Alex Belfield trial: BBC boss is 'terrified' by radio host who stalked his wife'

A former BBC radio presenter is accused of stalking eight victims.

Alex Belfield trial: BBC boss is 'terrified' by radio host who stalked his wife'

A former BBC radio presenter is accused of stalking eight victims.

Rozina Breen gave Alex Belfield a job at BBC Radio Leeds. She told jurors that he harassed her since 2011.

Ms. Breen stated that Mr. Belfield made "vile" comments via social media and on his YouTube channel and was abusive in her emails and to her colleagues.

Nottingham's Mr Belfield denies eight counts for stalking.

Ms. Breen has since left BBC and gave her evidence behind a screen at Nottingham Crown Court.

She said, "I requested a screen be installed because it's scary to be in the same place."

"It feels like a knot around my neck, that sometimes tightens when he wants to let me know that he's still there."

She stated to the court that she had sought counseling to address the effects of stalking.

"The feeling of violation is profound. She said that she didn't deserve it. "I didn't ruin his career. I gave him a great chance."

"He uses every opportunity to tell me that he is aware of what I do. This has, to all intents & purposes, changed my life.

"I don't travel anywhere without worrying about whether he might be there." It's a sentence. It's not something I asked for and it isn't my right to have it."

Mr Belfield is representing himself and faces the following charges:

He is not accused of stalking or physically attacking Ms Breen and the other complainants.

Ms. Breen said that she had feared her safety.

She said, "I have an emergency app on my smartphone that I was instructed to install by BBC security."

"I had the head security of BBC come to my home to conduct a'recce.' He was able to assess how safe it is.

"I had to tell my children that they should not follow me on social media."

She stated that she was afraid of the day her children would ask her about "vile comments" made about her via social media.

She said, "I have never been called a c-word before."

"Nine years later, he had left, it was very distressing to hear this about yourself."

Ms. Breen is the chairwoman of Leeds Playhouse's board. She said that she had to think about the consequences of Belfield’s conduct when she was asked for the position.

She said, "I had to tell my board in my current job what was happening so they could be reassured that I was qualified for the job."

It's always there at every stage of my life. It's not just in my head, but also on video and in my inbox.

"My private social space feels like it's being violated. It feels like someone is watching you and taking a screengrab.

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The trial continues.

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