Yolanda Díaz: Her husband and daughter move to Madrid to prepare the assault on Moncloa

All looks point to Yolanda Díaz. The name of it takes more and more strength as the great hope of the left and candidate for the presidency of the government

Yolanda Díaz: Her husband and daughter move to Madrid to prepare the assault on Moncloa

All looks point to Yolanda Díaz. The name of it takes more and more strength as the great hope of the left and candidate for the presidency of the government in the upcoming elections, captaining a broad front project that agglutin all forces to the left of the PSOE. The pressure is redoubled and inevitably affects her personal life. The quiet routine that she was used to has navigated now that all the spotlights go to her, but there is something that she clings to: her family. The great shelter of her is her daughter and her husband, J. A. M., and at this key moment of the trajectory of it both have moved to Madrid to support it.

When it became a minister, in the far prepandemic January, both continued to live in Galicia, trying a life of continuous trip Madrid-Ferrol that could maintain in its previous four years as a deputy in Congress, but that soon revealed itself impossible With the demands of ministerial life. Now, LOC has been able to confirm a family reunification in the capital.

His daughter, nine and a half years old, is enrolled in a school in Madrid and her husband, Delinean de Profession, with whom he married in 2004, left his work in Ferrol and has found a new one in Madrid. This supplement had already told that the family passed together the strict confinement of the first state of alarm, but now it has been able to confirm that it was not the result of chance, but that father and daughter just had just moved.

Everything coincided with a very indicated date, on March 8, ninth birthday of her daughter. Everyone was celebrated by others, who was about to come and, according to nearby sources, the girl came to attend the classes of the new school of her only two days, until the Community of Madrid agreed to close the classrooms. As a minister of work, the quarantine came from home life for Diaz, as she went daily to the ministry and was filled with hours of work and stress before an unprecedented situation.

Based on hours and effort, the Second Vice President of the Government did not accuse the wear of such a demanding portfolio in full pandemic and has squeezed the less than two years of government winning in projection. It is a laministra more valued among young people and the United Voters can and, according to the Sigma DOS survey for the world, the second member of the government with more score, 4.5, stepping on the heels to the owner of Defense, Margarita Robles ( 4.6).

His image came reinforced, but he resented the life he was accustomed to and if his unstoppable career continues on the line drawn, he will still do it anymore. At 50 years, enjoy small pleasures like going out to buy bread on weekends or take care of the purchase and personal messages and the plans with which you feel most comfortable are the quietest, alien to bustle and hustle That surrounds his life in the ministry. However, she now she has hardly managed to keep those routines, that she thresh up as much as she gets from her to Galicia. The past Bridge of the Pillar did scroll to the land of her for a family commitment, but she lately visit her less than she would like.

Although in your professional facet it shows extroverted, in your personal life is a very shy person who does not get well to become the center of attention. The continuous exposure happens invoice and only the presence of the family of it in Madrid does everything more bearable. And that the timeshare is less than the desired one. As you could confirm Loc, she leaves home very early and there are days that the night is surprised at her or at endless meetings, so it is not strange that there are days that she does not see her daughter .

The reunification will be a support in which it seems the beginning of your career towards the presidency, although she has not yet confirmed if she will give that step. Sources consulted by this newspaper ensure that she has not even made the definitive decision about whether she wants to take that path in which everyone see it as the best place, no longer under the acronym of units, but in that broader project that she It would be gesturing. Even the former chief of cabinet of Pedro Sánchez, Ivan Round, has augurized, in an interview in public mirror (Antena3), who could become "the first president of the history" of Spain and in his first interview with Jordi Évole in Lasta He came to wake up the rumors about whether he would be in contact with the Otro Guru of Sánchez to guide her on that path. From the close surroundings they deny it sharply.

Updated Date: 15 October 2021, 23:13

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