Volcano in La Palma, the live eruption | Evacuate three populations after opening another eruptive mouth

The Old Summit Volcano, which entered eruption last Sunday in La Palma, is still in an explosive phase and its ashes have already reached the island of La Gomer

Volcano in La Palma, the live eruption |
 Evacuate three populations after opening another eruptive mouth

The Old Summit Volcano, which entered eruption last Sunday in La Palma, is still in an explosive phase and its ashes have already reached the island of La Gomera, in a fine form.

The gase column of the eruption already reaches a height of six kilometers above sea level and has been found that the main casting, the oldest, has been fried and advanced at a speed of less than 1 meter per hour, although it has appeared A new lava tongue along the south flank. Likewise, it is discarded that acid rain occurs in the next 24 hours, which in any case, would not generate damage to the vegetation unless persistent.

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has appeared this Friday from La Palma, where he has confirmed that the area affected by the eruption of the volcano will be declared "catastrophic area". The Council of Ministers will approve it on Tuesday. "The palm trees and palm trees know that they have the solidarity of all Spaniards," said the president, who has also confirmed that he is working on a reconstruction plan on the island.

In the area there is an important bewilder because people do not know for sure where the evacuation border is. And also cuts the main connection path of this slope with the capital.

The Civil Guard is visibly nervous. They take curious from the point from which they evacuate, at km 5 of the LP-212: "Look, here none of us are an elite athletes. If you burst the volcano, we are brought up all, to you and me. Allev yourself at least 500 meters for your safety. You can only be neighbors and security forces. "

Pedro and Valeria have evacuated five minutes ago. They have only been able to take the dog and a couple of mutes that had prepared. They live 800 meters from the volcano. "We live normally except for the roars of the volcano."

At the moment they stay in a house of their son, Pedro Carmona, which is 2,800 meters from the volcano. The limit to evacuate is about 2,500 meters and to confine between 2,500 and 3,000, reports Gonzalo Suárez, special envoy from the world to La Palma.

The Volcanological Institute of Canary Islands has announced that a new eruptive mouth has been opened on the active cone flank and is monitoring this new fissure and a new casting.

The Directorate of the Special Plan for Civil Protection at Volcanic Risk (Pevolca) has ordered this afternoon the mandatory evacuation of the population that still remained in the neighborhoods of Tajuya, Tacande from above and Tacande from below.

The evacuees should go to the football field of El Paso. In a message issued by the 112 of the Canary Islands, the pebolca explains that the explosiveness of the eruption that began on Sunday has intensified and has increased the expulsion of pyroclastic material. The ash emission is increasingly stronger.

The island of La Palma has reached 24 hours without earthquakes, since the last one registered by the National Geographic Institute (IGN) in this insular territory, where the eruption of the volcano is located, is set at 13.22 hours of this Thursday.

Specifically, this earthquake of magnitude 2.2 occurred at a kilometer depth south of the municipality of El Paso, where the eruption of the volcano is located.

The Cáceres Association Humanitarian Aid has initiated a product collection campaign that need those affected from the Palma Volcano, such as clothing, shoes, hygiene products and non-perishable food.

Therefore, he has requested the help of a company or particular who can collect such products in Cáceres, Badajoz or any other municipality of Extremadura.

Cáceres Humanitarian aid has been contacted with the City Council of La Palma, and all the products that are collected will be transported thanks to the post initiative.

Tenerife firefighters have had to retire from the neighborhood of allow, through which the lava advances slowly, due to an intensification of the explosive phenomenon and the increase of pyroclasts and ash that are falling in the area.

Through social networks, Tenerife firefighters, who were performing preventive tasks in allow, indicate that they have retired at indications of the advanced command post on 14:00 hours.

They have also published a video in which you can see the fall of piroclasts of a considerable thickness on the windshield and the hood of one of its vehicles and a remarkable accumulation of ash on the road.

Iberia has decided to cancel the flight that planned to operate this Friday afternoon between Madrid and the island of La Palma, as well as the return flight from the archipelago as a result of the evolution of the ash cloud.

This was also explained by a spokesman for the airline, who indicated that this decision responds to that the volcanic ash notices center has placed the island in red code.

In fact, Iberia's spokesman indicated that the company did operate the round-trip flights provided for this morning, as well as the rest of the operations since the eruption of the Old Summit volcano occurred last Sunday.

As for the operations planned for the coming days, he explained that the decision on flying or will not be taken according to the evolution of the ash cloud in the next days.

In addition, other companies of interinsular flights such as Canaryfly or Binter have also decided to cancel their operations scheduled for this afternoon at the airport of La Palma, as a spokesman for Aena in Canarias informed.

BINTER reports that the latest evolution of the ash cloud, from volcanic eruption in La Palma, has forced temporary cancellation from this time from flights with the island.

The airline has been forced to make this decision for causes of force majeure, since in the last hours the situation of the ash in suspension has worsened considerably. The paralysis of the operator will be maintained until the conditions improve and allow flying by guaranteeing safety. At this time it is not possible to do a forecast of when flights to La Palma may be resumed.

The pouring of the Palm volcano that reached the All-All neighborhood has reduced its speed up to 0.4 or 0.5 meters per hour, "practically does not move", while the one that remained stopped has reactivated and transported remains of the Crater after explosions registered on Wednesday.

That second cast, has detailed the technical director of the Volcanic Emergency Plan of La Palma (pevolca), Miguel Ángel Morcende, advances about 12 meters per hour, although it has come to peaks 33 meters / hour, and drag "small" blocks Dipped from the main emitter center of the four remaining assets.

It has abounded that a part of that cast "seems to take a different direction that is now under study, although it moves very slowly" and, in principle, "it has no greater tour of the speed it has so far," while the Another runs through the pre-existing "highway".

Our partner Alberto di Lolli tells us in situ that strong explosions are taking place at this time.

Some banking entities have been offered to channel donations for those affected by the volcano in La Palma through Bizum.

In the case of CaixaBank, the number is 03748, while that of boxes is 03776.

You can also contact the City Council of El Paso.

The State Meteorology Agency (AEMET), dependent on the Ministry for the ecological transition and the demographic challenge, has deployed in the atmospheric instrumental palm to monitor the emissions of the Old Summit volcano. This operation is operating from its installation last Wednesday.

This surveillance of the volcano smoke plume is carried out with atmospheric dispersion models, which serve to predict the evolution of smoke and need information about its height and emission rate. The incorporation of these data to the model will mean an improvement in its prediction capacity, the department led by Teresa Ribera reported this Friday.

For this, the AEMET has installed a ceilometer (a laser tool used to determine the height of the cloud base) in the Visitor Center of the San Antonio Volcano, south of La Palma. This location is ideal to observe the feather of smoke of the eruption, since it is the place of the island with less cloudiness.

A team of atmospheric optical researchers at the University of Valladolid has installed a photometer from the NASA network network by the ceilometer, which will allow you to determine optical and physical properties of aerosols and it will be of great scientific interest, and that will allow improved information. Thanks to the combined use of both appliances.

The Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, who visits this Friday together with the Minister of Consumer, Alberto Garzón, the island of La Palma after the eruption of the volcano, has assured that the "fundamental objective" now of the Government of Spain, From the Canary Islands and the Cabildo it is normalize "as soon as possible" the life of those affected.

Belarra has pointed out, in statements to journalists, that citizens of La Palma "are not alone" and for this the three administrations work "by hand" to solve "as soon as possible" the situation produced and "normalized as soon as possible Lives ", which considers" is the fundamental objective, "since it has admitted that they have traveled the island impacted by the images and reports but has recognized that it exceeds seeing first person as there are citizens who" have lost everything and their lives and his dailyities have disappeared. "

He has also affirmed that one of the "main problems" is the accommodation, since it understands that it is one of the "fundamental tools for people to redo their lives," he has pointed out that since the central executive is being given "All support for the Government of the Canary Islands to acquire those newly created housing that will allow people to redo their lives as soon as possible."

The Canary Government has approved this Friday a global item of 13 million euros to offer emergency aid to companies and people who have been in a situation of vulnerability by the eruption of the Palma Volcano and the opening of a permanent office to offer multidisciplinary support To those affected.

This has been announced by the president, Ángel Víctor Torres, after an extraordinary meeting of the Governing Council in La Palma, who has ratified the decision to acquire housing on the island for the neighbors who have run out of houses due to eruption, for what It will begin to make use, given the emergency, of the 39 million consigned for these purposes throughout the archipelago.

In addition to studying other possibilities to address this housing emergency, such as those that can offer modular units or cruises, if necessary, the Executive Canarian has initiated the study of legislative mechanisms that allow us to undertake a new floor management that enables The neighbors who wish to have near their usual environment their new home.

The Coordinator of the Geological Response Unit against Emergencies (URGE) of the Geological and Mining Institute (IGME), Raúl Pérez, believes that if the eruption of the Palma volcano is prolonged weeks, "It could be" that lava does not advance until the Mar, but if it lasts months, it is "difficult that it does not arrive".

Pérez says that while the volcano goes on eruption, "it will continue to push" Lava, "even if it moves slowly," and does not rule out that more languages could be formed through which magma advances.

Stresses that at this time the volcanic building is open and that on the ground they were able to observe last night how some lobes of the main cone decrease in front of others in just half an hour, so there is a possibility that one of the flanks collapse and the lava displays by a new address.

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has appeared this Friday from La Palma, where he has confirmed that the area affected by the eruption of the volcano will be declared "catastrophic area".

"In this we are all to one," the president has emphasized, which emphasizes that there will be "unity of institutions" to create a future plan for the palm. This plan will include, among other things, structural measures for the reconstruction of the island when eruption ends, an agrarian infrastructure plan, an energy plan that prevents transportation lines and energy distribution to the most affected areas of the island and a plan of Re-launch of tourism.

In addition, he has announced that the next conference of presidents who organize, will be in La Palma.

The Binter airline has reported that the evolution of ash cloud in recent days from volcanic eruption in La Palma has forced its program to change, from this Friday, September 24, canceling flights with the island that They are performed at night.

The airline has been forced to make this decision due to causes of force majeure, adapting the operation to the changing meteorological situation, preserving that it is carried out by guaranteeing safety.

At the moment, the rest of the flight programming in the archipelago continues to be developed normally.

On the other hand, the company is attending for the usual channels requests for changes or reimbursements that may be received by the passengers affected on these flights.

The airline is evaluating at all times the evolution of the situation in contact with the aeronautical authorities, waiting to have confirmation that all safety conditions are met to resume the ordinary operation.

The Government of Canary Islands and the Cabildo of La Palma, with the collaboration of the Diocese Nivarie, have proceeded to the transfer of the patrimonial property assets of the Church of San Nicolás de Bari, in La Palma, located in the neighborhood of Las Sales and Next to the place of the eruption of the volcano.

In this Church, declared a good cultural interest, technical personnel led by an expert team in restoration and conservation of cultural goods has transferred the patrimonial elements of its interior to an interim place that has facilitated the bishopric.

The ash that issues the new Volcano de la Palma affects the Telescopes of the Astrophysics Institute of Canarias (IAC) on the island, and have been closed to avoid damage to the mirrors, has said this Friday Juan Carlos Pérez, Administrator of the Observatory of the Boys roque.

Volcanic eruption began around 15.12 hours last Sunday and until Thursday the ash had not affected telescopes.

Pérez has explained that the ash density that has come to the Observatory area of the Boys is not very great, which is at an altitude of 2,396 meters, but has pointed out that despite this it can be a problem for mirrors Of the telescopes, especially of the optics, which are more sensitive.

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has ensured this Friday that the Government is working so that aids affected by the eruption of the palm materialize "as soon as possible". In an interview in TVE, Robles has emphasized that the arrival of aid to the neighbors of the affected areas is a "priority" and a "commitment" of the government, although she understands that citizens want "more than words".

On the work of the bodies and security forces of the State that are now in La Palma, Robles has moved that the Emergency Military Unit (UME) has offered the Emergency Directorate the possibility of reinforcement of psychologists to help the Affected by lava.

Likewise, ROBLES has explained that there are 184 troops and 68 vehicles of the UME in La Palma and that this Thursday a specialized mobile vehicle has reached the island to measure the level of gas contamination that occurs as a result of the eruption.

Volcanic eruption of Old Summit has generated two clouds of ash on both sides of the volcano but for now, air navigation is not affected and all the airports of Canarias operate normally, they point out from ENAIRE.

For now, the aviation code has been climbed at the red level by the eruptive column of gases and ash, so that air navigation is total security, and two restricted areas of airspace have been created to guarantee the operation of Emergencies

ENAIRE operated on Thursday a total of 730 entrance and exit flights in the Canary Islands and only some delays on inter-insular flights were recorded at the first hour at the airport of La Palma.

The Institute of Toxicology and Forensian Sciences under the Ministry of Justice has issued a series of recommendations this Friday so that the citizens of La Palma can protect themselves from the eruption, such as carrying FFP2 mask and not using lenses.

It is proper to the active volcanic eruptions the emission of ash particles and various toxic gases to the atmosphere, as well as metals. Among the toxic elements emitted are, mainly, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, hydrochloric acid, mercury, bromine or arsenic, among others.

It is also recommended to remain indoors if there is ash or acid rain in the environment, close doors and windows in homes and have turned off the air conditioning, ventilation or heating appliances.

The lava leaving the volcano de la Palma has made many crops disappear and those damages are joined by the ones that will now cause the ash, which already covers the sunlight and, with it, decreases the possibility that plants produce photosynthesis.

Sunday Ríos, Associate Professor of Vegetable Production of the Agrarian Engineering Section of the University of La Laguna, has explained that the ash could have some positive effect on the ground, but that will be long-term, because the eruption lasts its influence will be negative.

In La Palma, vineyard, potato, mining and banana crops predominate, the latter very present in the area of the plains of Aridane, where the lava approaches the sea.

The lava that comes out of Old Summit, in El Paso, has covered from Sunday a total of 180.1 hectares destroying so far 390 buildings, as well as 14 kilometers of roads, according to satellite follow-up of the COPRENICUS program of the European Union .

In this way, the lava covers 14 hectares rather than 11 hours ago, while the built buildings have also grown in 40 compared to Wednesday.

At the last minute of Thursday, the Director of the National Geographic Institute in Canarias, María José Blanco, has exposed that the Old Summit Volcano in La Palma maintains explosive phenomena, a stable speed in the deformations and a low-level seismicity, indicating that A lava wash practically has stopped, while the other advances "very slow".

The eruption of the Volcano of the Old Summit on the island of La Palma is still ongoing with more explosive phases and has already devastated about 240 hectares of land in a perimeter approaching 16 kilometers, according to the data provided by the Department of Safety National (DSN).

In its last situation report issued at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, the DNS also points to the column of gases or pen that leaves the volcano reaches 4,500 meters high.

Two active lava castings are kept. The one located further north is almost detained and has a maximum height of 12 meters while the South Front continues to move to 4 or 5 kilometers per hour with a height of 10 meters.

The eruptive spine on the island of La Palma, where the Old Summit volcano began to emanate Lava last Sunday, reaches 3,000 meters of altitude and the winds will direct these gases south, in the direction of the islands of El Hierro and La Gomera, as the State Meteorology Agency (AEMET) advances.

The spokesman for the AEMET, Rubén del Field, has pointed out that the gases are altered by the own heat of volcanic eruption and this causes a stream of permanent winds that is directed from the vicinity to the area of the eruption, above This surface area and up to 2,000 meters of altitude.

At the moment, the winds continue to blow from the northeast while at about 3,000 to 5,000 meters, the predominant wind direction will be southwest, which blows at a speed of about 40 or 50 kilometers per hour and will turn northwest to 5,000 meters altitude Latest Friday hours.

Thus, it forecasts that the emissions of the volcano during the day of Thursday and Friday will be directed south and will reach areas of iron, La Gomera and Tenerife areas.

The Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, and the Minister of Consumer, Alberto Garzón, visit the Island of La Palma on Friday, according to the United States, we can indicate.

Both have decided to move to the island to learn first hand the areas affected by the eruption of the Old Summit volcano and accompany the people displaced to the foster center.

They will also visit the municipality of El Paso, one of the most affected areas by volcanic eruption. In these visits, he will be accompanied by the counselor of social rights, equality, diversity and youth of the Government of the Canary Islands, Noemí Sánchez.

The United States leaders are following "with concern and attention" the events of the island and want to know it 'in situ' to make available to the Canary Islands "the necessary mechanisms and resources to alleviate this situation."

The rivers of fire that came out of the volcano in eruption Last Sunday are now an immense blackish structure whose movement is almost imperceptible, although it continues to expand and devastate land and housing in its path. The lava wash continues its advance from old summit towards the sea, but it makes it more and more slowly. A trend that will change, predictably, if it finds an inclination.

Read the full information of Ángel Díaz, with Graphics by Juan C. Sánchez, in the world.

There is a hotel south of La Palma, almost on the southernmost peak of the island, where around a hundred guests just smile or selfies with their cameras. If for them outside, they would not be here surrounded by huge pools and leafy gardens overlooking the Atlantic. They would prefer a simple hot soup with noodles in the living room of their homes to Self Service that now have free for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"Here he is glad about vacation, not having lost his house," says Rotundo Francisco Javier Martínez. "Right now my life and that of mine has been suspended. All this is tristric. I would immediately change this room and its views on the bed of my home."

Read the full information of Andros Lozano in the world.

The director of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) in Canarias, María José Blanco, has affirmed that the Old Summit Volcano in La Palma maintains explosive phenomena, a stable speed in deformations and a low-level seismicity.

According to the expert, a lava pouring has practically stopped-oriented further north- and the other advancement "very slow", about four meters per hour, something that is normal when they move away from the emission center, apart from that It has to drag the pre-material, part of the cold, and adapt to the topography of the terrain. The Lava Front is about 500 meters and in some sections, a height of 12 meters, and the column of gases of the volcano reaches maximum peaks of 4,500 meters.

White has said that "it is not expected" that there is acid rain due to the action of the alisios and that the quality of the air is good, and it has guaranteed that, before the slowness of the lava, neither this Thursday nor tomorrow Friday, it will reach sea.

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