When Maradona became God: three actors to remember the golden years of the fluff

The road that led Diego Armando Maradona to become the hand of God, that luck of justicier avenger, from the point of view of the Argentines, who eliminated Eng

When Maradona became God: three actors to remember the golden years of the fluff

The road that led Diego Armando Maradona to become the hand of God, that luck of justicier avenger, from the point of view of the Argentines, who eliminated England in the World Cup in Mexico 86 and took the Alpiceleste to conquer the second World Cup of His History, has a lot of magic. That story, also with its shadows, of course, is the one that wants to be plasmar to sleep blessed, the biographical series on the star, sadly disappeared almost a year ago, which just released Amazon Prime Video.

The first season will have its culminating point in 1986, when Maradona raised heaven that desired world that has now been driving the Argentines for several years. There will be second round of episodes. In them, in principle, those who were the most aciegos for the myth were wean. For now what it touches is to enjoy most of its boom, with some claroscuros. Amazon's plan includes making available viewers this same October 29 the first five chapters of the series. On November 5, the sixth and seventh will be seen. From then on, the last three will be available on November 12, 19 and 26, respectively.

In a series over the hand of God, it is not uncommon for Maradona, in this first season a trinity of actors interpreted. Nicolás Goldschmit, Nazarene Casero and Juan Palomino, in chronological order, in this case, are those responsible for plasmar. Nor is it strange that it has also been counted with a trinity of directors: Alejandro Aimetta, Showrunner and responsible for capturing the narrative that takes place in America; Roger Gual, responsible for rolling the sequences that have as Spain scenario and, finally, Edoardo de Angelis, directed the scenes that occur in Italy and, especially, in Naples.

Part of the magic of plasmar that journey from Maradona, therefore, has been the responsibility of the Gual itself. "In episodes different temporary lines are mixed. The idea was that each one of us gave his own seal to what we were rolling. It was about to give him personality and interested them, above all, that someone was local, "explains the director, who also highlights the difficulty of recreating several things from the Barcelona of the 80 who, right now, no longer exist, as the costumes of the Camp Nou as they were then or some premises of the Barcelona night. "We have generated our own idea of how things were. Nothing is equal to how it really was, some things have recreated them on set and others, in other locations, "he reveals him.

Making the actor who plays Maradona to play with a Barça who is now lost in time, that of the principles of the 1980s, has not been easy either. "We have used a system in which we have rolled with our actor, close-ups, reactions and, then, we have stock of real images. That, more our camera in 4k and vintage cameras, which seem from the time, give the feeling that you do not know if you are seeing stock or reality, "he says. What is clear, in all lights, is with this type of methods is even achieved that the actor himself gets even more in the character. That he convinces, in fact, that he really is that footballer sometimes simply unstoppable.

"Filming helped a lot to feel the best in the world," explains Nicolás Goldschmidt, the person in charge of interpreting the youngest version of Maradona. "I grew up in a Maradonian family," says the actor, who came to the world a month and a few days after the Astro raised the World Cup in Mexico. Therefore, he has few memories of those who perhaps were the tallest moments of him, but he does not change the sadness so that he would take eight years later, in the United States, when the Astro gave positive for consumption of substances and saw Section of the competition. "I helped my brother pick up the posters he had on the wall and we cried for what had happened," he evokes. In the case of him, he had to undergo several physical and technical sessions so that his way of playing football will improve. And a lot. Above all, because he is right-handed and had to learn to use over his left leg.

"Playing with my friends, it came a time when it started with the right and ended with the left. Now I'm sorry a little more organic, "she reveals her. Beyond football, he also remembers with special affection the work done to mark a temporary line with the interpretation of him. "He called me a lot of attention to be able to work at a sound level that passage of time. When it debuts, the tone of it is much higher. Then, with the passage of time, the growth, the exits, the pressures, is going down a little more. Always, moving in a ring tone, "he explains. "The voice and also the way of walking was what helped me look a lot of the character," he says.

"Interpret it is a very important challenge from the moment it is such an emblematic and well-known character. People know him by heart, some have followed him the story of him to the minimum detail. One can say 'I see Maradona' or 'I do not see Maradona'. There is not much margin. If he is not the best-known character in the world, there is around, "stands out by his home Nazarene, in charge of giving life to a somewhat mature version of the Astro. «The team gave us a lot of material, all the tools that we were needing, from the vocal, the physical, the football, the information of it, with things that have not come to light, unpublished ... that, more work with Alejandro Aimetta, has helped us to face a difficult challenge. Solos, we would not have overcome it, "he insists.

How not, improve playing football has also been important. «Compared with Maradona, anyone plays badly. I'm right. Learning to use the lefty was an arduous, but beautiful job. I always liked playing football and having to train this role, to be the best and stand on the court with the security of a player as Diego does four or five times cutest, more fun than one expected. Even ten times, although approaching him in football, it is an almost impossible feat, "he explains. "Thinking about Diego inside the court is to think of someone who breaks physics, who handles her as he wants. He twists time, he doubts it, crosses the matter and practically makes miracles, "he stands out.

"The story we have is a roller coaster, its ups and downs, how it reaches its splendor, then it seems that it falls, but it gets to be reborn and it does it with more strength. It always has one more turn, a more stitch to give, and that makes it interpretatively very rich, "says the interpreter. «It started from below than zero. If one stops and observes, I think he will feel empathy, admiration, courage, inspiration. There is something of being God, but very human, "the Argentine stands out. "As the chapters go, one sees how much things cost him and why of some others. The idea is to show it with its successes and the mistakes of it, as honestly that a person of that size can be shown, "he sentence.

Updated Date: 30 October 2021, 09:19

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