We tried the Surface Laptop Studio: a crazy idea for a great laptop

A few years ago it was easy to cross out any boring laptop. Everyone had more or less the same aspect and used similar components. Today the situation is ve

We tried the Surface Laptop Studio: a crazy idea for a great laptop

A few years ago it was easy to cross out any boring laptop. Everyone had more or less the same aspect and used similar components. Today the situation is very different. Touch screens have served as a catalyst for the entire industry. Laptops are still very similar to each other in the interior, but new formats and designs allow laptops to adapt to all kinds of situations.

The Surface Laptop Studio of Microsoft is perhaps the most extreme case of this trend, a little crazy idea but it works for a certain type of users. It is not yet for sale in Spain but it will arrive in the coming months.

We have been able to prove it for several weeks and the conclusion is that it has important successes, although it is a little ballasting in performance for certain scenarios. It is the most powerful portable of the Surface range, but if you stand out for something it is more for the versatility of your screen and its good image quality.

The Laptop Studio is a laptop that transforms into tablet. Until here little surprise. Of many models in the market you can say the same. What Microsoft has done, however, is to implement this with a unique hinge mechanism, which allows you to configure the screen in several positions, including one that makes it very comfortable to write and draw on the surface, as if we were doing it on a notebook.

There are fundamentally three positions when using the Laptop Studio: the first is like a traditional laptop, a folding screen at various angles as it would be expected from any computer; The second allows you to support the screen just above the trackpad and hide the keyboard (it is a good way to see a movie, for example); And the third is the aforementioned that puts the screen on the keyboard at a slightly inclined angle to draw.

In this last form, in a certain way, the Surface Laptop Studio is transformed into a tablet, although it is quite heavy to be used as such.

The screen has a frequency of 120 Hz, which feel very well to the new animations of Windows 11, and an excellent color reproduction and level of brightness and contrast. It is perfect for watching videos or working on graphic documents and the laptop is accompanied by a new digital pencil, with greater precision.

Hand drawing or writing is not exactly how to do it on paper, but the feeling is very good, much better than in other surface models with the previous version of the pencil.

It is fair to highlight the level of detail that has been put into the mechanism of this screen and in the general design of the laptop. The laptop Studio is very beautiful, the keyboard is comfortable, has a huge trackpad and responds well, and even elegantly solves the magnetic anchor of the digital pencil, which 'live' just below the keyboard on a small step that leaves the base With the ventilation grid.

The selection of ports is somewhat adjusted but enough. The Laptop Studio includes a torque of Thunderbolt 4, a headphone connector and a Surface Connect port for the main laptop charger, which is magnetically connected, although the equipment can also be loaded by USB-C.

In general, this is a laptop designed for creative users and very focused on graphic arts. It is evident from the first minute of use. In that sense, it is a powerful team although not too much, especially considering that it is theoretically of the most advanced portable of the Surface range.

The team we have tried in the world had an Intel processor of 11 generation i7, 32 GB of RAM 1 TB disc and a graphics card NVIDIA RTX 3050. It is enough even to move games with enough ease, although you can not consider a Laptop for games.

It offers another interesting feature, and is a quite decent battery taking into account its semi-professional aspirations. It is easy to get 10 hours of light use of this machine, especially if the refresh frequency of 120 Hz is sacrificed. Attached to its unique design (and that is going to turn more than one head in the office or cafeteria) and the good Sensation of writing on the screen with the new Surface Pen, give the Studio many reasons to be taken into account.

The team is not yet available in Spain, will reach early 2022, but the proven configuration costs 2,300 euros to change, approximately. If the idea is to use the LapTop Studio to work in graphic design or light editing tasks, it will fit as a glove. In development environments, too. But outside those specialized domains may not be the best option. Too advanced and expensive for general use and something short if what is involved is to move the most demanding games to the highest possible quality or edit complex videos of very high resolution.

Updated Date: 13 January 2022, 11:02

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