All 23 players Examine the'parallel bubble' is terminated

The 23 Spanish internationals focused at the Ciudad del Fútbol replicated a"negative" result from the PCR tests, for its fourth successive day, therefore the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has opted to finish the'parallel bubble', along with the very first chosen by Luis Enrique Martinez they'll be those to dispute the Eurocup.

All 23 players Examine the'parallel bubble' is terminated

Together with Diego Llorente placeholder picture rejoined the team since Friday afternoon following his false positive and awaiting the captain Sergio Busquets conquer the coronavirus, the Spanish group has its preferred ones to play with the Eurocup.

The first thing in the morning, the internationals failed a PCR test in the concentration of this Ciudad del Fútbol. We've tested negative, such as that of Diego Llorente placeholder picture , the only player who stays to be vaccinated and that doesn't do this before the premiere on Monday goes against Sweden.

The Federation advises that after removing the anxiety of an epidemic, which resulted in the telephone of 17 footballers who formed the so-called'parallel bubble', this Saturday they put a stop to their morning work and depart the concentration resort in the who had been remaining in Madrid to begin their holidays.

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