Almudena Cid (41) has been released.
Or at least that seems after she makes scarce weeks she announced the separation of her from Actor Christian Gálvez after more than a decade as a husband and wife.
A decision that surprised himself and strange and that fell like a jug of cold water between the fans of the couple.
Far from being distant about this issue, they have been numerous occasions in which the actress has spoken of her mood after her breakup.
One of them has been on the occasion of the presentation of the new theatrical work of her, a love story, which is represented since last December at the Infanta El Teatro Isabel.
On the occasion of this premiere Cid claimed to have “found a lot of beauty in pain”.

A pain that has not only experienced in its meats by the lack of love, but, judging by its last words, has also come to suffer from one of its last television projects.
It is about the participation of it in the Masterchef Celebrity culinary talent, edition in which she coincided with also actor Félix Gómez, with whom she shares stage.

During an exclusive meeting with the magazine Readings, the athlete remembered his passage through the contest by being asked for the coincidence to be next to Gómez again in two disparate projects.
The surprise came to know that the experience lived by Almudena between fireplace was of everything less pleasant: “Masterchef Celebrity was the worst television experience of my life,” a sharp phrase from the interviewee that generated great expectation in the journalist
Interlocutor, which was trying to delve further in the details of the situation that could have lived to speak like that of the contest.
However, it seems that CID has made a decision on this matter and thus letting the media let the media: “I’m not going to talk about MasterChef”.

Almudena was one of the participants of the fourth VIP edition of the cooking contest.
Although at first awarded that it had cost him enough to integrate into the rest of the group, the gymnast gave all of themselves to continue advancing in the phases to the point that, during several deliveries, it was considered as one of the favorites in betting
of the audience.
However, the EX of Christian Gálvez was expelled the same night as actress Ana Milan abandoned the competition.
An exit that, however, did not think about her day that Cid’s passage through the television program had been a real calvary for her.