A fifth body is found in rubble

According to Daniella Levine Cava, Miami-Dade Mayor, the death toll from the collapse of a building near Miami has increased to five. She said that rescue teams found another body in the rubble and other human remains as they worked throughout the day.

A fifth body is found in rubble

She said that the discovery reduced the unaccounted-for number to 156.

She said that rescue workers continued to search for survivors by going over the huge mountain of debris with rescue dogs, sonar and rescue dogs.

She stated that "Our top priority remains search and rescue and saving as many lives as possible."

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Below is the original story by AP.

SURFSIDE (Fla.) -- Saturday's rescue efforts were hampered by smoke and fire coming from the concrete and metal remains, 12-story condo tower that collapsed near Miami. Emergency workers raced to find survivors below the rubble.

The fire was caused by unknown sources. Rescuers used water, foam, and infrared technology to fight it. Mayor Daniella Levine Cava of Miami-Dade said that the most difficult part of the rescue mission was the smoke. She described the fire as "very deep" and stated that rescuers had to face "incredible difficulties" due to the flames.

One of the lower floors of the tower's north side was blasted by a fire hose. White smoke or steam escaped, and the air was filled with a sulfury, bitter smell.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said, "The stench has become very thick." Ron DeSantis stated.

A crane lifted debris from the Surfside pile, which was more than 30 feet high. Scores of rescuers used large machines, small buckets and microphones to sort the rubble.

Rachel Spiegel was one of those who anxiously awaited word about missing loved ones. Her mother Judy Spiegel (66) lived on the sixth floor. She said Saturday, along with her siblings, that she was trying to keep it together.

"I know that my mom is a fighter. She loves us, I'm sure. She doesn't want us to lose heart. It's day three so it's difficult," Spiegel stated.

Two days after Thursday's collapse that claimed at least four lives, one hundred fifty-nine people were still missing.

Tweet: President Joe Biden stated via Twitter that he spoke with DeSantis Friday to offer his assistance as necessary.

Biden tweeted, "My heart is with Surfside as they mourn their lost loved ones. And wait anxiously while search and rescue efforts keep going."

Authorities announced that they would begin an audit of buildings close to their 40-year reviews -- such as the Champlain Towers South, which fell -- in order to ensure they are safe. The mayor invited other cities to participate in the building review. He said that federal and state funding will be available.

DeSantis stated that officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency have joined state and local authorities at the scene. DeSantis said that the nearby "sister" building of the tower has also been investigated, as it was constructed at the same time as the tower and by the same designer.

Charles Burkett , Surfside Mayor, said that he was developing a plan for temporarily relocating residents from Champlain Towers North. This was built in the same year. It is located about 100 yards from the building. FEMA has also agreed to cover lodging.

Burkett said that he was also working to arrange an inspection for emergencies. Residents won't be able to know if they are safe until then.

Burkett stated, "I know that the same building collapsed for some inexplicable reason." Buildings in the United States don't just collapse. We need to discover what was happening at this building.

Although the mayor stated that he did not intend to force residents to leave, he said that he would have to do so if he was living there.

Staff from the Surfside City were also collecting details about Champlain Towers East (a third building) that was constructed in a different style. It appears that it was constructed at a different date.

This news was made possible by a 2018 engineering study that revealed that the building suffered "major structural damage to a concrete slab beneath its pool deck." It is part of a series documents that were released by Surfside.

Officials stated that no cause was found. DeSantis however said that a "definitive solution" was required in a timely fashion. Video captured the collapse of the central portion of the building, with another section closer to the beach.

The 2018 report was prepared by the engineering firm that conducted the required inspections of the building for recertification. This year, the building's structural integrity was at 40 years. The condominium tower was constructed in 1981.

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