Who is Simon Leviev, the Tinder's scammer that Netflix has discovered in a documentary

Finally you have achieved it. You have found the boy as long as longed for. He is elegant, attentive, kind. Your search has concluded. You have traveled

Who is Simon Leviev, the Tinder's scammer that Netflix has discovered in a documentary

Finally you have achieved it. You have found the boy as long as longed for. He is elegant, attentive, kind. Your search has concluded. You have traveled thousands of kilometers with your index finger on that applying appointments called Tinder. You have done a mining work to finish with that new jewel for polishing. He is called Simon Leviev and is the son of a Russian-Israeli billionaire who has inherited a diamond business. He goes as a ring to your finger. Seeing the photos of yachts and luxury cars, you have not hesitated a second: you have given you green light to your prince.

Thus they thought a night of Peli, blanket and apps of dating young people Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjöholm and Ayleen Charlotte, protagonists of the Netflix documentary the Tinder's scamper. Available on the platform since last February 2, tells the triquiñuelas that Israeli Shimon Yehuda Hayut performed for years to look at the expense of hundreds of women. Using false identities and going through the heir of an Empire of Diamonds, this man who currently has 29 years incited his victims to believe that his life was dangerous due to the enemies of his family, who persecuted the great fortune of the.

Amsterdam. Stockholm, Athens. The scammer who in 2015 had changed the name of him to Simon Leviev managed to travel the map of Europe in search of new sources of income with a female body and soul. Through applying applications and their pomposo Instagram full of luxury and appearances, he seduced young people from taking them to five-star hotels, exclusive parties and moving them in constant flights in private jet throughout the world. A few days after starting contact with them, he generated with his loving words feelings of attachment and immediate connection.

"I want you to be the mother of my children," "you are a very special person," "I had never felt something like that." Cecilie, Penilla and Aylen will see throughout the documentary how the love phrases that believed exclusively were silent in all the conversations that Simon Leviev maintained simultaneously with them. As a good seductive and traveler, he had one at each boarding gate. At first, to offer all kinds of attentions and waste. In the following appointments, it to request money to its victims with excuses related to its dangerous profession of jewelry vendor.

"I have canceled credit cards for security reasons, could you ask for a loan and give me the cash?" Revading Leviev at the rearring that he was being persecuted by criminal gangs that could triangulate his position if he made payments from the place of the world. Where was it. Two supposed bodyguards accompanied him on him. One day, Cecilie receives a picture of one of them with her bloody face. "They have tried to stab", sobbing the scamper in a voice message. Later, other dramas appeared in the history of the young multi-million dollar.

The deception was not easy to see for the friends who had accompanied Simon Leviev for months on his travel and dinners. They had believed that he was that powerful entrepreneur who had made them take off towards the world of millionaires. Only when they were ruined by the constant favors who asked that man did not have landing in reality. In the documentary it is seen how the police submit to young people to certain stigmas and how society has judged them as hunting they have been hunted by a desert rogue. Which came to threaten them when he was discovered by them.

It is estimated that Simon Leviev has won from 18 years more than 10 million dollars cheating women from all over the world. What he took from a girlfriend passed it to the other, but always with a positive balance for him. In just one day, he came to spend $ 40,000 just to appear before the girls to which he then plunged.

Almost nobody explains its success in social networks. He is not handsome, in fact, he has a certain air at Woody Allen. And just like him, he has become a millionaire for his talent to invent stories. He does not have a great conversation either, no culture. He is not strong, nor tall. But the centimeters do not matter when you are not going to have to use the subway anymore. The measure of things changes when love is finished in such a millimetric, neat and perfect way.

While they remain devastated, in love with a lie and the memory of that love that makes them feel useless, helpless and dehumanized, Simon Leviev has paid his condemnation with a few months in jail. Tiinder has vetoed him for life, but that does not prevent him from today's day to go out with an Israeli model and walk through the Natal Tel Aviv of him in a Mercedes. The authentic family of him continues to reside in one of the most humble neighborhoods of the city, not knowing anything about him. Many women still do not know the existence of Him. This is the reason for this new documentary.

If you find yourself with this face, slide to the left. If you do not find it, at least attends the documentary so as not to fall into similar abuse cases. In Spain we have already had large sentimental scammers such as "Gallego donjuan" or Albert Cavallé. We do not need to import more. You have to assume that it is difficult to have the fate of Georgina and meet a Christian Ronaldo waiting for you at the departure of work in Bugatti when you have arrived by bus.

Date Of Update: 08 February 2022, 22:07

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