Young children need to take meat, it is one more brick to the building

"At the table: parents and children should eat the same"menu"That children eat breakfast chickpeas has not, at all, no sticks""My son did not know what it

Young children need to take meat, it is one more brick to the building
"At the table: parents and children should eat the same"menu"That children eat breakfast chickpeas has not, at all, no sticks""My son did not know what it is a cookie. It is happy breakfast chickpea"

"The children need to take proteins of high biological value such as those that are in the flesh , because this is one more brick to the building". So says tirelessly during the interview Antonio Escribano, a professor of sports nutrition at the Catholic University of Murcia, specialist in endocrinology, nutrition, and sports medicine and author of numerous books, among them, Smoothies for life .

speak of the infant feeding has to be balanced, but, what are the foods essential for the proper growth of the children?

The fruit, the vegetables and the vegetables are the base of food, and have to be present in large quantities of the day. In fact, must occupy the "pole position" in the diet and in the purchase. It is sad to observe how the younger generations show a certain lack of interest for these foods. Before the children pelaban bananas, and oranges, eat apples snacks, and they liked the fruit, but things now are not like that. The reason? The introduction in the power of the true "hijackers" of the flavor, that are present in all the goodies, bags of corn chips, some potato bag and an unfortunate and extensive list of substances that are added to everything, including the so-called flavorings. This kind of food generates a kind of addiction at the expense of neglecting the fruits and vegetables, which with its smooth taste can't compete with the strength of these products. It is very difficult, but you have to recover between the young people the value of fruits and vegetables, and teach them to appreciate their delicious and delicate taste.

But next to fruit and vegetables, should take vegetables once a week, fish five times, flesh white three and red, at least two.

red meat has very bad press.

meat is necessary. The power has to be balanced, and red meat in particular is a brick in the building, and a brick important, that it takes millions of years in our food supply. Contains amino acids, essential and totally needed that cannot be obtained any other way, plus minerals like iron, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, B-group vitamins, especially B12... which are fundamental elements that we need to live.

children need meat in the purees, because it is necessary for the maturation of their brain, and if an adult person does not take in meat, with the time you have cognitive problems or muscle such as sarcopenia, that is, in reality, deficit of muscle mass.

we are Not herbivores, we are omnivores, which means that our food has a very diverse profile. And for the structure of the body is essential nutrients that have for example the meat and that are not in other foods. In fact, it is an error fatal to change a child their intake by plants, because through these they absorb less than half that of iron.

What would be the ideal breakfast for a child?

The perfect right now, it would take quite a bit of dairy (whole milk, preferably), if you want, with cocoa of good, no problems, and fruit of course. Not into juice, but as a whole piece. The milk can also be accompanied by cereals (muesli), and the bread is brown, of a lonchita of serrano ham or York, and a little bit of olive oil. This is "champion league".

I Recently came out to the report of the Foundation pau Gasol, and the data indicated that one-third of the child population are overweight or obese. So how bad will we feed?

The current problem of the power, and the first responsible of obesity is the sugar. For you to have an idea, in 1840 each spaniard took about 7 kilos of sugar, today people take between 70 and 80 kilograms. That is the big problem, and what is causing type two diabetes. Because the function of the pancreas is limited. And if a child would give pastries, sugary drinks, sweets... and on top we abuse the amount of rations... and this I ask in the coffee shops. What do they drink the Spanish children? Isotonic drinks from well small.

What part is genetic and what part of habits?

there are No obese children, there are families who are obese. It is not by genetics. There may be a certain predisposition, you can do a little bit more uphill, or downhill, but if that path does not go through, you will not have extra pounds. If you take care of yourself, do not develop obesity. Genetics predisposes, but does not determine.

The fault, in short, is to eat poorly.

it Is the people who eat poorly and little, but you can also eat well, but eat a lot. The body binge eating is an effort. There are people that say they only eat salad, but the salad is like a tree great. And above takes mayonnaise, that only 100 grams are 720 calories.

obesity is the result of a disturbance, both in quality as in quantity. There are people who at home eats very well, quality food, but a lot. And other people who spend their lives defending who eat little but they eat very badly in terms of sugars, for example.

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Date Of Update: 20 September 2019, 16:01

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