Without full guideline and younger than before: so are those admitted from the sixth wave

A new variant appears, this time called omicron; The IBEX 35 registers its biggest fall since June 2020; The European Union closes its borders south of Afri

Without full guideline and younger than before: so are those admitted from the sixth wave

A new variant appears, this time called omicron; The IBEX 35 registers its biggest fall since June 2020; The European Union closes its borders south of Africa ... It seems that history is repeated endlessly, but there is a difference: most of the Spanish population is vaccinated with full guideline, specifically 79.2% of the total citizenship . And since it could not be otherwise, this fact also affects the reality of the Covid-19 in Spain and whom it affects more strongly.

The profile of the persons entered by this virus has evolved since the global pandemic began and today, most of those who enter on the occasion of the Covid-19 have a minor age than those of the previous five waves. This explains Jesus Díez Menglano, president of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI): "Undoubtedly in these last days, hospitalizations have been increasing, without being what had been last year, nor the previous one. But what that yes we see is the following, that in the first let's say surge, or when the pandemic began, even last year, at the end of the year, or this year in January, older people entered, and what we see is that with respect to What happens now has diminished the age of patients who enter and who are hospitalized between 15 and 20 years of average ".

In the framework of the 42th National Congress of the SEMA held during this week in Santiago de Compostela, where the new reality has been analyzed, the doctor adds: "We see some people over 70 years old, but they are usually people who already have many comorbidities But I insist, what we are seeing is many people of those intermediate ages, 50 to 70 years old, who enter with pneumonias. "

Also, from his daily experience at the Hospital Royo Villanova de Zaragoza, the specialist indicates: "The degree of illness that present this type of patients is less serious than other times. And then they also enter proportionally many people who have not received the guideline Complete vaccination, generally that they have not wanted to vaccinate. "

What is it usually the evolution of these patients now that are most young people than in the previous waves? "Most of them evolve well, but we still see some patients who have to enter the intensive care unit (UCI). These sick often have many comorbidities or are patients who are in situations of gravity, such as some autoimmune disease , a very important obesity or diabetes. "

But the doctor and researcher highlights: "All in all the intensity of the disease in general is less serious than that which existed a year ago. Although it is true that especially people who have not been vaccinated, these do have serious illness But they are less and clear, because we say that the drama it was last year, that there were no UCI beds, because that right now we do not have it. "

Díez Menglano tells that the period that passes this type of patients at the hospital entered depends, since "if everything goes well, they can be hospitalized between 6 and 8 days, but at the moment when the situation is complicated a little and need support Respiratory or transfer to intensive care, then lengthens and that can multiply two or three, there they can be up to 20 days. "

However, the professor at the University of Zaragoza does not hesitate to affirm: "Most end up receiving the discharge, mortality or lethality has declined a lot with respect to what happened before, we must bear in mind that now they are younger people And in the previous waves the mortality was also very associated with age. Older people died more, much more than young people. Which does not mean that there are no serious cases now, there are, but less frequently than it is I saw the principle of the pandemic ". Why is it currently given the fact that the older people are no longer admitted as before?

"This is a clear consequence of vaccination, together with protection measures, the use of mask, social distance". And the licensed adds: "In addition, now there is a much greater knowledge and care, and then they are people who received a full two dose of vaccine and that now they are going to put on the third, or who have already received it."

Finally, the president of the SEMA does not hesitate to declare that "there is a major problem, which is that we have even more than 20% of people between 25 and 40 years old who have not wanted to vaccinate." And indicates: "They are not the ones who have the worst prognosis, but let's say that the virus is maintained much longer. It is difficult, because they are young people who can understand the situation, but if they have not been vaccinated with all the opportunities it has Having, and now that there are vaccines for everyone who wants it, that means that it is people who probably do not want to be vaccinated and in most cases, because it will persist without wanting to be vaccinated. I hope we manage to change their opinion and vaccinate , because that would be noticed a lot. "

Updated Date: 28 November 2021, 20:32

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