Why do you want to be a teenager again watching TV? The classics of the 80s and the 90s return

Today he is 15 years old, he is with his cousins on the couch drinking pizza and coca-cola and seeing a chapter of Bel Air Prince. Today is 17 years old, he

Why do you want to be a teenager again watching TV?
 The classics of the 80s and the 90s return

Today he is 15 years old, he is with his cousins on the couch drinking pizza and coca-cola and seeing a chapter of Bel Air Prince.

Today is 17 years old, he is with his fellow felling to be Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.

Today is 14 years old and is discovering its sexuality with Gorka, Ruth, Cabano, Paula and Fer watching physics or chemistry.

Do not be fooled, actually, it's 43 years old and continues eating pizza on a tiny and ill-lit floor, it has 26 and is closing an infected antro anywhere in Spain and is 30 and looking at Tinder to see if you find someone with whom Spend a couple of nights. But he keeps seeing the same series because nostalgia is the most powerful weapon he now has to not face him.

And the platforms and the chains have been understood. In recent months they have returned or will soon return those wonderful years, Gossip Girl, and Just Like That (Sex in New York), Kung Fu, Dexter, Prince of Bel Air, Men de Paco, Punk Brewster, Walker: Texas Ranger , Physics or chemical, Grease and Karate Kid. The list could continue until you complete this text, but to explain the phenomenon is already enough. Nostalgia is fashionable.

«Nostalgia is undoubtedly one of the factors to explain the phenomenon because it reconnects us with what we were at that moment and we see how we have changed so far», explains Elena Neira, professor of communication of the Oberta University of Catalonia (UOC ). And she adds another factor: "I think this hobby take things out of the trunk at the end has the advantage that capitalizes the audience that the series had at the time and allows us to reintroduce it to another audience. With how difficult it results in productions to make a gap and with that fan base of departure is simpler ».

In the same line, Tatiana Hidalgo and Jesús Segarra are shown, professors from the Department of Communication and Social Psychology at the University of Alicante. «If we first saw one of our favorite series of the 90, we would probably not be attracted, but the pleasure of reviving a chapter that evokes a past stage, a nice memory, to listen to the melody of the header of a series We saw, perhaps, accompanied by people who are no longer and in very different contexts, is able to have us before the screen. It is an attempt to recover what you will no longer come back, youth, "explain,

But it is not only nostalgia, and its consequent impact on social networks, which sustains this return, and prisms vary according to the product. For example, as Granados detail, the return of sex in New York, scheduled by HBO Max for December 9, with and just like that, "is a very boundary case because the weight of his fanbase is on before, but that It is given in very few cases ».

Because in the end, following with the argument of the teacher, the platforms usually seek "connecting it with the public from now, that in the end is the one who interests them, and they play in the line of the known and the novelty." For example, those wonderful years, who will return on December 22 to Disney +, will do it with a more racialized cast that the original and Kung Fu, released by TNT, chose a woman (Olivia Lang) to make the protagonist who popularized David Carradine .

They do not coincide in the diagnosis Hidalgo and Segarra, who believe that "reprogramming involves a strategy to offer that nostalgic memory to the audiences that one day made the series great, but not so much so that chains or platforms are positioned before younger audiences" . The case that exemplifies this is Friends, which with its recent special program returned to meet its most faithful viewers. Although there is the nuance that it is not a new season of the Sitcom but a concrete meeting. «Would it be possible for a new Friends now? Possibly not, "says Elena Neira.

And, at the national level, the same thing happens with physics or chemistry, from which Atresplayer premium premiered during the past Christmas two special episodes.

This moment also explains the golden age who live the series since the arrival of the platforms and the need to fill in catalogs with novelties for subscribers. "Nostalgic narratives, winks to the past, with documentary will or simply recreational, continue to have their space in the global television offer," expose professors from the University of Alicante.

In fact, this is the effect and growth of fictions that films have already been adapted to series or miniseries. Cobra Kai premieres his fourth season in Netflix on December 31 and Gladiator or Grease are already in the process of becoming television fictions. "There we go to a different terrain, which is a super crazy adaptation, as they did with Karate Kid and Cobra Kai, who kept the universe but everything else was totally new," concludes Neira.

Updated Date: 06 December 2021, 16:13

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