of 4.3, but they are maintained at great depth, so "nothing makes it think" that there may be new emitter spotlights from the cone formed at the old summit from On September 19, as they fear the neighbors of Fuencaliente and Villa de Mazo, in whose subsoil the tremors are located, according to the spokesmen of the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (pevolca).

Those responsible for the emergency device will meet with the neighbors of these municipalities to transmit tranquility because neither the seismic movements nor the gas pressure nor the deformation of the terrain point to a new volcanic focus.

But they will also inform them of the protocols in case of evacuation, since in a volcanic crisis, the conditions are changing and may vary from one day to each other.

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