Accused Adolescent killer Aiden Fucci Currently in Prison in Jacksonville

Fucci will probably be tried as an adult on first-degree murder charge from Tristyn Bailey instance

Accused Adolescent killer Aiden Fucci Currently in Prison in Jacksonville

The 14-year-old accused of murdering his 13-year-old schoolmate Tristyn Bailey before this month is currently in the juvenile wing of the Duval County jail awaiting his arraignment at st. Johns County to a first-degree murder fee.

Fucci, who had been charged with second-degree murder, seemed practically before Judge Howard M. Maltz on the updated charge Friday afternoon and was arranged to be held with no bail.

When convicted, Fucci might face up to life in prison, but due to his age, he's not qualified for the death penalty.

After the initial look, St. Johns County deputies hauled Fucci into the Duval County Jail since St. Johns County's prison doesn't have a wing.

"This will be a very long road for the Bailey family members and our community.

Fucci is expected to be arraigned on the updated first-degree murder charge in a week. His public defender didn't object to the judge's order that Fucci be held without bail Friday but stated a motion for bail may be submitted later.

Bond isn't typically allowed in high-income murder cases.

Larizza gave an update on the case Thursday afternoon, saying researchers have gathered a lot of evidence in the case, such as the supposed murder weapon along with Bailey's DNA which was discovered on sneakers and a T-shirt situated in Fucci's bedroom.

Larizza stated Bailey was stabbed 114 days along with a knife considered to belong to Fucci was discovered at a pond near where Bailey's body had been discovered.

"The executive staff and I reviewed all of the facts, all of the conditions, the law and it wasn't a challenging choice to make he ought to be charged as an adult," Larizza explained. "it is a sad decision along with a gloomy state of affairs, but it was apparent to us once we looked at what occurred it wasn't just appropriate to control the suspect as an adult, but it was actually the only choice we could create."

Larizza added that Fucci produced announcements to friends he intended to kill somebody by carrying them in the forests and stabbing them.

Fucci is the only defendant in Bailey's murder.

A judge discovered Fucci's parents unable to pay for a personal attorney.

Bailey's body has been discovered on Mother's Day close to a retention pond at a cul-de-sac at the Durbin Crossing subdivision, under a half-mile in Fucci's house, according to an arrest record. The discovery was first made by a neighbor outside for a stroll around 6 pm, approximately eight hours following Bailey's family called 911 to report her missing.

Before this month, tens of thousands of public signed petitions, requesting the State Attorney's Office and Gov. Ron DeSantis to bill Fucci as a grownup and also first-degree murder.

We value that today's result is directly caused by the thorough and detailed work in the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office together with the 7th District State Attorney's office as part of the primary measures to bring justice for Tristyn's murder. We'd especially like to recognize that the Criminal Investigations Unit of the SJSO. We greatly appreciate the enormous community outpouring from all areas of the planet. Especially for people in St. Johns who have aided from the Mother's Day hunt, the vigils, remembrances and memorials. With the media conference sharing details about the heinous offense, the affectionate and love revealed in the people and companies to increase up the memory of Tristyn along with the resolve of our network function as a beacon of light from the shadow. As shared at the Celebration of Life about the struggle of the 2 wolves, it will help to feed the fantastic wolf. We also want to thank the Jacksonville press for respecting our solitude while we mourn the loss of Tristyn. A particular thanks to News4Jax for livestreaming that the Celebration of Life to allow individuals globally to watch the ceremony. We do request your continuing respect for our solitude and of Tristyn's teammates along with her college. As we proceed, we'll want to maintain Tristyn's memory living along with the soul of this community.

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