Who are the presenters of the bells 2021?

All television channels have revealed their bets to present the year-end bells and welcome 2022. With the whole grill positioned, it only needs that in each hou

Who are the presenters of the bells 2021?

All television channels have revealed their bets to present the year-end bells and welcome 2022. With the whole grill positioned, it only needs that in each house it is decided on which chain to take the grapes, a battle that in many Cases is librared until little before they begin to sound the rooms. And in that pulse by the audience, although for now doing the war on his own, the Streamer Ibai Llanos will retransmit again by New Year's Eve.

The sixth has been the last of the great chains to confirm his partner of presenters to dismiss the year. Cristina Pardo and Dani Mateo will be responsible for driving the retransmission of the bells on the second chain of Atresmedia Television.

It is one of the novelties in the peloton of presenters for the next New Year's Eve, since it is the first time since 2017 that Brown will not be accompanied by the presenter Iñaki López.

The announcement of the change occurred this Wednesday during the end of the ZAPEANE program, at the time when Dani Mateo connects live with the set of better late, where his presenters are located, Iñaki López and Cristina Pardo. "Do not you want to get the topic from the bells?" Asks the journalist to her companion, who confirms that she will be the comedian who accompanies brown in New Year's Eve.

"With the amount of bad news we give and all the couples of bells that put me are fun people who speak little," says the presenter between laughter as long as. For the part of it, Dani Mateo, warns you: "They are going to bleed the ears of my bad jokes, did you seem bad to them about Iñaki? Prepare!"

Atresmedia returns to Trusted Cristina Pedroche and Alberto Chicote to give the Antena Bells 3. Both presenters have been arriving from a television couples for six consecutive years in New Year's Eve.

Antena 3 accumulates eight years being the private chain preferred by the audience. In the past bells, in addition, he beat his historical record: 6.1 million viewers and a screen fee of 27.5%. Only TVE presented better numbers.

So, it seems a year more will talk about the dress that Pedroche Luces from the door of the Sun of Madrid.

The Channels of Mediaset, except Boing, will have the tandem formed by two of their best-known faces, Peace Padilla and Carlos Sobera, who replace Sandra Barneda and Christian Gálvez, the teachers of ceremonies in 2021.

It will be the second time that both presenters are put in front of such an emblematic emission for Mediaset Spain: Padilla did it with Jesús Vázquez in the New Year's Eve of 2019 and Carlos Sobera was with Lara Álvarez and his companions of 'First Dates' in the last 2016 night.

Padilla and sovereign will not be at the Puerta del Sol, since this year the retransmission of the bells will be held from the Gaditana town of Vejer de la Frontera.

Last year, TVE decided to put an end to the tradition of having at least one man and a woman for his bells and opted for Ana Obregón and Anne Igartiburu. And the first female couple returned the trust deposited, harvesting the best audience at night: 7.3 million viewers.

For Igartiburu, this will be its tenth seventh consecutive appearance in the bells (since 2005), while for Ana Obregón it will be the sixth time, the fourth from 1.

Ibai Llanos will repeat experience after his success of 2020, when he decided to retransmit the bells from his Twitch channel and managed to congregate more than half a million users during the retransmission right at midnight, including the then Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, who congratulated to Bilbao since Twitter for his fun way to dismiss the year.

"I can confirm that this year we will also give the live blindfold on Twitch," he published on Twitter Llanos this week as a statement. "This time from a very special place and with a very special guest, it's going to be one of the biggest crossovers of the story. Sunday I'll tell you with who and where, it's going to be spectacular," he added.

Updated Date: 26 November 2021, 13:33

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