Early morning arrives, the longest and most vibrant night of Holy Week in Seville. Streets full of citizens, tourists and thousands of Nazarenes. A crowd in silence, only broken by shouts and chants of arrows that come from the balconies. It is the night of the brotherhoods of La Macarena, El Gran Poder, El Silencio, Los Gitanos, La Esperanza de Triana and El Calvario, accompanying their steps at dawn.

It was the Brotherhood of Silence that broke the law implemented by the Council of Castilla in 1777, which prohibited the brotherhoods from going out after sunset in order to avoid public disorder, they decided to go out with their steps at dawn.

Below we highlight the adjustments in the itinerary of the brotherhoods for La Madrugá of Holy Week 2023 in Seville:

La Madrugá, as its name indicates, takes place at dawn from Thursday to Good Friday, April 6 and 7.

The processions pass through Sierpes street, San Francisco square or La Campana. It begins at 1:15 a.m. and continues until well into the day, with Triana and the Puerta de Osario as the beginning and end of the day.

Source: Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods of Holy Week in Seville in the year 2023

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