With what card should you pay during the Black Friday so you do not eat you?

The black friday is approaching. Next Friday, November 26, thousands of consumers will meet in search of the best discounts, although the truth is that many b

With what card should you pay during the Black Friday so you do not eat you?

The black friday is approaching. Next Friday, November 26, thousands of consumers will meet in search of the best discounts, although the truth is that many businesses, especially virtual, have been filled out their shop windows of tenders.

But some Chollos can end up going very expensive. The increase in online purchases during these dates also increases the risk of suffering a scam. The cybercriminals take advantage of the claim of discounts to attract their victims, who could end up receiving a product that does not correspond to the description of the seller (imitation or reconditioned) or lose their money and not receive anything. The less cautious could also suffer a cloning your card or meet an unwanted charge, explain experts from the financial product comparator HelpmyCash.com.

The Internal Security Office (OSI) has alerted this month from a phishing attack on the occasion of the Black Friday in which the identity of LIDL was supplanted. The excuse was to sell cooking robots at 1.99 euros, but the reality is that the victims had ended subscribed to a service that cost 33 euros every 14 days.

Choosing the appropriate card when paying online can avoid scares during the Black Friday. And there are options for everyone, from virtual prepaid cards to free debit cards prestraguras to buy through the network.

HelpmyCash experts recommend paying online shopping during black Friday with a prepayment card, which has a great advantage over debit or credit cards: you can only spend the money that has been previously loaded; So, in the event that someone clone, you will not have access or our current account or the line of credit.

The ideal is to keep the prepaid card empty and add the money that will be needed every time you want to pay with it. Most can be charged and downloaded instantly from online banking. Of course, before hiring one it is important to verify that it has no commissions.

For example, the OpenBank Ecommerce prepaid card does not have broadcasting or maintenance costs and can be recharged online or at the ATMs without paying commissions. It is a digital card to buy online that supports recharges from a 2,000 euros. It can be hired through OpenBank's online banking and start using it instantly. Those who are not clients of the entity, can open the Open current account, which has no commissions or mandatory linking (no domicile or payroll or receipts), and then request the free prepaid card through online banking.

The BBVA virtual card does not have emission or maintenance commissions either. It is a virtual prepaid for Blue Bank customers who can be recharged through your ATMs, your website or your app, at offices or by phone and admits up to 600 euros per recharge. Another option is the Imagin Reload card, the CaixaBank mobile bank, which can be hired without being a client of the entity. In this case, you can add money through the imagin or tellers app using a card from another bank. Those who have a current account in imagin, can load it and download it through the app directly from the account. Nor does it have commissions or emission or maintenance.

Banking has also innovated so that online purchases are becoming safer. In October of last year, BBVA premiered the range of Aqua cards. Since then, it has issued more than 1.2 million in our country, mainly credit and debit.

The main advantage of these cards is that they hide their data (they do not carry their numbering or their expiration date printed) and, in addition, their CVV is changing, which reinforces its security in online purchases. If the client loses the card, no one can use it to buy online, since it will not have their numbering (can only consult the owner through the Bank app). And if someone clone the data of the card, the damage will be limited, since the CVV is dynamic (the card generates random codes with a validity of between five and ten minutes).

To request an AQUA card it is necessary to be a BBVA client. However, the entity currently makes it easy. New customers can hire the online account without commission and without compulsory link by Internet. Includes a free Aqua debit card for each owner (a maximum of two).

Another functionality that prevents online fraud is the possibility of temporarily turning off the cards. Most banks already allow to do it easily through their applications. With this measure, you can lock a card while not use and turn it on when you need, explain from HelpMyCash. Thus, no one can use it. This measure is also very useful to block the card temporarily if it is not found until you make sure it has really been lost.

Updated Date: 25 November 2021, 00:43

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