What to do if they catch you in a storm in the car

So you claim the damages caused to your car by hail and the tormentaConsejos to avoid glare in cocheCómo out of a car submerged in the water After days of inte

What to do if they catch you in a storm in the car
So you claim the damages caused to your car by hail and the tormentaConsejos to avoid glare in cocheCómo out of a car submerged in the water

After days of intense heat, storms, and heavy rains and storms can appear unexpectedly , so that it can become a danger if we catch him on the road. In fact, each year they give in Spain, an average of 1,300,000 electrical shock, especially in the summer period between June and September.

Adapt your speed to the visibility conditions, the traffic and the peculiarities of the route, avoiding maneuvers, sudden and increasing the distance with the vehicle that precedes us in order to adapt the braking to a wet pavement, there are other recommendations for drivers this summer, you can see surprised by a storm .

The car is a very safe place. As strange as it may seem, is one of the best sites to guarecernos of a possible electric shock . In fact if we are in the field in the middle of a storm, the best thing is to get quickly into our vehicle and close the windows. Inside the car occurs the so called effect of "Faraday cage", which makes the electricity from leaking out to the metal surfaces outside and not affecting the interior.

In the summer, thunderstorms tend to be accompanied by rains that, in many cases, can be of great intensity. It is therefore necessary to make sure that our car is in perfect state of maintenance. In this sense, the storms are put to the test in a special way the elements of our automobile involved in providing a proper visibility in the rain , and more specifically to the wiper blades and lighting system of our car.

A wiper blade in poor condition or worn shall not perform an adequate sweep of the moon of the car, and will have difficulty evacuating the water of the moon front, especially if the storm is intense, compromising therefore the visibility. Therefore, we must not forget the revision of the wiper blades when the summer comes, make sure that the rubber part that comes in contact with the moon is found to be in good conditions and runs along the surface of the moon the right way, and without making any noise. Let us remember that it is advisable to change this element at least once a year , since not only the use, but external agents such as the rays of the Sun, make the rubber part are damaged and lose their properties.

Another of the elements that must be in appropriate conditions is the lighting system. In the midst of a heavy storm, when the lack of visibility makes it advisable to stop the car on the shoulder of the road, or in another safe place, we must not forget to signal properly our position by making use of the car lights, which must operate correctly when we need them.

brake system in perfect condition , and a few tires with the pressure and drawing appropriate, will help us to face with guarantees of our journey if we are surprised a storm this summer, as recommended by the responsible of EuroTaller.

If you ride your bike within an urban core will be quite difficult, not to say almost impossible, to reach a beam, but the same is not true if we do it through road, away from the city. Not in vain, the rays can carry currents of 30,000 amperes of intensity and 800,000 volts of voltage, and to generate energy in the form of heat of about 8,000 ° C, although, in general, the interior of our car is a safe place to do in front of a lightning storm. Especially if it follows a series of basic tips such as turn off the radio and close the windows .

in Addition, if we stop, it will be better to do it in a safe place, away from fences, power lines or rafts of water, and stay inside the car trying to do not come in contact with the metal parts of the vehicle.

Date Of Update: 21 September 2019, 11:01

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