We can trust Yolanda Díaz to lead the left and that the PSOE does not put limits in the government

We can want to be "Compass" in the "country horizon" drawn by Yolanda Díaz. The role that the purple party will play in the new schemes of the Second Vice

We can trust Yolanda Díaz to lead the left and that the PSOE does not put limits in the government

We can want to be "Compass" in the "country horizon" drawn by Yolanda Díaz. The role that the purple party will play in the new schemes of the Second Vice President of the Government remains an unknown, but since the training and to specify what is its objective for the medium term: take advantage of Diaz's thrust to become a first progressive force.

Suffer theory to the PSOE - which picked up strength in 2016 - has been in Boca de Ione Belarra since it was elected General Secretary of We can in June. But now it adapts to the way and time asking for Díaz, it claims to create "a country horizon" for "next decade". With these same terms, paraphrasing the Vice President, they express themselves in we can develop the idea of the PSOE advance. They do so on its new roadmap, departure from the manifesto de conclusions drafted after the party's UNI, which has accessed the world.

An extensive, 34-page written, which reveals the "possible utopia" that handles in we can: do not have the "limits" that the PSOE has put to be the minority partner of the Executive. "We come from seeing how the escape of the corrupt emeritus was allowed to a theocratic dictatorship," the residents accuse their government partner, to which they take responsibility for the problems that the coalition has lived these two years of legislature.

They also criticize "how a bureaucratic design was imposed on the minimum vital income that threatens to derail" or "how the trans law was attempted, reducing the fallen benefits of the sky of the electrical or the regulation of rentals", and blame The Socialists of "HOW POSTED EIGHT MONTH MONTS The rise in the minimum interprofessional wage in 2021", among other reproaches. "In our country, there will only be profound changes when we will face the government as the majority part," Zanjan.

What are these "limits" that you do not want, we can put the PSOE? Some of its great historical claims: a "change of course" in fiscal matters, travel towards a long-term care model at home to minimize residences, "eliminate the anti-democratic embarrassment of the rogged vote", achieve "secularity of the state "To be, they say," a decent country "or defend the public services of the" claws of the vulture funds ".

With this document, the path that we can seek to follow in terms of legislature is traced and at a time they consider "a historical point of inflection". It has been speculated with the support that the owners would provide to the "wide front" that Díaz is designing, more if it is possible when at the meeting of the Vice President with Monica Oltra and Ada Colau in Valencia - still without date, and the one who is also invited the Leader of more Madrid, Monica García- will not be counted with the expected presence of we can. An event, however, in which no project will be launched, as Oltra and Colau have noticed, and that will serve to continue developing the dialogue process called Diaz. With this statement of intentions, we can close rows around the project of the work minister, even without knowing the role that the purple brand will play on this new platform. "We can be a tool," counts about a purple source.

"We must work to expand our own political space to new social sectors, references of civil society and other forces who want to work hands on an exciting country horizon," they demand in the manifesto the purple, in terms very similar to those that You are using the work minister about your plan, of which you are barely known data. In fact, it is not even confirmed if it will be presented as a candidate in the upcoming general elections.

We may have been delivered to Diaz as a possible solution to the loss of adepts and confidence that the party lives practically progressively since 2015. The Vice-Chairperson is one of the best-valued leaders, according to the last cis barometer. On the contrary, the other four members of the United States can in the Government --e Belarra, Irene Montero, Alberto Garzón and Manuel Castells - occupy the latest positions in terms of rating. Díaz, in addition, wakes up more and more sympathy among socialist voters, which can end up being a threat in the fight for leadership on the left.

However, both the goal of Díaz - sustain the left - like that of Belarra -Lider the left - barely tours without a good sustenance of the bases. We can suffer a strong problem of progressive territorial disconnection for a lustro. Circles, groupings and social movements have been deactivated and, although today we can part of the government, it does not have the thrust and the mobilization with which it was born in 2014, as an echo of 15-m. In addition, internal wars in various autonomies, such as Andalusia or Valencian Community, have evidenced the unbridled dismembered that accuses.

"The most important task is to strengthen the political project and its organization in every corner of our country," pour out in their manifesto. Ione Belarra commissioned Lilith Verstrynge the work of rearticulating the match and ramify it again at the state level in his choice search. She also endowed with greater weight on the game executive to various regional leaders. Now, in addition, the party wants to achieve "increase territorial institutional representation". That is, reweaving the action of the party from each neighborhood board or town hall.

On the other hand, we can emphasize and remember the PSOE what your team of partners should always be and who should be supported. As detailed in the outgoing letter of the autumn UNI, we can see as "strategic allies" of the Government Block to the "Catalan political forces and Basque", such as ERC or Eh Bildu, who have been fundamental for the coalition that form The executive articulated a majority in numerous parliamentary issues, such as the previous budget approval.

"We must take care of this progressive and plurinational majority," they warn from the PSOE, to respect and dialogue despite the existing differences with some of these formations. "They are independence and we are not", in the same way, they say, that "the PSOE is monarchical and we are not".

Updated Date: 17 October 2021, 04:28

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