All eyes on the great-grandchildren: George and Charlotte also mourn the Queen

Her four-year-old brother Louis was allowed to stay at home.

All eyes on the great-grandchildren: George and Charlotte also mourn the Queen

Her four-year-old brother Louis was allowed to stay at home. But George and Charlotte attend the Queen's funeral and inevitably find themselves in the limelight. The children of Prince William and his wife Kate are doing well.

As the youngest members of the British royal family, Prince George and Princess Charlotte also attended the Queen's funeral service at Westminster Abbey. Solemnly and with a serious expression, the children of heir to the throne William and his wife Kate moved into the church. They walked between their parents and walked slowly behind their great-grandmother's coffin.

Charlotte looked down a lot. She wore a coat and a black hat with a bow over her long blond hair. She held her hands folded in front of her. George wore a dark blue suit with a white shirt and tie. He mostly looked straight ahead and kept his arms at his sides.

The children drove up together in the car with their mother Kate and the wife of their grandfather Charles, king consort Camilla. Her four-year-old brother Prince Louis was not seen at the service for Elizabeth II.

Prince William, the eldest son of King Charles III at 40, is now the first in line to the throne. He will be succeeded by his firstborn, Prince George. Charlotte is now third in line to the throne, and Louis is fourth. Only behind follows William's younger brother, Prince Harry.

But not only the children were the center of attention at the funeral service for the Queen. Many should also have paid attention to mother Kate and her sister-in-law Meghan. William and Harry's wives both appeared in black but in different fashion styles.

Kate, who now bears the title of Princess of Wales - like William's mother Diana - wore a long-sleeved coat dress, a hat with a net veil over her face and pearl earrings. In addition, she had put on a three-row Japanese pearl necklace from the deceased queen, which, according to the British news agency PA, she had already worn in 2021 to the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip.

Duchess Meghan, in turn, wore a dress with a cape, including bare arms, as well as a sweeping hat and pearl earrings. Her husband Harry, meanwhile, appeared at the memorial service - as did Charles' brother Andrew - in a civilian cutaway suit. Because he has said goodbye to his royal duties, unlike other members of the royal family, he is no longer allowed to appear in uniform on official occasions. Andrew shares this fate, having had many of his titles revoked for his involvement in an abuse scandal.

However, an exception was made at a wake at the Queen's coffin in Westminster Hall on Saturday. Both took part in it in uniform.

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