We confront the new variant with a more powerful shield

The ghost of past Christmas has returned. But we are no longer the same. This year we receive it armed with vaccines, test and, supposedly, greater knowledg

We confront the new variant with a more powerful shield

The ghost of past Christmas has returned. But we are no longer the same. This year we receive it armed with vaccines, test and, supposedly, greater knowledge of what their uses and customs are. I say supposedly because, although in theory we know everything, in practice we tend to relax. Living together with the virus, precisely, do not forget about him but to have it very present.

Immersed on the most juicy bridge of the year and with parties peeking, these are the measures that we can not put aside if we want to prevent the ghost of the past Christmas to give us a scare again.

Vaccines are undoubtedly the key part of the prevention strategy . Although the rate of vaccination against the coronavirus in Spain is very good compared to other countries , there are groups of people , especially the girl band in which still must make an effort . The third dose and childhood immunization are the following challenges . Given the doubts that are emerging around the famous booster and vaccines in children between 5 and 11 years, it is now more necessary than ever pedagogy. Pedagogy by healthcare professionals who are in the trenches and also by the health authorities to provide clear and concise information to the subject.

Since the month of July, the antigen tests are dispensed without the need for a prescription in pharmacies. The uncomfortable test with Nasopharyngeal sample socket have given way to other options more comfortable in which the sample socket can perform it by the user at the bottom of the nose or by saliva. Last year the antigen tests were a dark object of desire, ran like gunpowder in the black market, but there is no excuse. Now they are available at the corner pharmacy and the price is assumable, around 5-7 € (this week we have known that they will even be distributed free of charge in some autonomous communities such as Madrid). Before a company dinner, from any family reunion or with friends, it is more than advisable to do a previous test (thereof or not symptoms). It is not infallible, but it can be a good firewall.

We all want to meet with the full family, but unfortunately this year will not be the best time to ride a party to the Sicilian. And, eye, it is not only important to limit the number of people at meetings, but the number of meetings with different people, which is something that is usually insisted. If today we have a company dinner, tomorrow the soccer team and after tomorrow the traditional food with the cousins, we are multiplying the options that our new omicron enemy in our lives.

Not by repeated, the message must be less force. There is evidence that the use of the mask reduces, depending on the environmental viral face and exposure time, between 20 and 50% contagion and if we are vaccinated much better. Now, the mask must be well adjusted (something that we have not yet learned at all) and be adequate for each context. We insist: FFP2 type for crowded places (especially in risk people) and surgical or hygienic type for smaller spaces. Although outdoors is not necessary, it is not necessary at the center of some cities, especially in the agglomerations that occur during the days prior to Christmas. The washing of hands, although we know that the transmission by fosters is not the main route of contagion, continues to be a fundamental strategy in the prevention of infectious diseases in general.

Next to the three musketeers always goes d'artagnan ... and in this case d'artagnan is ventilation. Once we have sufficient evidence about the transmission of the virus by aerosols, the windows should be more open and the CO2 meters should be more present in our lives. No, I do not say that we put a CO2 meter on the Christmas Eve table next to the prawns. But, since the common sense on cracking is scarce, it would be convenient that, in bars, restaurants, offices, etc. It will be counted with devices that alert that the environment is loaded and that the time has come to open (even more) the windows or to clear the premises. Notice to navigators: HEPA filters now adorn the cup bars next to the extinguisher are very well, but nor replace natural ventilation (it is a complementary measure), nor of course avoid contagion if next to the HEPA filter you are singing A scream peeled C. Tangana, Cup in hand and without mask, next to your soul friend.

In summary: test, mask, hand washing, distance, more ventilation, fewer contacts and ... Vacúnense who can. As simple and difficult at the same time to prevent the Ghost of Christmas past from being the protagonist of our story.

Date Of Update: 07 December 2021, 04:47

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