Abad defeated, Bechu promoted and Veran hindered by Gregoire's Doudou

Sixteen days have passed since the second round legislative elections.

Abad defeated, Bechu promoted and Veran hindered by Gregoire's Doudou

Sixteen days have passed since the second round legislative elections. We now know the composition and makeup of the new government.

Despite the loss of the absolute majority at the National Assembly, we are trying to give new life to Emmanuel Macron's second 5-year term. This is the goal of the new government of Elisabeth Borne. It was first announced Monday by the Elysee via press release.

Numerous heavyweights of macronie get renewed, including the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire, Keeper of Seals Eric Dupond Moretti, or Gerald Darmanin. His portfolio is doubled by the Ministry of Overseas, in addition to the Interior. Others were promoted. Christophe Bechu is an ex-Les Republicains Macron compatible, convinced proesticides, and fierce opponent of marriage. He briefly held the position of Minister delegate in charge of Local Authorities, under the supervision of Amelie De Montchalin. He now works at the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Damien Abad, for his part is expelled from the government. Paris' former Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and Disabled People has been accused of attempted rape. This was in response to a woman's complaint that he had raped her. The facts date back to 2010. His position was untenable.

The new parity government includes 42 members. It has the Prime Minister, 16 ministers and 15 deputy ministers, and 10 secretaries. There are 21 men and 21 ladies, as well as 9 Secretary of State. Respect for parity is a given. However, equality is not yet achieved.

We didn't realize she was so funny. During Olivier Veran's transfer of power, Olivia Gregoire, former spokesperson for the government, became Minister Delegate responsible for SMEs, Trade, Crafts and Tourism. She allowed herself a few jokes.

"All will be in working order at this spokesman!" It's important! She amused herself by returning her keys to her job. Under the embarrassed eyes of his successor, he launched:

Christophe Castaner explained this on the set for "Touche pas un mon Poste!" (C8): Edouard Philippe was the one who gave him the chicken after a small hiccup during Christophe Castaner's 2017 speech. He had just been elected general deputy of La Republique en Marche.

Reactions rose on both the left and right after the casting of Borne 2's government. "Nothing new beneath the grey sky of the government. It was a little game of musical chairs. Rare new profiles clearly won over to the old neoliberal recipe. A minister accused of rape was finally removed under feminist pressure. Clementine Autain, a "rebellious" MP, tweeted the macronie at standstill.

Manuel Bompard (number two) of La France Insoumise, LFI, quips: "There are clearly few volunteers to climb aboard [the 'Titanic]", about the return to power of former ministers.

As on the left and right, strong reactions have been generated by the abolishment of the Ministry of Overseas (which is now part of the Ministry of the Interior). "How can you not see the contemptuosity, outrage and colonial reference?" asked Communist MP Elsa Faucillon. Marine Le Pen, for her part, denounces the "meaningful decision" that "will clearly be very strongly felt overseas". This change, according to the leader of National Rally is "surely to punish overseas compatriots who voted incorrectly".

France was not subordinate and did not drag. Mathilde Panot, leader of "rebellious deputies", announced that a motion for censure was about to be tabled in the wake of Elisabeth Borne's new government. "Ms. Borne, we don't abuse democracy with impunity. "We will force you to appear before Parliament," wrote Val-de-Marne.

Multiple media reports indicate that the Prime Minister should not request a vote in confidence from the deputies on Wednesday, July 6, at the conclusion of her general policy speech. This is the first time she has done so in thirty years.

Sophie Tissier, an activist and former leader of the yellow vests, filed a complaint against Eric Coquerel, LFI deputy for sexual harassment on Monday. She confirms her feelings with "Liberation" and says that she was not attacked, but that there was no violence. The prosecution will decide if the facts are revalidated.

On Saturday, she confided to Mediapart, returning to Grenoble's closing night of a day filled with political conferences. Eric Coquerel, according to her, would have been "the wandering hands all evening." Mediapart was assured that it was not an attack and that she didn't want to seize LFI's follow-up committee on gender-based violence and sexual violence. She finally entered the cell Sunday and denounced "a form aggression that must be condemned".

Franceinfo Monday's Franceinfo Monday was a conversation in which she said that Eric Coquerel "started to do quite heavy flirting, then made inappropriate, offensive gestures." I can recall him grasping me at the waist, putting his hand on my hips, and brushing my sex, among other things. ". She explained that it was not assault but predation.

Sophie Tissier, a Twitter user, spoke out about "sticky wandering hands", and "inappropriate attacks in 2014 during [Left Party] Summer Universities". "I felt a deep unease. I didn't know what it was. He was clearly offended that I refused to listen. He didn't care.

When BFMTV asked Seine-Saint-Denis' "rebellious" deputy, he said that he had danced with her but denied all the things that could be considered aggressive flirting gestures. Let me conclude with this: "Even a just cause such as