Yolanda Díaz promises labor reform before December 31 and Calviño Urges in Brussels the arrival of European funds

"We have to publish the norm before December 31 and, believe me, we are going to do it." The Second Vice President of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, has prom

Yolanda Díaz promises labor reform before December 31 and Calviño Urges in Brussels the arrival of European funds

"We have to publish the norm before December 31 and, believe me, we are going to do it." The Second Vice President of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, has promised this Monday in Brussels that the legislative piece that is most concerned with the Community institutions, and essential for Spain to opt for the next disbursement of European funds, will be ready at the end of the year, despite Of the delays, shocks with social agents and the still diversity of options.

No changes in labor, our country could not unlock up to 12,000 million euros, basic for the budget next year and for the stability of public accounts. The Government is fully raising the recovery to community funds and has understood that presenting the agreement is the first priority, above any other.

On Monday they coincided in the Belgian capital the two main vice presidenties and those who have the most delicate interlocution, Nadia Calviño and the Diaz itself, each cited with their colleagues for two EU advice. Although they constantly collide and have a more than complicated relationship, in this they go hand in hand. "We are working intensely and I trust that we reach an agreement as soon as possible and we can have the rules approved before the end of the year," Calviño coincided.

Diaz's negotiation with employers and unions is vital, and compliance with milestones agreed with the Commission is indispensable for the arrival of resources. Last Friday the Ursula von Der Leyen team gave provisional green light for the first disbursement of 10,000 million euros (still conditioned that the rest of the partners does not present objections) and now Moncloa is pending next.

The delays are important, not only in Spain, but in all others. Our country is the first one that has requested approval and the first to get it, but this had to have happened months ago. The same will happen with those 12,000 million, which although they are expected for spring require compliance with various milestones and reforms before the end of the year, including that part of the work reform as elusive.

"We work hard," said Díaz. "We are already on the starting track for the publication in the BOE," he said to his colleagues, assuring that there will be no problems. "They have no doubt, Spain will comply with component 23 on the party that has to do with the reform of the labor market that, in addition, is absolutely essential to alleviate the great structural deficits that Spain has, which as you know very well, substantially, They have to do with temporality and precariousness, "he said.

The executive needs that money. Spain is turned into a community strategy, unlike other countries, such as Italy, which bet much more clearly by national public investment, despite the imbalances that they generate. The best example is the announcement made this Monday by Calviño that the Treasury has decided to dispense with the last public debt issuance provided for this exercise.

Without it, the net emission during 2021 will be set at 75,000 million euros, 25% less than expected in January. What, according to the Ministry of Economy itself explains, obeys so much to have registered income higher than those foreseen, as, above all, complying with the objectives of the recovery plan.

In Brussels they want results, the method matters, but less. Same as the 2012 Labor Reform, applauded with enthusiasm and used as an example of a bet structure for two lustrians, was held forward with the opposition of the unions and a good part of the parliament, which was now agreed (not only the 'reform' in Yes, if only draft modifications in active policies and public employment services, it is enough to be removed, even if it is detractive. The Commission wants all the consensus as possible, because it understands that it is the best guarantee of success and duration, but it is conformed With the BOE.

Without that component 23 could not have full disbursement. One-partial technician is possible, that is, an important part of the 12,000 million fixed, but not everything. But that would generate two types of problems. The first, with the most orthodox partners, who have a voice and vote. The European Commission is responsible for making the main evaluation, but the 27 have through the so-called Economic and Financial Committee that ratify any examination.

The idea is not that some become judges of others, especially when Spain is very advanced and some of the most frugal are lagging behind. But it is not impossible for some capital to open if there are problems in the reforms that are considered most important, and there the pensions and the labor market are the two that all have very identified.

The second problem, related is that of the stigma. Spain has fiated the recovery to the European Fund, and has presumed throughout the process of being at the forefront, of being an example, faithful fulfilling. The 10 billion who received approval good on Friday were the 'easy', because the milestones demanded were almost all already approved in summer. If when the complicated comes, to the first of change, Spain is no longer able to fulfill, the image and the narrative driven from Moncloa would suffer a serious blow.

Date Of Update: 07 December 2021, 10:39

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