We can mark as a red line to the PSOE do not repeat the photo of the Azores if there is a conflict in Ukraine

Discussion will not be the red line. Despite the powerful response of United can the idea of mobilizing troops east of Europe by the crisis in Ukraine, the mi

We can mark as a red line to the PSOE do not repeat the photo of the Azores if there is a conflict in Ukraine

Discussion will not be the red line. Despite the powerful response of United can the idea of mobilizing troops east of Europe by the crisis in Ukraine, the minority member of the Council of Ministers will comply with the decisions adopted by the Government but will seek to unmarked from the PSOE, who warns that stability From the coalition runs serious risk of fracture if Spain finally participates actively in any type of armed conflict.

Since Thursday afternoon, the nervousness is in the purple circles. A progressive government, believe, "can not afford the same mistakes" that those committed by José María Aznar two decades ago. «You can not repeat the photo of the Azores," repeat from the entrails of the party in the same way that the NO to the war resonates already in the Council of Ministers as a warning to the PSOE, to which the purple ones ask for reflection and "that think well »Their decisions in the next dates, which seem decisive in the future of possible conflict in Ukraine.

Few responses have been as forceful in the two years of legislature as the one executed by we can and its satellites in the last 48 hours. A campaign against the "Furor Pro-USA" that ripped out former vice president Pablo Iglesias and who seconded a large number of purple leaders. Subsequently, we can and IU published two communications in which they showed their "rejection" to sending troops and urged the "NATO solution". Yesterday, Ministers IONE Belarra and Irene Montero set the United NEADA refusal in the Council of Ministers: "We bet by avoiding military maneuvers in the area." Yolanda Díaz, confined by Coronavirus, was silent as much as a good part of the parliamentary partners of her -eh Bildu, BNG, Commitments, more country and the Cup-faced and added to the critique initiated by the purple.

The news that came from yesterday from Geneva, Kiev or Moscow relaxed tensions in East European, and also in the Council of Ministers, where he gained weight the theory that Spain will bet on the "dialogue" as a way of Solution and, at most, will participate together with its European partners in deterrence. A possible scenario that either pleases the purple, but who will not be opposed or threatened the health of the executive. Aware of arithmetic in the government team, they will respect the work of outdoor and defense, but without ceasing to express their opposition to any militarized solution of the problem in Ukraine.

A resistance that, as has already occurred before, was sharply disavowed by the socialist branch: the foreign policy of our country, the Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, the Pedro Sánchez brand and is determined every Tuesday in the Council of Ministers, Where united we can have five wallets.

The opposition also lamented the lack of "coherence" from the government in block. The leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Married, yesterday claimed to the United Ministers we can "clarify" if they support the military decisions of the government that themselves sustain. In addition, the President of the Popular asked the Vice President Yolanda Diaz to give to know her opinion to know if she beings with the ministers of her, who are "against NATO and in favor of Russia."

The clash between the PSOE and united we can on this matter is absolute, but not new. In few issues there are both partners and foreign policy. Los Purities clearly define their position in their political document: "We will work for the construction of a Pacific International Order in which Spain and the EU stand out for their active role in the search for solutions dialogued to conflicts and give political and financial support to the Current processes of peace. (...) It is necessary to build a new collective security scheme for Europe that exceeds the current NATO umbrella and is based on the interests of our region ». That is, the demands that now cry and defend regarding the crisis in Ukraine and that have generated skirts with the PSOE.

Tensions that arrive at a complicated year startup in the Council of Ministers. A few days to start the electoral campaign in Castilla y León and trying to give a folder to the controversy about the intensive livestock unleashed by Alberto Garzón, the Executive is having more difficulties as expected to attack the necessary support to validate the labor reform. In this sense, the purple refuse to use the wildcard of citizens - which do not discard the socialists - and urge listening and negotiate with the investiture partners to articulate a progressive block that gives green light to the remodeling of labor scaffolding.

Nine formations Last minute yesterday, nine parties issued a joint statement "to avoid a new war": we can, IU, Green Alliance, in Comu Podar, Eh Bildu, BNG, Compromis, more country and CUP.

«More tension». The deployment of NATO is "perceived by Russia," they say, as a "military threat" that adds "more tension" to an area that "has already suffered too much" lately.

I brake the inclusion of Ukraine. They also ask Ukraine's plans to enter NATO to understand that it is a "rupture" of the commitments acquired by this organization.

Date Of Update: 22 January 2022, 00:31

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