"Almost a gift": Sonya Kraus does not struggle with cancer

She has to have both breasts removed and is going through the mills of chemotherapy.

"Almost a gift": Sonya Kraus does not struggle with cancer

She has to have both breasts removed and is going through the mills of chemotherapy. But Sonya Kraus does not let cancer take away her zest for life. On the contrary: She tries to wrest positive sides from the disease.

In February, presenter Sonya Kraus went public with the news that a highly aggressive tumor had been discovered in her breast. She has long since taken up the fight against cancer. Not only did she have both breasts removed, but she was already in the middle of chemotherapy.

Since then, the 48-year-old has regularly shared with her fans the steps on the road to her recovery, for example through continuous updates on her Instagram page. Kraus did not shy away from ruthlessly disclosing the side effects of the treatment, such as hair loss.

After all, Kraus is concerned with two very important messages. Firstly, everyone should definitely go to cancer screening. "These 20 minutes can save your life," the moderator never tires of emphasizing. It was the same with her after all. "If I hadn't gone for a routine check-up, I might not be alive." And secondly: no matter how modest the circumstances may be - don't let it take away your zest for life!

So Kraus doesn't let her illness get her down. On the contrary, as she once again impressively demonstrates in the RTL interview on the sidelines of an event in Mallorca. "The situation is as it is. You just have to make the best of it," explains Kraus soberly on the one hand. On the other hand, she tries to find positive aspects even of her illness.

"I wouldn't say that the sun shines on me from the 'point, point'," admits the moderator. "But I'm just grateful. Of course, that also clears your head. You enjoy so many things that you usually just overlook," she adds.

For example, she learned to say "no" to things again and again. At the same time, the illness made her reconsider her entire life situation and, if necessary, draw positive conclusions from it. "It sounds strange now, but it's almost a gift," says Kraus without any arrogance. Finally, she restricts at the same time: "But I also say that from the privileged situation that of course I have a great prognosis."

Because of her illness, she has not cried a single tear, reveals Kraus to RTL. And she doesn't want to quarrel with the side effects of her chemotherapy either. "There is no alternative. That's why I prefer to ignore it and focus my mind on something great, on something that brings me joy, what gives me strength. Because that's also the best medicine," says Kraus, who can only be attested as a role model and wishing you the very best in your continued recovery.

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