Volcano in La Palma, the live eruption | The kings meet with the evacuated neighbors

The Kings Felipe and Letizia have visited the aquacodeling of El Fuerte on Thursday, in which people who were evacuated after the eruption of the Palma volcano

Volcano in La Palma, the live eruption |
 The kings meet with the evacuated neighbors

The Kings Felipe and Letizia have visited the aquacodeling of El Fuerte on Thursday, in which people who were evacuated after the eruption of the Palma volcano are housed. Meanwhile, the Canary Government has raised the number of homes that you want to buy to realize as well as those affected.

The City of Almenara will donate 6,000 euros for those affected by the eruption of the Old Summit volcano on the island of La Palma after contacting the mayor, stibe Pérez, with those responsible for the insular councilor, institution that is centralizing the various donations.

The Mayor of Almenara, Estíbaliz Pérez, has pointed out that "Almenara has been, is and will be a solidarity people," which has shown on numerous occasions and "now it will be less before such a dramatic situation as the inhabitants of The island of La Palma, who need all help. " "For that," Pérez continued, "we are going to make a donation of 6,000 euros, 1 euro per inhabitant, on behalf of the municipality of Almenara."

On the other hand, from the insular council of La Palma, it has been remembered that donations can be made as a personal capacity through Bizum or via transfer to allocate these contributions to aid for people who are suffering from the consequences of volcanic eruption.

The Government of the Canary Islands, through the Council of Public Works, is managing the purchase of 280 homes to accommodate families who have lost their homes for the eruption of the Palma Volcano.

Of that total amount, 257 homes are newly built, finished or to point to end, and the remaining 23, of a new promotion that the Canarian Institute of Housing (ICAVI) is finalizing in the municipality of El Paso and that will yield to face To this housing emergency.

Counselor Sebastián Franqui points in a statement that public company VisoCan is performing an analysis on the ground to locate and contact all empty housing owners on the island at this time.

Fruit of this work has been determined that you can be purchased and already placed at the disposal of the affected neighbors a first batch of something more than a hundred housing in next October.

In addition, Visocan staff has also located a dozen more promotions that would summarize at least 150 homes that may be available by the end of the year or early 2022.

The NGO SEO / BIRDLIFE has requested this Thursday that, once the emergency situation caused by the eruption of the volcano in La Palma, is evaluated, the impact on palm tree biodiversity is evaluated with a view to recovering the habitats of the harmful species.

In the current Action Radio of the Volcano, there are thirty species of birds linked to different habitats, many of them species or endemic subspecies at the Canarian or Macarisonic level, such as Canarian Gavilán, the Canary Single, the Pulgarian Canario or Night Raptures, Among other birds, the NGO has reported.

SEO / BIRDLIFE has therefore requested that the possibility of protecting the affected area is evaluated not only by geological interest, but also to guarantee a good state of conservation in the future. The environmental NGO has also assured that it will try to strengthen its monitoring of biodiversity on the island in order to offer information to the scientific community and the competent administrations.

The Volanological Institute of Canary Islands has disseminated these images of the eruption of the Palma Volcano. He started Sunday; It is, therefore, on its fifth day, and from that body reiterated that the detected process of magma drainage through the eruptive fissure in no case means a prognosis that the eruption will be finalized or that the magma is running out.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fishing and Food, Luis Flat, has explained that the Government of Spain is evaluating the damages caused in the agrarian sector by the eruption of the volcano in the palm to "give public coverage".

In his visit this Thursday to the Fair Livestock Figan 2021, in Zaragoza, plans has ensured the commitment and will of the Government of Spain to cover the "goods and employment destroyed," adding that the central executive is following "very much Close "Everything that is happening in the palm. "We are next to Canarias and all the citizens of La Palma in such a serious situation," he said.

Flat has announced that its ministry has a "very preliminary" assessment of the damage caused by the lava in the agricultural holdings of this territory. "In the livestock sphere, I can say with satisfaction and joy that it has been possible to move to 800 heads of goat" and "in beekeeping, it has been possible to move hives that were in the affected area," he said.

The president of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations (CEHAT), the Canary Jorge Marichal, has indicated that "in the medium term" the eruption of the Volcano de la Palma can be a tourist resource, although it wanted to make it clear that the first thing in These moments is to respond to affected families.

As a media questions in Oviedo, during the presentation of the next Congress of the hotel sector in the city, Marichal has described as "misunderstanding" the words of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Kings Maroto, in that regard.

"In a medium term, it can be a tourist destination by putting these natural phenomena into value. There is an opportunity in the medium time to turn it into an opportunity," he explained. However, she wanted to make clear that the first thing is to respond to families and has claimed a quick response to administrations "and that the solutions arrive now." "They need the opportunity to continue living in La Palma," she has indicated, to highlight the campaign to raise funds.

The land that the lava of the old summit volcano on the island of La Palma wins the sea will automatically be terrestrial maritime public domain, that is, property of the State, while the properties buried on the mainland by the magmatic casting will continue to be private. However, the State is obliged to protect this new well that is part of the geological heritage and therefore subject to the Law on Natural Heritage and Biodiversity, so that this may or may not expropriate such properties.

According to the Costa Law, the land or islands that are formed or are formed for natural causes in the territorial sea belong to the State Maritime Public Domain of the territorial sea or in the internal waters of the rivers, as far as the tides are sensitive. Therefore, these lands that predictably will win the Earth's maritime public domain will be inalienable, imprescriptible and affordable.

As long as these goods are public, the Spanish Constitution also establishes that both the maritime-terrestrial zone, as well as the beaches, the territorial sea and the natural resources of the economic zone and the continental platform, are regulated by the Heritage Law of the State and the National Heritage for its administration, defense and conservation.

The kings Felipe and Letizia have visited the aquacodeling of El Fuerte on Thursday, in which people who were evacuated from their homes as a result of the eruption of the Palma volcano are housed.

The kings came to aquacked accompanied by the presidents of the Governments of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, and of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, and were greeted by the mayor of Breña de Baja, Borja Pérez Sicily.

It is the first stop of the visit of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia to La Palma, where later he will attend a meeting of the scientific committee of the peblock and visit the advanced command post, as well as a shelter point of people evicted in the Llanos de Aridane.

Upon arrival they have spoken with some of the people who are in the aquacodeling, which came last Sunday, the day in which the volcanic eruption began.

Rubén López, an expert in Volcanology of IGN, affirms that at the moment they have not given the order to close air traffic, but that there are Maas smoke and that the wind also has turned towards the airport this morning.

There is a record that several companies do not want to fly, although they can, because the particles can stop the engines, reports Alberto di Lolli from La Palma.

Airspace in the vicinity of the new palm volcano in "no case" is restricted by the management of the gases cloud, but it is a measure to prevent them from flying over the same private drones or media, They have said Efe Sources of Enaire.

The Air Navigation Manager in Spain, ENAIRE, has restricted air traffic in the vicinity of the Old Summit to facilitate the operation of emergency services, without affecting trade to commercial flights, which do not fly over that scope.

This measure, requested by the government delegation in the Canary Islands, establishes two restricted zones, one that goes from the volcano and covers the route of the lava to the coast, and another that coincides that the restricted scope for the navigation decreed last Monday by The maritime captaincy of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The Cabildo de la Palma has announced this Thursday that after 11 pm, access will open, through the Tazacorte Highway, so that the farmers of Puerto Naos, La Hoya and the Row can access the cultivation areas and Proceed irrigation and fruit cutting.

For now, a total of six roads on the island, the plains of Aridane, Tajuya, are closed to ordinary traffic. Specifically, it is the LP-2 between kilometer 38 and 55.4, in its TAJUYA or LP-2132 from kilometer 0 to 3 to the passage through all.

In the plains of Aridane, those affected are the LP-211 between kilometer 0 and 4.7, the LP-213 between 3.3 and 14.2 and LP-215 from its start and up to the kilometer 4 , 36. The LP-212 is also closed at its passage through the pass from kilometer 0 to 3.3.

The main operators of the Spanish market (Telefónica, Orange, Vodafone and Masmod) have taken steps to support the inhabitants of the Island of La Palma after the eruption of the volcano with collection suspensions in their rates, better conditions and gifts of data bonuses Mobile

Thus, Orange announced last Tuesday that it will not charge the Internet fee to the customers of its operators (Orange, Jazztel and Simyo) and will give them a 35GB bonus.

For its part, according to EUROPA Press, MasMobile and Yoigo will give discounts of 50% during the middle of the month and MasMobile will give up 20 GB to customers.

Likewise, Pepephone charged since Monday's 50GB on the mobile lines for free and suspended the collection since September 19 of the optical fiber invoice, as well as Router's returns.

In addition, Pepeenergy will 50% reduce the invoice of customers' light in September.

In the case of Vodafone, since last Wednesday it has made unlimited data available to customers and has reinforced its network to grant greater connection, according to a statement.

Telefónica explained to Europe Press that the company has active in the area since last Saturday and that day 18 suspended the billing of its fixed Internet and telephone services, as well as any procedure or return that Movistar customers should do until The situation is resolved.

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Kings Maroto, has explained that the Government is now focusing on serving the Realojo and the rest of the urgent needs of people affected by the eruption of the Old Summit volcano and once they pass "these days so Difficult "It will be time to" evaluate losses "and" in the field of tourism work to reposition the destination and help the palmers overcome this catastrophe. "

Maroto, after visiting a pilot leisure and tourism project developed with 5G technology in València, recalled that the kings travel this Thursday to the Island of La Palma with the intention of being interested in the situation of the thousands of affected accompanied by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

In that sense, he has insisted that "the urgent now is to attend to the family and those affected and in that is what all the administrations are being turned in a coordinated and exemplary manner". In that sense, he has highlighted "The Solidarity Network" that has been deployed in La Palma and the Canarian Archipelago so that affected families have "a home to live, even clothes".

The regional government has publicly expressed "all solidarity" and all its "affection" on behalf of all Murcia to the inhabitants of the island of La Palma "by the terrible consequences that are living by the eruption of the Old Summit Volcano".

This has been known to know the spokeswoman of the Murciano Government, Valle Miguélez, who has recalled that the President of the Murcian government, Fernando López Mirazas, has put "from the first moment" at the disposal of local authorities "emergency resources and resources Given this eruption. "

The company Bunter, main airline for interinsular flights in the Canary Islands, has decided to maintain its operations this Thursday at the airport of La Palma once has analyzed meteorological conditions and despite the arrival of ash to the deck airport coming from volcanic eruption.

Up to six flights between islands have suffered delays throughout the morning but sources of Aena specify Europe Press that the airport is fully operational and this Thursday has provided 48 operations.

The National Deputy Secretary of Territorial Policy of the PP, Antonio González Terol, has proposed the Government of Spain that it creates an ICO plan for the island of La Palma that allows to deal with the destruction that is caused by volcanic eruption that suffers these days.

In statements to the media, on the occasion of their visit to the International Fair for Animal Production, Figan 2021, which is held in Zaragoza, the "popular leader 'has claimed that it is" already "with that plan" so that Subsidies reach administrations and families "and" can recover a normal life, when the eruption ceases. "

Laerupión del Volcán in La Palma has awakened a wave of solidarity by companies, associations and individuals who want to help hundreds of families who have already been affected by evictions.

For this reason, in the last hours, initiatives of all kinds have been launched: Banks have made available to the neighbors who need it empty housing, several town halls have opened bank accounts in which to make donations from anywhere in the world and On the island, multiple aid points have been enabled in which clothing, footwear donations can be made, etc. If you want to help, here we leave you the way you do it.

Know all the initiatives in this link.

The State Agency of Meteorology discarded this Thursday that some episode of acid rain is going to be produced in the peninsula and the Balearic Islands due to the gases that spits the Old Summit volcano, on the island of La Palma, and considered "unlikely" and, in Every case, "punctual" that takes place in the Canary Islands.

The AEMET spokesman, Rubén del Campo, indicated, in statements collected by servimedia, which, according to the MocaGE polluting dispersion model - compliant by this agency -, there has been no "significant arrival" of substances from the eruptive focus to the peninsula.

"The occurrence of acid rainfall is discarded in the surroundings of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands," he said of the field.

The president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, has called this morning to his counterpart by Canarias, Ángel Víctor Torres, to move the support and solidarity of this autonomous community to his, before the situation of crisis generated by the eruption of the old summit volcano On the island of La Palma.

In addition, the Cantabrian region has placed all its means available to the authorities of the archipelago, and also from the Government of Spain, to initiate the collaborative lines that are necessary, both in the tasks that are already being developed as in those that leave To carry out.

The insurance compensation consortium (CCS) has reported that until Wednesday it had received forty requests for compensation for damages caused by volcanic eruption that began on Sunday in La Palma.

Compensation requests, from the plains of Aridane and El Paso, correspond to 33 homes, 5 cars, 1 trade and 1 industry and, given that the eruption continues active, the experts have not been able to access the affected areas, so That the consortium does not have estimates of the number of expected sinisters or the cost of indemnizable damage.

The 40 compensation requests received have been assigned to the corresponding insurance experts, which will immediately contact the insured to schedule the damaged risk visit and report the steps to be followed and the documentation to be prepared to facilitate assessment as quickly possible.

The National Federation of Associations of Autonomous Workers (ATA) proposed a series of extraordinary measures to support the autonomous of the palm, affected by the eruption of the volcano.

ATA, which calls for the urgent approval of these measures in the Council of Ministers next Tuesday, September 28, raises an extraordinary provision due to the cessation of activity for those autonomous that have been forced to suspend its activity due to causes of force majeure. This measure, proposes, would be a provision of 75% of its contribution base during the next six months, or have no qualified period, and the exemption of 100% of its apparent of autonomous during the same period, as well as an enlargement Six months from the autonomous flat rate for those who are currently beneficiaries of that reduction.

Enaire reports that two areas have been restricted in the air space of La Palma, which could only operate military or emergency aircraft. The airport remains open, although with delays, while companies, as Binter, are deciding if they cancel some flights.

One of these areas is over the sea and the other on earth. These are areas where commercial aircraft do not fly and, therefore, were not subject to restrictions. This measure, therefore, is not motivated by the ash cloud, but with the objective of "facilitating the expected operation in the emergency plan" and that the work of aircraft (manned and drones) of security forces and security bodies of the State, emergency services and scientific agencies (Oceanographic Institute, AEMET, CSIC ...) "is not altered by the presence of particular drones." The presence of private drones in these areas began to be a problem for the operation of Emergency when dealing with uncontrolled areas, on which trade planes are not overwhelmed and on which, therefore, there were no restriction in principle when flying a drone.

Read the full information by Raquel Villaceja.

The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has returned to offer this Wednesday all the help of the regional government to the island of La Palma, in Canarias, affected by the eruption of the Old Summit Volcano.

"I want to transmit our support, our closeness and solidarity with all the inhabitants of La Palma whose administrations we give them all our help in case necessary," the Madrid President has begun his Thursday's intervention at the Plenary of the Assembly of Madrid.

The airport of La Palma remains operational despite the volcanic eruption that affects the island since last Sunday, although the first delays that affect six interinsula flights with Tenerife and Gran Canaria have begun.

The ash of the volcano has already begun to arrive by the area of the Mazo airport but for now, nor Aena ni Enaire, the air navigation manager in Spain, have activated any restriction.

In fact, a total of 679 flights were operated on Wednesday and there were no incidents in La Palma, and for this Thursday, 48 operations are foreseen. However, other information points to a possible closure because air particles could affect aircraft engines.

The lava leaving the volcano of 'Old Summit', in El Paso (La Palma), has covered since the eruption began this Sunday, September 19, a total of 166 hectares and has already destroyed 350 buildings, according to follow-up by Satellite of the COPRENICUS program of the European Union.

In this way, the lava already covers 14 hectares rather than 36 hours, while the buildings devastated at their passage have also grown in thirty in relation to the past Tuesday, September 21.

The technical director of the pevolca, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, pointed out in his appearance of this Wednesday that the Old Summit Volcano has entered an area of "Mini Stability" that is not known how much it will last and although it is "quite explosive", the Lava castings have slowed down and move very slowly, four kilometers per hour.

The population of La Palma does not have to worry about the air that breathes at this time because it is not harmful to your health. All the analysis of air quality that the Military Emergency Unit (UME) is performing negative results.

This ensures it in an interview with EFE José Antonio Gamarra, subtenant of the 184-troops' quota operations core of the UME displaced to the palm to collaborate on the emergency device launched on the occasion of the eruption of the Old Summit Volcano.

"The problem is with the gas that is coming out now, which is a virgin gas, has not yet been refined, there has been no contact with the atmosphere, but, in principle, the analyzes are giving negative", so "there is no Risk for the population, "says EFE.

Read the full information on this link.

The Palma Police has reported several media that drones with thermal cameras to persecute people who are taking advantage of the evacuation of houses threatened by the volcano to steal inside.

These thieves are taking advantage of the owners had to go out in a hurry before the arrival of lava without practically nothing, time taken for the pillage.

Thenotaries of the Canary Islands are added to the wave of solidarity with those affected by the eruption, as before the Canaria press, Alfonso Cavallé, Natural de los Llanos de Aridane.

His contribution, which will be fundamental when the eruptive phase ends, will consist of auxiliary for free to residents who have lost all with the inexorable lava pouring and, for different reasons, had not made the corresponding deed of their properties, something that, Unfortunately, it is common in agricultural areas like the one that concerns us. From the transcendental importance of the matter, it realizes the fact that, without this deed, it would be impossible to perceive public aid promised by the different administrations.

For this, explains Cavalé, it is necessary to resort to the so-called "minutes of notoriety and other legal instruments", given that they will serve to justify legal situations from which rights can be generated "such as receiving such aid.

That your home has been devoured by the lava of a volcano and with it your memories, your family photos, your documents and your most personal objects supposes a personal drama but also, warn experts in psychology and psychiatry, generates a post-traumatic stress that can Leave trace for many years.

He explains to Efe Rafael Santandreu's clinical psychologist, whoever warns natural adversities such as tsunamis, earthquakes, torrential rains or volcanic eruptions such as the palm, cause post-traumatic stress and leave for years of anxiety, panic attacks and depression high school.

Santandreu, Exproofesor of Ramón Lluch University, in Barcelona, details that post-traumatic stress for a natural catastrophe behaves worse than in other cases, as robbing or even warlike conflicts, since it drags the idea that the individual is totally helpless before any Natural phenomenon and generates a permanent alert state and anxiety before minor issues.

And he warns that this state of alert maintained at time ends up deriving in depression and can become totally invalidating for the person who suffers it.

Santandreu, author of the book 'without fear', insists that evacuees should not "keep trauma or try to avoid it" because doing so worsens the disorder and "creates a ghost of incredible dimensions" that, finally, carries serious long-term consequences.

And advises the evacuees and affected by the volcano de la Palma to resort to psychologists. "The scare for a natural fact is greater because it is atavically a special fear, and if nature fails you generates uncontrolled terror," he warns.

What can happen with that rain of ash that falls from the sky? What damages can produce and who can be their victims? The answer is all: both people and animals, both crops and machines. Not only lava causes irreversible damage: eye with the ash, which "is not turkey mucus". A progress: You can even pull down airplanes.

"For the human being it can be a serious health problem, because this dust people end up eating it even if they do not realize, and can cause them throat problems and a very important toxicity," explains the vulcanologist José Luis Barrera, Professional of header of the college of geologists.

"This ash is made of silicates, iron and magnesium, is actually magma from the volcano that becomes, in contact with cold air, as it is called volcanic glass, which is not as if people eat bread grated, but A quite dangerous thing ", the vulcanologist explodes.

"To protect yourself from that, you have to put on a mask, and also cover as much as possible, which can also suffer when entering these silicates, which are very toxic to the human body," shelter.

Read the full information of Quico Arsedo.

Sareb, the Spanish Association of Banking (AEB), ECSC and the National Union of Credit Cooperatives (UNACC) have made available to those affected by the eruption of the volcano in La Palma, "for free and as long as necessary," the Homes that currently have available in conditions of habitability on the island and in other nearby areas.

In a statement, the associated financial entities have explained that thereby intend to contribute, together with the administrations and the rest of the institutions, "to the temporary real one of the evicted people".

"With this commitment, financial institutions are joined by the effort that is being made from civil society and public administrations to meet the needs of the families and neighbors of the Palma affected by these serious circumstances with the available means at its scope", They have indicated.

Now, entities are identifying "the number of homes that meet these requirements to be able to make them available in the shortest possible time".

"How much time could last the current volcanic eruption on the old summit? It is a very assiduous question that they ask us," said the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute on their Facebook account yesterday. "Using the data we know about the duration of historical eruptions occurred on the island of La Palma, a possible answer to this easy question could be obtained," the scientific organization continued.

"Therefore, it would be acceptable to convey that we move in the range of a duration between 24 and 84 days, with a geometric average of the agenda of 55 days," he concluded Involcan in his response to such a pressing question as, Actually, impossible to answer with certainty. What is clear is that we do not find ourselves before a punctual emergency, nor do we know if the worst has already happened.

The estimate is based on the previous eruptions documented on the island of La Palma. The first one whose duration there is constancy is also the longest: the explosion of Tehuya, in 1585, which lasted for 84 days. The most recent, Teneguía in 1971, lasted 24 days and is the shortest one that is remembered.

Read the full information of Ángel Díaz.

The kings are going to visit the island of La Palma on Thursday to move their support and solidarity to the people who have been affected by the eruption of the Summit Volcano trip after the lava has devastated their homes or threaten to do so.

Don Felipe and Doña Letizia will be accompanied by the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, who returns to the island after flying directly from New York, where he has intervened at the General Assembly of United Nations.

The visit will begin at noon in the aquacodes the fort, in the town of Breña Baja, where more than a hundred of around 5,500 people evacuated have been rejoiced.

The lava of the Volcano Old Summit in La Palma has lost speed this Wednesday but progressed without brake, multiplying the havoc at its path before the impotence of the neighbors.

The lava "has slowed down but continues its inexorable path," said Angel Víctor Torres, Regional President of the Canary Islands, advising neighbors not to try anything against it and avoid maneuvers that endanger them.

"Faced with the advance of the lava, which has enough height, nothing can be done," he admitted. "Neither a barricade, nor a ditch, nor a parapet stop in any way the advance of lava. I hope it is, but it is, it is impossible."

The eruption, which began on Sunday, razed 154 hectares and destroyed 320 buildings, reported on Wednesday the European Copernicus geospatial measurement system, in a remarkable increase with respect to its previous data.

The arrival of lava to the sea awakens fear for the reactions it causes, and had been discontinued. However, it is no longer safe because the decrease in magma has been losing speed.

"La Coladas advance very slowly, 12 meters have advanced in 12 hours," said the regional president.

The entrance into the sea of lava of the Palma volcano will cause a "spectacular and dense" vertical cloud of water vapor that will not be toxic, but that will force the perimeter of security, evacuate the area and prohibit navigation, according to The Vice-Rector of the Geominero Institute of Spain (IGME), Luis Somoza.

In statements to EFE, this scientist has described as "spectacular phenomenon" the entrance of lava in the Atlantic Ocean and has said that the dimensions of the vertical vapor cloud that will cause will depend on the "fall front" and the width of each wash.

In any case, Somoza has ensured that the water vapor cloud is safe for health, although it will carry some particle of the toxic gases that emanate from the volcano but, has insisted that its concentration is foreseen so low that it is not Dangerous for living beings.

What he has warned is that the water on the west coast of the palm affected by the eruption will become more cloudy because lava ash, by coming into contact with marine water, generate glazed particles that cause "a pen of segment "that floats in the sea and remains transparency.

Another consequences of the arrival of lava to the sea, has added this expert, is the rise in the water temperature in the entrance area of the cast, a phenomenon that, as reported, will have an impact on the marine ecosystem of the area And above all, he will harm fishing.

Somoza has added, however, that the fishing activity will take to recover "about six months", as it has said that it happened on the island of El Iron when in October 2011 the volcano Teneguía entered eruption in the middle of the sea and fishing He saw affected for some time.

Date Of Update: 23 September 2021, 09:48

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