Windows 11 is now available: These are your main novelties

The new version of the Microsoft operating system, Windows 11, is available from today. It is a free update for all compatible equipment that now use Windows

Windows 11 is now available: These are your main novelties

The new version of the Microsoft operating system, Windows 11, is available from today. It is a free update for all compatible equipment that now use Windows 10 and comes with important changes in the design that focus on making the operating system more accessible and visually more enjoyable.

I have tried Windows 11 during the last months on several teams and, in general, for the vast majority of users, it is a recommended update. There are some changes that force to learn new routines but are few, are justified and in the long run they result in a much more satisfactory experience. Being a free update, the recommendation is simple, although there are still some aspects by polishing.

First of all, a warning: Windows 11, just like Windows 10, is an operating system that will have an extensive life and some of the functions announced a few months ago will not be available in this first version.

It is the case of the support for Android applications. The new Microsoft operating system will be able to run the apps and phones games, although so that everything goes fluid may have to make some settings in the interface.

So far it was possible to run these applications, but only through third-party developers tools that had to be installed additionally in Windows 10. With Windows 11 it can be done natively, but the function will come later.

There is also a certain air to beta version in this first version, with some inconsistencies in the design of the menus and part of the graphic elements, especially when using the dark mode.

Small promised functions, such as the support for variable refresh rate, are not yet well integrated.

What you will find those who install today the operating system is a new desk and what is most striking is without a doubt its new design. Emphasis has been emphasized, animations have been added to the wallpapers and transitions between menus and apps, the typographies have been polished and rounded the corners of the windows ...

All these elements make Windows look more modern and fresh. And also something faster. Remember something to your rival, macos, but it has a personality of its own and different.

It adapts greatly to all kinds of machines, from large tablets designed to be used with fingers, with buttons and larger active areas (but that do not break visual harmony) in the latter case.

One of the obvious changes is that of the taskbar, which is now focused by default. It can be re-set on the left if it is preferred, but the new location is much more logical, especially if ultra-state monitors or various monitors are used.

The Start menu has small changes. There are no longer boxes with dynamic information, but a list of applications that can be configured for quick access in the upper half, and a list of recent documents and newly installed applications on the bottom.

Getting used to this new menu is what will cost the veterans, because it supposes an important change with respect to the organization that Windows has used practically from Windows 95. It is not difficult, but there is a learning period and it is convenient to spend time To organize the list of anchored applications, modifying it for each specific case.

Once configured, however, my print is that it allows you to access the most quickly and end up with a lot of useless information that Windows had introduced almost with a shoeler in the latest versions.

The search function is now displayed in a separate window, instead of having an integrated field in the taskbar, and there are new functions of rapid organization of different workspaces and windows groups.

This is, perhaps, the greatest surprise of the new operating system. Work with several applications at a time and in several different desks (for example, one focused on work, another in creativity, another in games ...) is now much more enjoyable.

Input, Windows now has a much faster way to organize multiple applications in a full-size mosaic size view. Instead of having to resize windows manually, it is possible to organize them in different quadrants that take full advantage of the available surface.

Windows recalls these Apps settings, so if there are two or three applications with which we work continuously, it is easy to open them simultaneously in a scheme that is familiar immediately. To organize the windows in this mode, it is enough to drag them to the edges of the desktop (or use the context menu in the top bar of the window).

Better are still the changes when using external monitors. Now Windows remember exactly how they were organized and the size of the windows on the external monitor when a laptop is used. If we disconnect the laptop and connect it again, everything is back to your site again.

Thanks to this small change it becomes much easier to maintain the workflow, especially for those who use the same team at home and the office. You just have to keep in mind that there are some actions that can affect this function. If we closed an application, for example, it does not run automatically again when connecting the monitor.

The operating system now also has better recognition of gestures on the trackpad, allowing to change applications by sliding three fingers or desktops with four, and a real-time speech transcription support that works pretty well.

To the list of novelties you must also add the widgets, small interactive applications in a panel that slides from the left.

They are similar to those found on other platforms, from Macos to Android. Nothing new here. In Windows 11 they work as expected, but it is perhaps one of the aspects less care in this first version of Windows 11. There is not a great variety and seem to be focused on promoting Microsoft applications and services.

Speaking of own services, Windows 11 says goodbye to Skype as a default application. The pandemic has crowned Team as the queen of messaging, video call and collaboration of the company and now has a central role in the operating system. It can be uninstalled and replaced by Skype or other tools, of course, but by default it will be the preferred software for the system for communication tasks.

One of the main beneficiaries of the new version will be the players. Windows 11 includes several news to improve the game experience, as a support for AutoHDR, which automatically gives the games a higher dynamic range even if they are not prepared for it.

The system now also loads the information that the graphics card needs directly, without going through the processor, which will increase the performance and reduce the loading times in many games. I speak in future because like Android's apps support this is a function that will arrive in future updates.

Finally, Microsoft has unified the multiple apps used by Xbox in a single interface with access to the GamePass subscription service and the Xbox Game Store.

It should be noted that in Windows 11 Microsoft will open the official application store to other vendors. This means, for example, that the APP of the Windows store will also serve, to buy games through the Epic Store or, potentially (if Valve, the developer, so you want) Steam.

Convinced? Well, as the minimum specifications to run Windows 11 are a 64-bit processor of at least 1 GHz (Intel of 8th generation or AMD ZEN 2), 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of hard disk space.

But not all teams with these characteristics are going to be compatible. They have also compatibility with Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM) technology and other requirements that leave out some machines that in principle do the figures.

It is best to use the official diagnostic app that has created Microsoft to guarantee compatibility. On some PCs that do not exceed the test it is possible to force the installation, but not recommended.

Finally, Microsoft requires an active Internet connection and a Microsoft account to install Windows 11 in the most common domestic version, Windows 11 Home. The account is free but it is the first time it is mandatory to introduce it as part of the installation process.

In the Windows 11 Pro version, designed for corporate and professional environments, it is still possible to install the system without having a Microsoft account.

Date Of Update: 09 October 2021, 07:12

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